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I have posted a Basics of Photoshop tutorial HERE, but today I thought I'd show you again, because since then I have learned some new things!
I have a tutorial all about adding words to your images HERE where you can learn all about it!
Once you press the shutter release, your photo is still only half donea€”like a bowl of cookie dough that hasna€™t gone into the oven yet.
Once upon a time, Microsoft sold a photo editor in a box; now, it's packed most of its old Digital Image Suite into Windows Live Photo Gallery, a free program you can download as part of Windows Live Essentials, or on its own.
The FotoFlexer photo editor lives entirely within a Web pagea€”you have nothing to download or installa€”yet its power rivals that of commercial programs.
Photoshop Express, the online version of Adobea€™s familiar Photoshop Elements, feels polished, like a commercial program. Dave Johnson is a writer and photographer who has covered technology for magazines such as PCWorld and Wired. Rather than depend on photo filters so much, why not use these handy smartphone apps that can give you a quick makeover for a flawless complexion and surgery-free enhancements. Here are 10 free apps we have found for iPhone and Android devices that let you edit and retouch your pictures for more share-worthy results. The response for iOS is great but there is no word by the team to create one for Android yet (eventhough there is a clear demand). Pixtr does all the hard work for you by automatically detecting what needs to be corrected in your picture.
Pixtr has the added option to let you automatically set an improved photo as your Facebook profile picture straight from the app. The face detection feature of this phone makes it easy for you to remove dark circles under your eyes, remove unsightly blemishes from your skin, and even customize your face (think higher cheekbones, higher nose, firmer faces). There are also pre-set makeup templates to give you an instant makeover or you can save your customizations to apply to your future selfies. The app also lets you make quick one-tap color corrections for photos that were taken under bad lighting, under-exposed or a victim of poor backlighting. ModiFace has a wide range of apps including this one that can really turn you into somebody else. Like other ModiFace apps, this app lets you apply makeup to your photos with preset templates.
There are other apps you can use for a quick touchup of your photographs before sharing it on your social network sites. This app only gives you skin corrections and eye effects, but you get added stamps, speech bubbles, photo borders and beauty filter effects. This app retouches your picture automatically by applying skin and eye makeup, shine removal, smoothing wrinkles, enhancing colors and even whiten teeth, all at once. This app will not only help you brighten up your poorly lit pictures but it will also change the picture’s tone and detail. With this free image editor you can turn snapshots into artworks as well as draw your own images using the built-in image enhancement functions.
PhotoScenery easilly blends your digital photo onto another picture (a landscape picture etc).

MagicEffect Photo Editor is an image editing software that helps you to add many magic effects onto your digital photo.
A free ad-supported (WhenU ad-supported) edition of the award-wining editor Photo Pos Pro (Image editing software). Magic Photo Creator is a fun software that allows you to create professional looking image blending effects. I highly recommend it, because it may seem confusing, but it is very easy when you know what to do - there are SO many different options avaiable to edit your photos and it all looks very proffessional. Curves brightens your image, and helps balance out the lights, darks and the contrast in the photo. In the top half of the line, you can drag this upwards until you have the lightness you want. There are so many different actions out there, some free and some cost money, and there are all different sorts.
You need to SAVE AS, so that you still have the original copy of your image, incase you want to re edit it one day! I would love to know how you go and see your photos, if you have done some, and would like to show me, please leave a link and I will check it out!
Even if you only want to crop a photo or brighten a slightly underexposed shot, youa€™ll need to write a check for some sort of photo editing program like Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or Corel PaintShop Pro.
Photo Gallery combines a photo organizera€”complete with an elegant tagging system for keeping track of your photosa€”with all the essential photo editing tools, like cropping, color adjustments, exposure tools, and noise reduction.
In addition to simple tools to tweak your photos, such as a one-click Auto Fix button, red-eye correction, cropping, and exposure controls, FotoFlexer has a wealth of extras.
You get all the basicsa€”crop, rotate, red-eye removal, and exposure correction, for example. Like Windows Live Photo Gallery, Picasa is a downloadable photo editor that you install on your computer rather than run in a Web page. Let’s face it, we all want to look good on our profile pictures but a pimply complexion, dry skin, a hair out of place, red eyes, or just bad lighting can really mess up an otherwise perfect-for-sharing picture. The app also has great share options, leading to Facebook, instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr as well as email. It will eliminate skin blemishes and red eye to ensure a flawless, natural look, and it works even in group photos.
Try Photo Makeover that can literally put a smile on your face (or any other facial expression you prefer on a photo.
With this very new app, you can enhance your facial features (jaw, nose, cheeks), change eye color and size, whiten teeth and clear face blemishes. You can also apply filters and frames or add text to the enhanced photos before sharing it on Facebook. This however have fewer, limited functions compared to the above, but as always, it doesn’t hurt to have more options.
You can also take a picture or select a picture on your device and smoothen out skin or remove any spots. All you need to do is select areas with marks or pimples and the app will remove it completely.

It includes more than 10 drawing tools, more than 30 special effects, and supports 20+ image formats. Then drag the bottom half of the line downwards, until you have made the contrast how you like.
These days, you can visit your favorite online photo editor and do almost any editing for free.
Dona€™t expect to do anything fancy with Photo Gallery, but ita€™s handy for quickly improving snapshots before you upload them to Facebook. Click through a slew of tabs to apply special effects, cartoonify your photo, or add text and borders.
Many of the tools work like the desktop version of Photoshop Elements, where you can choose an effect by comparing several thumbnail variations.
On the plus side, Adobe offers 2GB of online storage to organize and view your photos, with subscription options for additional photo storage. And like Photo Gallery, it is part editor and part organizer, complete with tagging and face identification features. Dave is the author of How to Do Everything with Your Digital Camera, and over a dozen other books. Dubbed the cheaper alternative to Photoshop, you can remove a stray hair, or a gray one, give yourself acne- and wrinkle-free skin, remove red eye and even change your eye color and more, with this handy app.
With the app, you can also widen the eyes or the face, introduce more symmtery to the face or make other adjustments to the face.
The share options are great for this app though: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, email and direct download. A hidden gem: Photo Gallery includes an outstanding panoramic stitching tool for combining a series of shots into a huge panoramic scene.
It even has elementary support for layers, so you can combine two photos and adjust their relative transparency.
You'll also find some cool special effects, such as the one-click Pop Color for creating a black-and-white image with a dollop of spot color. Picasa lives on its own as part of your Gmail account, and also connects to Google+ so you can easily tag photos with friends in your circles.
And the program's Photo Fuse feature is a genuinely useful tool that lets you combine the best parts of several similar shots, such as a group portrait in which not everyone was smiling at the same time. If you want special effects that can transform your photos with inverted colors, a vintage 1960s look, the Lomographic style, and more, this is your app. Plus, a batch-editing feature lets you make changesa€”rename, rotate, perform color correction and red-eye removal, and morea€”on a group of photos at once; and look for a poster mode that can assemble your photo across a grid of papers to make an oversized image, suitable for printing and hanging in a dorm room. I also like to play around with the opacity of my actions, so that they aren't so harsh etc.

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