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Each and every one us have ever fall or surely going to be fall in love sometime in our life.
To begin, you will need to draw a heart that is good size, and is slightly tilted a bit like you see here. Next, start drawing the wire part of the barbed wire that is wrapped only once around the shape of the heart. You will draw the other side of the wire making it twist and wrap around the first line you drew. Next and lastly, make some leaves that are sticking to the edges of the barb wire, and then sketch in some of the leaf detailing. XD Anywho, I thought this flower was beautiful and decided to teach you all how to draw it.
When you are done erasing all the guidelines and filling it in, this is what your tribal flower should look like! When making the tribal heart try to keep in mind that there is many rounded corners and patterns when making this heart. Next, you will begin drawing the another section of the tribal heart pattern starting at the inner crevasse of the previous pattern mark you made. Again, take your time to work in this next section and notice how the design is harmonious with the rest of the markings. The reason why I decided to turn this drawing into a tutorial, is because a few people asked me if I could make it into one.
You will start the first step by making a small circle for the head and then draw a long slithering line for the body. Slowly draw out the tribal pattern as you make the shape and style of the neck as well as the two clawed feet and legs. Draw in a slithering tribal mark starting from under the dragon's eye, flowing down the back, to the tail.
Once everything is cleaned up, you can start inking in your drawing using a Sharpie, or any other coloring tool.
If you used a black marker, your tribal dragon should come out looking like the one you see before you now. Okay the first thing you want to do is grab a ruler so that you can draw the shape of the dice evenly.
Okay in this step you will round off the edges of the dice and add a horizontal line on both dice coming from the front corner.
Today I thought I would fulfill a request for me to do a lesson on "how to draw gangster Tweety", step by step.
Now it's time to draw out the bandanna like so which should come out looking like its wrapped around the head.
As you can see Tweety starts really looking like a gangster when you are done with this step.
Start with making a circle for the head, and then add the guidelines for the skulls face like so. Next, you will begin sketching out the actual shape of the skulls head including the front of the mouth, and the cheek bones too. Now you can sketch out the bottom jaw, draw in the individual teeth like you see here, and then draw out the holes for the nose, and eyes. Now that the skull is all done, the last thing you need to do is draw out the tribal design pattern you see here, and then color the patterns in solid black, or another dark color of choice. Also draw a curvy line across the heart, which is going to be our arrow penetrating the heart. First we move to the bottom and draw two curved lines, then make a slightly curved pointed arrow.
All done, now its upto you to either leave it as it is, or color it to make it feel lively. Have you ever felt that you where caught in a relationship with someone that wasn't right for you but you couldn't leave because you where already in love with the individual.
The shape should start rounding out and there should also be some empty notches throughout.
All you have to do now is draw out the right tribal design pattern to define the hump for the heart's right lobe.

