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May 11: Seattle Times – How on Earth could anyone write a headline like this unintentionally? My question: Would it not have been better for CNN to simply wait until they knew what the hell the news was before they tried to report it?
A few minutes later, that strip has been updated to show the court backed all parts of the health care initiative. I woke up fairly late and then laid in bed with my laptop for 90 minutes or so, browsing the Newseum and answering email. Once I heard the initial report, I turned off my TV, took a shower, went downstairs, ate breakfast and read the newspaper. So I’m a very good example of the kind of news consumer who relied on CNN to report the story. In this new media world, apparently, it’s OK to report something wrong, as long as you report it first. Ernie Smith of ShortFormBlog posted an amusing Photoshop that harkens back to another prominent media miscue. The Old Navy clothing retail chain needs a copy editor to keep it from making errors on t-shirts it hopes to market to college football fans. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation needs a copy editor to keep it from making grammatical errors on road signs. The Tribune of Salt Lake City, Utah, needs a copy editor to look over the headlines in its skybox promos. That ran Tuesday at the top of the inside local section of the Gainesville, Ga., Times, circulation 22,000.
You know damn well what the story is about: Forecasters say we can expect normal temperatures over the next week. When I receive three submissions in a single day that revolve around a single theme, however, it knocks me flat on my ass. Features writer Paul Turner of the Spokane Spokesman-Review writes a very entertaining blog for his paper’s web site.
Andrew Williams sent my pal Brandon Dingess a picture of two house ads in today’s sports section, advertising the Charlotte Observer and how to place a vacation stop for your Charlotte Observer. These errors are so rampant that some anonymous soul has established a Tumblr blog devoted to documenting the errors in the News & Observer.
Tracy Collins, director of the Gannett Design Studio in Phoenix made a great catch while watching ESPN Thursday.
A month later, the NBC affiliate in Los Angeles, KNBC, used a Sacramento Kings logo in place of a L.A.
During last October’s baseball playoffs, the Newark Star Ledger used a New York Rangers logo instead of a Texas Rangers logo in a preview story.
Check out the Klingon skull at the bottom of the logo, surrounded by ceremonial Klingon bat’leth weapons.
A former colleague and current sports editor wrote me this morning with a link to that and the question: Is this real? And while the start of NFL season is still a few days away, ESPN sports biz reporter Darren Rovell recently spotted these little gems in a Walmart.
That is South Carolina kicker Elliott Fry in a screencap from Thursday night’s game, a 27-10 win over North Carolina. I’m a loyal Clemson fan, so I take more than a bit of pleasure in posting that picture.
Thanks to the multitude of folks who sent me the South Carolina photo last night and to Paul Lukas of Uni Watch who, I presume, was the first to post it.
The first clue would be in the first sentence of the story, where it says the Yankees beat the Blue Jays.
Tim Williams, digital content manager for Pittsburgh CBS affiliate KDKA-TV first noticed the error. Last year, Old Navy made a line of throwback T-shirts but made five separate errors on this Houston shirt. You’d think a big outfit like ESPN would have safeguards in place to keep its people from looking so stupid.
The News & Observer has had more than its share of dumb editing errors since McClatchy moved its copy editing and design work over to a new hub in Charlotte. The problem is so rampant that someone even set up a Tumblr blog featuring production errors from the N&O.
First, the city tweets about the grand opening of a new state-of-the-art library this weekend.
So then my friend Kevin Copeland spots these errors and, once he’s done laughing, notifies the city via its Twitter account. For the past five years, Craig Lancaster has led the news and sports copy desks at the Gazette in Billings, Montana. A product of the University of Texas at Arlington, Craig worked various copy-desk and design positions at the Dayton Daily News, the Anchorage Daily News, the Olympian in Olympia, Wash., and the San Antonio Express-News before joining the San Jose Mercury News in 2000 as sports editor.
I can tell you, however, that we did a good enough job getting the word out about The Summer Son that bookstore orders pretty much wiped out the warehouse stock the first week, so the publisher is having to replenish.
Also, to clear up what has become an occasional misconception: AmazonEncore is a traditional publisher. I did still start the publishing company we talked about, Missouri Breaks Press, but Ia€™m running it in a different way from what I initially imagined. Lately, Ia€™ve been writing a lot of short stories, and those have branched into other themes under the general heading of a€?family drama,a€? which seems to be my sweet spot as far as fiction goes.
Also, as I mentioned earlier, Ia€™ve been writing a lot of short stories lately, so ita€™s possible Ia€™ll have a story collection ready to go before the next novel emerges. And it was posted just in time for Valentine’s Day, for the benefit of all those nature lovers out there.
This hangs on the wall of Choctaw Middle School in Choctaw, Okla., in the eastern suburbs of Oklahoma City.
