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Throughout the history of man and well into the ages that predate written history itself, human beings have chosen to ornament their bodies with tattoos of drawings of a  cross as cultural symbols and as a sign of reverence for a Higher Power. Outside of cultural and religious reasons, some people decide to get a drawing of the Christian cross tattoo to memorialize a significant event in their personal lives. However, the cross drawing is a powerful symbol that has many meanings beyond one's religious beliefs, and a person's reasons for getting a cross tattoo are often profoundly personal. While most body art that individuals choose to get today are chosen for more personal reasons, cross tattoo drawings remain one segment of the tattoo world where people sometimes choose to decorate their bodies with designs of something larger than their personal experiences.
Butterflies are often added to the Christian cross because they can be a symbol of Jesus Christ rising from the cross.
Such cross drawings are frequently combined with a number of other symbols, such as flowers, praying hands or a written message like "only the good die young." Others incorporate the icon of the Christian cross into a tattoo with elements such as cultural iconography to express how they view themselves as members of a larger society.
These swirling knots are very common in Celtic body art, and they really help to give the Irish Cross its recognizable appearance. No matter what type of cross you choose to have tattooed onto yourself you can integrate it with other symbols and motifs to make your tattoo truly personal.
Quite often, people choose to get these tattoo pictures in recognition of the untimely death of a loved one. Many people have different meanings for the Celtic cross, but most say that the center circle is a symbol on eternity. For those who want to present a more patriotic look in their ink using a flag as the backdrop for your cross tattoo drawing is a possibility. Out of all the designs I have in the tattoo section, there isn't one that is labeled "how to draw a tattoo".

You will now sketch out the wrinkle or crease lines that go up the dragons snout as you see here. Add some minor detailing on the face and head of the dragon, and then start drawing the flowing of the hair that this type of dragon usually has. All you need to do here is draw the long sharp Asian style nails, and then start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. Let's explore some of the most popular to determine if they are the right tattoo picture choice for you.
This is a fairly traditional cross, but it features a circle at the intersection of the two lines.
I tried drawing that old fashioned type of design style to match up with a lot of the art you would see in a tattoo parlor. You will then draw the outlined shape for one of the dragons ears, and then sketch out the shape for the snout and bottom jaw. When that is done you can start sketching out the fluffy looking beard, and then color in the hollow area just under the jaw.
Once that is done you can begin drawing the torn lining to show that this beast is ripping out of the wall, picture, or skin.
All you have to do is sketch out the massive torn lines that will lead to the nails of the dragon.
In the 1960's it became popular with surfers, and today it has become a symbol of the biker lifestyle. Inking artist have an incredibly stable hand that enables them to draw on the skin like a pencil artist would draw on paper.

When you are finished you should have antler like horns, and then sketch out the eyes, and nostril holes. Color in the areas that are supposed to be hollow, and then add some detailing to the teeth, and gum line.
I find this type of art is extremely interesting because each time you place a tattoo on somebody, your hand is responsible for permanently marking the skin of a human being which means your mark and art will forever be with that person.
Thicken some of the lining and move to the next drawing step which will bring you closer to the end. I tried drawing live for a while yesterday but unfortunately, the power went out again until about three in the morning.
I placed this sketch under intermediate because although it looks hard, it's really not that bad. All in all I think you will enjoy this tutorial that will teach you “how to draw a tattoo, step by step”.
All you have to do is follow the steps, and properly follow the directions that is written with each step provided.

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