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A special 55-minute bonus programme, "Douglas Adams' Guide to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", explores the genesis of the radio series and its incredible success, with contributions from the original cast and production team.Audio Books are a incredible choice to read through a book. AudioBooks that can be ordered online and dispatched Australia wide to Queensland (Qld) Victoria (Vic) New South Wales (NSW) South Australia (SA) Western Australia (WA) Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and as well as Norfolk Island . Voted the nation's favourite audiobook in a recent "Guardian" poll, the original series of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" has been remastered by Dirk Maggs (director of the "Tertiary, Quandary and Quintessential Phases") to give a full, vibrant sound, now with Philip Pope's version of the familiar theme tune and specially re-recorded announcements by John Marsh. Audio Books can be used any where, typically when you would have no prospect to read a book.

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Join Arthur Dent, Ford Prefect, Trillian, Zaphod Beeblebrox and Marvin the Paranoid Android in their first series of adventures as they witness the destruction of Earth to make way for a hyperspace bypass, stumble upon the ancient planet of Magrathea, dine at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, and seek an answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe and Everything. Peter Jones, Simon Jones, Geoffrey McGivern, Mark Wing-Davey, Susan Sheridan, Stephen Moore and a full supporting cast star in these BBC Radio 4 episodes.
Human Beings have had a long heritage of passing stories on to the subsequent generation .

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