Thanks to Jill Van Wyke, professor of journalism at Drake University in Des Moines, for pointing it out to us via Twitter. At the heart of Final Cut Pro X is the Magnetic Timeline, a trackless approach to editing your footage that lets you add and arrange clips wherever you want them, while other clips instantly slide out of the way.
Content Auto-Analysis scans your media on import and tags your content with useful information. Completely rebuilt from the ground up, Final Cut Pro X is a 64-bit app that takes full advantage of the latest Mac hardware and software so you never have to wait for the next edit, even if you’re working with 4K video.
Final Cut Pro X also includes powerful tools for audio editing and color correction, and is complemented by two companion apps, Motion 5 for professional motion graphics and Compressor 4 for advanced media encoding, available from the Mac App Store for $49.99 each.
Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software.
While the presses were not officially stopped, the plates were changed at a natural point in the run. If I were Apple computer, I wouldn’t have spent the past three years looking for a job. The fact that an error like this makes it into print suggests that, in addition to paying for content, Paid Content might consider paying for a little copy editing, too.
Under the plan, copy desk and page design jobs for the printed newspapers will be consolidated in Dayton and in West Palm Beach. These kinds of consolidation projects make me wonder if corporate ownership even cares any more about accuracy and quality. We need properties like these to be owned by sensible people who care about their communities and who care about the quality of newsgathering operations in those communities. Today, I am sharing with you the decisions made by the New Operating Model (NOM) Steering Committee (AJCa€™s Mike Joseph, The Statesmana€™s Jane Williams, CMG Ohioa€™s Brian Cooper, Palm Beach Posta€™s Tim Burke, CMGa€™s Mark Beck, Palm Beach Posta€™s Christopher Caneles and CMG Atlanta HRa€™s Susan Davidson) and an overview of changes you will see in the coming months. Below is a summary of the decision for each area and a targeted time when implementation will begin.
Many initiatives are complex and will take up to 18 months to complete, so all details cannot be known at this time.

If because of the centralization of the function there will be changes to the duties and responsibilities of your role, then you may need to reapply for your position. If my function is being centralized at another location, can I apply for jobs at the centralized location?
If I am offered a job at a different location, will the company provide relocation assistance?
If my position is eliminated and I do not find another role within Cox, will I receive separation pay? If your position is eliminated, you will receive Separation Pay and benefits as long as you continue to perform satisfactorily, remain in good standing until you are released by the company, and sign an Involuntary Separation Agreement and Release.
The Involuntary Separation Program provides for severance that is based on your years of Cox benefit service and pay as of your separation date. Yes; you will receive assistance in finding a new job if you sign the Involuntary Separation Agreement and Release.
If my position is eliminated and I apply to an open job but am not offered a new position, will I lose my separation pay? If you receive an offer, and you accept the offer, you will no longer be eligible for separation pay. If you receive an offer with pay and bonus levels that are equivalent to your current role which does not require relocation, and you decline the offer, you will no longer be eligible for separation pay. If you receive an offer with pay and bonus levels that are equivalent to your current role but would require you to relocate, and you decline the offer, you will still be eligible for separation pay.
If you are contacted by member of the media about the NOM announcement, please let them know that you are not authorized to speak on behalf of the company and ask them to contact Andy McDill with Cox Media Group at 678-645-0439. This is also a good example of what will happen to you if you ignore your handy desk dictionary and rely on the cloud for a correct spelling.
The former Focus page editor of the Orange County Register and graphics director of the Virginian-Pilot and the Des Moines Register, he spent five years as an international consultant and instructor. But an editor also has to know what kind of snickers a headline like that can get from readers. CNN’s online folks went through the same whiplash trying to stay on top of the story.
I then came back upstairs, and opened my laptop, only to find my email was blowing up with screencaps of the cable news debacle that had unfolded while I was offline. Because no matter how you write your head, placing horrible next to cute is never a good idea.
Not only that, but the overline to their wild art on Thursday, July 28, accidentally played off of their main headline. Recently, he asked readers what kind of back-up they might have in case their alarm clock doesn’t go off in the morning. I was friends with the folks who put a huge amount of care into curating and editing every word that went into that section.
But instead of a Florida Panthers logo, it used the logo for Florida International University.
Navy’s Seal Team Six, so someone at N24 apparently Googled to find a patch logo for Seal Team Six. As any Team USA fan would tell you: The only thing that was missing Tuesday night was U, right?
That headline comes from one of the better sports papers in the country, the Columbus Dispatch. The story correctly cites Peyton Manning in the lede but then refers to Elway at the top of the second graf.
