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Each month we a feature the inspirational and transformative Stories of few post-mastectomy cancer survivors and the artists & ink that help change their lives.
In 2013 cancer reared its ugly head again in the form of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma aka Breast Cancer. In my desperation to feel complete I started to research 3D tattooing and I became hopeful. In researching Shane’s work I was pleased to see what he has done for Breast Cancer survivors and the tattoo work he has done to help women like me feel beautiful again. Shane and Toni make the setting so warm and comforting, Shane truly has compassion and understanding of what breast cancer does to one’s self esteem and can turn something so ugly into a beautiful piece of artwork that can be admired and inspiring to others!!
I don’t think people understand the need that women who have their breasts removed to feel beautiful again….this tattoo process is a fabulous tool to help us feel whole again.

I was diagnosed with Hodgskin’s Lymphoma 25 years ago when I was 26 years old and did chemo and radiation to my chest wall. In my search process I saw the group P.ink (Personal Ink) on Facebook and in looking into what this fabulous program was about I decided to register and see if I could be matched with a tattoo artist who could make them look more realistic for me. I have had the 3D tattooing of the areola’s and I am super pleased at the results, they look so real!! Real artists making a real difference in peoples’ lives through the power of ink in skin.
The reconstruction process has several steps, my 1st set of implants were problematic with one implant actually flipping over so they needed to be replaced.
First you must understand and grasp the meaning of the tattoo,also you need to  overlook the shadows of doubt and prejudice. Meaning WINGS TATTOOS is very deep, symbolic and diverse. The final process of reconstruction is the tattooing of the areola’s which was done in a hospital setting by the plastic surgeon.

Courageous first in battling and surviving cancer, then in mustering the confidence to take their lives and bodies back, reclaiming dignity in a rather unconventional way– through their new tattoos, and also showing courage by sharing their experiences with TAM and our readers; all they ask is that we share their stories with friends, family, and anyone who might benefit from hearing Stories of HOPE! Give him credit for a try but the areola tattoo that he did was a flat flesh colored circle…no definition!! As it is known, the most popular area of ??the wings tattoos is the area of ??the blades and back, but the wings are very good look at other parts of the body: lower back, neck, shoulders (for girls). Therefore, choose the right size, shape and color, and you can define your personal value for the wings tattoos.

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