This should include the horns, frills, eye, nostril hole, mouth, flaring tongue, and even some teeth. Draw in the dragon wing like so, and notice there are spaced notches along the edging of the neck and back design.
I was trying to create a cool looking head with a torn lower jaw but, eventually that turned into a wicked cool skull with large lower tusks and huge long tongue. Draw a big circle for the base of the tattoo and some guidelines that will shape up the face nicely.
Lightly, take your pencil and swiftly sketch tone and defining lines that will give the skull more sweet spots. These slightly rounded polyhedral objects are mainly used by most people with board games, card playing, and craps, sic bo, and other games that require the use of dice. Once you have that in hand you can start this first step by drawing a typical three sided square box as shown. You will then start sketching out the shaping of the roaring flames as shown and then move to the next step. Tweety is an odd bird because there is a constant question that grazes the minds of many boys, girls, and even adults.
The first thing you need to do is make some basic guidelines and shapes to form a workable frame for his body.Start by making a circle for the head, and then draw in the guidelines for the face, and body like you see here. Draw the straps on the sneakers, and then draw the bottom shoe lining for the sneaker soles. First off, I know how much almost everyone here loves skulls, so what I did was do a rough sketch of a simple skull head and instead of leaving it all white, I thought an all-black colored skull would be much better, and more defined. Instead, it juts out to the right before curving to meet the tip of the guideline and then it points downwards. In the center of the top two petals, draw another tribal shape as shown in purple to complete your tribal flower. When drawing a tribal heart tattoo you will be doing it in sections so be sure to take your time. Some people find drawing the teeth a bit tricky because of the sharp edges, as well as the positioning.
If you want a more natural looking appearance, lower the cheek bones and make the eyes circular opposed to being exaggeratively sharp and narrow. By using a lighter line weight on the inside of the skull, it will make the overall drawing more interesting opposed to having thick and bold lines.
You don't want to make the drool seem too prominent, otherwise it will tie the viewer's attention.
Dice usually come in pairs and they are six-sided with pips (the circular spots on all six sides) starting from one dot to six dots.
Secondly, the other thing I know people like is tribal designs, so all I did was incorporate tribal art along with the skull and then I colored those designs in black as well.
I left the line art white because I wanted you guys to see what it would look like not colored in. For all you artists don’t stick with the letters I have given, but try to make your own creations. Sometimes the person you love makes your heart feel like its wrapped in barbed wire instead of loving arms. I wanted to keep the tribal pattern as easy as possible because I know there are a lot of people that come to Dragoart that love dragons and all kinds of dragon related stuff.
There's a spinal bone that connects to the skull and body which I didn't include in this tutorial. Believe it or not dice has become a more popular tattoo design being used around the world. Now some say that Tweety is in fact a boy because the character is always referred to as a “he”. Now you can continue drawing out the arms and hands like so, and then draw in the t-shirt and some of the outline for the baggy jeans.
Add some wrinkling detailing to the pants like so and draw in the gun that gangster Tweety is holding. There isn't too many spaces in this tribal design which also makes the tutorial easy to follow, and the dragon simple to replicate.

Anyways, the tutorial title is obviously “how to draw a tattoo design step by step”, which means that you'll be drawing a skull design. Back in some older movies you can see that most people displayed big fuzzy dice that hung on the rear view mirror in their cars. If you are going to make your gangster Tweety a girl, you might want to draw in the small shoe horns for the breasts.
When you are done with the drawing once you have followed all the steps, you can tweak the skull to your liking if you want. This tutorial doesn't have any tip steps like my previous tutorials I've been submitting lately.
In fact my mother still owns her big pink dice from her very first car that she got when she was seventeen which is pretty cool. Sometimes I think that Tweety was purposely created to trick the mind’s eye so we as individuals can determine what we believe this bird to be. N one more thing, I have a thing to share; don’t try to complete your piece of art in just one sitting. Scars are formed, but often heal over time, but sometimes there are still pieces of sharp barb wire that can't find it's way out. What I will do, is add some tags at the lower right corner where the “tutorial actions” are.
I think Tweety is a hermaphrodite which is why I drew him to look both feminine and masculine.
No matter what you choose to do, drawing easy skulls is something that I really enjoyed doing. When that happens you either have to deal with it, or leave the situation no matter how hard it is. When you draw a tattoo design, you'll want to reference other tattoos and get inspiration from them.
There is a variety of ways you can draw a skull, and if you look in the skulls section under the ‘Pop Culture’ category, you will see exactly what I mean. This drawing was drawn out of randomness while listening to the song “So Long Sentiment” by Celldweller (a really cool solo band by the way). For the masculine side of Tweety I gave him a bandana, baggy jeans, fashionable sneakers, and even a glock. Well I guess that’s it for now, I may be back later with some other cool stuff but if I’m not, meet me back here again tomorrow with more drawing fun.
So, you pick something you really like in general and find ways to create different symbolism with it.
As always the tutorial steps are easy to follow and the instructions are simple to read and understand.
No matter what you want your Tweety to be I still think you will have a blast learning "how to draw gangster Tweety", step by step. I will be back with one more drawing lesson in a bit so stay tuned because there is more on the way. He or she may not look as bad ass as Spongebob, Stewie, or Bugs, but he is still down with being hard core.
If you have been in love, or are in love now I'm sure you will enjoy drawing a barbed heart tattoo.
Drawing a tattoo causes a lot of difficulties, trying to make the nice gradient shadows and colors mixed in. Another power to becoming a truly awesome tattoo artist, is to explore the way they are drawn and what colors make tattoos really “pop”. Anywho, I really hope you'll enjoy this tutorial on “how to draw tattoo designs step by step”.

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