If you can’t be bothered to get the headline right, why bother publishing a story in the first place? But not before my pal Bill Wachsberger, design director of the Baltimore Sun, tipped me off. Maybe the same kinds of errors appear in the Charlotte paper and no one bothers to post them. This will sound like a lie, but ita€™s really not: I try not to obsess about numbers, especially in the early going. You told me last year you planned to start your own small publishing company and kick it off with your second novel. Ia€™ve loved everything about working with AmazonEncore; ita€™s putting out interesting books and giving new authors, like me, a lot of editorial and marketing support, which is what we need. It vets manuscripts on editorial and marketing grounds, builds books in a variety of formats, releases them to early reviewers and makes them available to retail outlets under the same terms as any other trade-published book. Ia€™m working with independent-minded authors whoa€™d like to make the major decisions about their work but need editorial support.
Ia€™ve certainly had my difficulties with my father, and Ia€™ve written about them extensively, so I wona€™t deny that my personal experiences have been brought to bear in my work.
The house is completely quiet, which is the work environment I require when writing fiction (luckily, I can do my newspaper job amid the clamor of a newsroom).
I finished it, revisions and all, in late May of 2010, sold it in June and saw it emerge in published form on Jan.
When a publisher acquires a book and commits to the financial risk of publishing it, it no longer belongs just to the writer. Well, it really doesna€™t happen day after day, and Ia€™ve found that most of my questioners manage to surprise me with some of the things theya€™ll ask.
Take the time to learn about the conventions of publishing, be it the traditional route or self-publishing.
Built on a modern 64-bit architecture, Final Cut Pro X is available from the Mac® App Store™ for $299.99. You can use Clip Connections to link primary story clips to other elements like titles and sound effects, so they stay in perfect sync when you move them. Final Cut Pro X then uses that information to dynamically organize your clips into Smart Collections, so you can easily find the clips you want by close up, medium and wide shots as well as media type and the number of people in the shot. Final Cut Pro X uses multi-threaded processing and the GPU on your graphics card for blazing fast background rendering and superb real-time playback performance.
If accuracy and quality can’t add measurably to the revenue stream over the next quarter or so, then fuggedaboutit. A lot of circulation, marketing, advertising and other departments are also consolidating among the four Cox Media Group sites.
For us to stay competitive, it is important to continually evaluate all aspects of our business to ensure we are operating as efficiently as possible while providing the highest quality products and services to our customers. Due to the complexity of each decision, we will stagger implementation over the next 18 months to ensure success.
We will continue to keep our lines of communication open as we have throughout the project to ensure you are kept informed. Also attached is a set of FAQs that will answer some general questions about what to expect moving forward.
Cox has a history of treating employees fairly, and we will continue to honor this tradition as changes are implemented. Todaya€™s announcement provides a high-level overview of what is planned for each work team and projected dates when more information will become available.
For us to stay competitive, it is important to continually evaluate all aspects of our business to ensure we are operating as efficiently as possible. We have projected dates that reflect when we should have more details about the specific decisions and implementation. New positions, however will be created and CMG employees will be given first consideration. In some cases, however, the changes may be minor and that will not be required.A  You will receive more detailed information about your specific situation in future announcements. You will have the opportunity to submit your name for positions at the centralized location and for any open positions within Cox Enterprises. The company will provide you with a relocation payment to help cover moving expenses, such as shipping of household goods, temporary living quarters while you find a place to live at the new location, etc.

If you are terminated for violation of company policy or similar misconduct or voluntarily resign before you are released by the company, you will be ineligible for Separation Pay and benefits. The specific amount you are eligible to receive if you sign an Involuntary Separation Agreement and Release will be provided to you if your position is impacted. Thanks to Matthew Hunt of Mineral Point, Pa., for bringing this to our attention via Twitter.
It’s been spread around today by CBS News, USA Today and the Cleveland Plain Dealer, among others. I help them with editing, building the book interior and cover design, and then I hand off the book. Anyone who reaches the end of that book will surely know why I wona€™t move him out of that place and time.
Since I dona€™t have a multi-book contract and dona€™t write genre fiction, Ia€™m not under any gun to get the next book done (and the next one, and the next one a€¦).
Ia€™ve been lucky: Both of mine have consulted me on the covers and actually listened to what I have to say, and Ia€™ve really been pleased with what theya€™ve come up with for both books. Any writer who doesna€™t like that fact can consider self-publishing, where every decision rests with just one person. Ia€™m well into it, and I still love the story, but in the past couple of weeks, Ia€™ve been thunderstruck by another idea that is forcing its way to the top of my priority list.
Ia€™ve mentioned before that Ia€™m actually a pretty lazy writer as far as idea generation goes.
This especially happens when I talk to creative-writing classes (I have a standing gig at Montana State University Billings). If youa€™re looking to cash in on the paranormal romance frenzy but dona€™t really have a passion for the genre, let me tell you, there are far easier ways to make a buck.
