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A company logo is the first impression that your company gives to potential consumers and the business cooperators. Click add image button when editing the page header and import the logo image prepared now into the header.
To make your stationery look more professiaonl, you can add some contact information to the header, such as the website URL of your company, telephone, email address, etc.
The combination of different logo images, texts, cool visual effects and special colors will give you endless amount of logo design possibilities.

3) Cool Text Fonts: Logo Maker provides 40+ stylish text fonts for you to add appeals for your logo design. This program offers 190+ templates, 600+ color schemes (each scheme includes one main color and three assorted colors), ready-to-use effects and rich logo graphic resources, which can help even novice design a professional logo with easy steps. Evidently, it is a good choice to make your company's logo appear on the stationery of your business, which can leave a more professional impression to your customers and cooperators.
Just following this article, i will show you how to design a professional logo as well as how to add the logo created on the official stationery of your company.

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