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Most dragonfly tattoo designs are small enough that you can have them tattooed on your ankle, wrist, or foot. It’s easy to get dragonfly tattoo ideas by going into a tattoo parlor ans asking to see flash designs. One thing many people worry about is how they will build on a small dragonfly tattoo if they decide they want a larger tattoo later on. There are lots of small tattoo designs that you can choose from, but the dragonfly tattoo is a favorite choice for many first timers.
You can also integrate dragonflies with other design elements to create a larger piece – there are even full back designs that use dragonflies extensively. You can also get lots of ideas online – you’ll find a plethora of great designs by talented artists from all over the world!
They are ever present in the stories of many ancient cultures for their beauty and their size. A dragonfly can fly anywhere that it would like, and it does so with grace and beauty that is rarely seen in insects.
This is because a dragonfly is so vibrantly colored that the light seemingly bounces off the exoskeleton back toward you.

It’s a classic design that won’t take up much space on your body, but that will always get you plenty of compliments!
Most people stick with the smaller designs, though… they’re easy to cover up when necessary, but colorful enough that they attract plenty of attention!
Of course, you can always draft your own dragonfly tattoo ideas to give to your tattoo artist, so that you can be sure of getting a truly unique piece of body art. They are among the largest bugs that we still commonly come into contact with, and many consider dragonflies to be among the most beautiful insects. The dragonfly is used to represent many of the same things that a butterfly tattoo is used to represent.
They have managed to survive, despite being so large and brightly colored, making them easily detectable by would be attackers. People commonly place dragonfly tattoos on their arms, legs, chest, back, lower back and feet. The freedom that is represented by the dragonfly can be that of one person or of many people. Dragonflies come in a wide variety of different colors from the dullest of grays to the most vibrant reds and teals.

They may also represent light because dragonflies are most commonly seen during sunny days in the summer months, which are also associated with light. It could be you, as an individual, your church group or your entire nation, free from the tyranny of a corrupt leader. In literature dragonflies are often connected to hope, and often times will appear just before bright lights do in many stories. Dragonflies can wander anywhere that they choose and often times are used to represent freedom.
Because they are so beautifully colored, there really is no bad place on the body to place a dragonfly tattoo.
They are also commonly used in small, sexy tattoos that are used to express the wild side of an individual. You may want to keep them in an area that is easily hidden though, if you plan on placing an larger dragonfly tattoo on yourself.

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