I checked this in the dictionary just to make sure there wasn’t a word spelled like this. You’d think that over the course of a year, someone would have noticed the error and insisted the sign come down. You can even combine related story elements into a Compound Clip that can be edited as a single clip. You can also tag parts of clips with Range-based keywords to add custom search criteria to your media. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and has recently introduced iPad 2 which is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices. Before the implementation of any decision, employees in affected areas will be provided with more detailed information about the change.
You asked for transparency with this process, and we hope our communication efforts have met your needs.
Several decisions and their implementation involve factors that are still to be determined.
If your position is impacted, you will be provided with information about how to apply for open positions. More details about the relocation assistance will be provided to you if you have the opportunity to relocate.
You will receive more information about this service when you are notified about your last day of employment. My first novel, 600 Hours of Edward, which came out in October 2009, has enjoyed a slow, steady buildup.
What was the advantage of publishing with AmazonEncore and how well did they take care of you? I could have hired a top-notch editor and a terrific designer a€“ I certainly know enough of them a€“ to put out my own book, but I never could have replicated Encorea€™s ability to put my book in front of readers. Our first release, a historical novel called Gold Under Ice, by Carol Buchanan, has been a critical and regional hit.
I do look for opportunities to leave little Easter eggs for observant readers, or just pay small tributes to people close to me.
The Summer Son was drafted in three months but required nine months of rewriting and revising to get it into the form I wanted. As it turns out, one of my best friends, Jim Thomsen, is a former newspaper editor and crack book editor, so he and I trade editorial services. I have some author friends who have horror stories about being told, essentially, a€?this is what we like, so live with it.a€? Thata€™s a hard thing to hear.
There are some very good self-publishers who wouldna€™t dream of letting a publisher handle their work, for that very reason. I tend to glom onto the basics of an idea and spend an inordinate amount of time turning it over in my head until it demands to be written. The groundbreaking new Auditions feature lets you swap between a collection of clips to instantly compare alternate takes.
As a reminder, if you have a question that is not addressed above or by the attached FAQs, you can send your questions to the projecta€™s dedicated mailbox, [REDACTED], or contact your local HR representative. For example, a decision is made that a particular work area will be centralized at one location. A former mayor referenced in Edward shares the name with a buddy from high school, a developer quoted in a newspaper is my brother, a county commissioner is the husband of one of my wifea€™s friends.
I also seem to be susceptible to sustained periods of inspiration; right now, short-story ideas are coming at me left and right and good ideas for the longer form have been slower to materialize.
I always take perverse pleasure in explaining to them how book royalties work and that theya€™ll probably need a regular job or two to pay the bills if they choose to get involved in this racket.
You cana€™t control how well your book will sell or what readers will think of it, but you can control whether ita€™s good. I deeply appreciate the efforts of the NOM team members and their contributions to this project. Before action can be taken, however, specific details about a new location must be finalized (how the work location will be structured and managed, where employees will sit, how the transition will happen, when the location will be ready, etc).
And I dona€™t work with any book I dona€™t believe in, which puts me in a different boat from the proliferate a€?author services companiesa€? that are basically trying to separate dreamers from their money.
We encourage you to review every opportunity presented and submit your resume for consideration. In addition, some decisions require additional work before the full scope can be known and communicated.
Still others are dependent upon the timing of other initiatives or on the selection of a vendor before implementation can proceed. And CNN and CNN Money and Fox News (and Fox News again) and the BBC and German news channel N24. And the Washington Post, the New York Times, the New York Post, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Virginian-Pilot, the Green Bay Press-Gazette, CNN and Time magazine. And the Washington Post, the New York Times, the New York Post, the Chicago Sun-Times (Hey! And the Washington Post, the New York Times, the New York Post, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Virginian-Pilot, the Green Bay Press-Gazette, the Carbondale, Ill., Southern Illinoisian, CNN and Time magazine. A repeat offender!), the Virginian-Pilot, the Green Bay Press-Gazette, the Carbondale, Ill., Southern Illinoisian, CNN and Time magazine.
And CNN (and CNN again)(and yet again)(and yet again)(and a huge one here) and CNN Money and CNN mobile and Fox News (and Fox News again)(and Fox News yet again)(and again!)(and again!)(and yet again!)(and yet again) and Fox Business and MSNBC and ABC News and NBC news and the Weather Channel and the BBC and German news channel N24. Louis Cardinals, the Seattle Mariners and the Washington Nationals (boy, do they need a copy editor).
And ESPN (and ESPN again)(and yet again)(and yet again)(and three more times!)(and yet again)(and yet again) and Fox Sports (and Fox Sports again)(and Fox Sports one more time).
Central Media hub, the Carbondale, Ill., Southern Illinoisian and the Canarsie Courier of New York City.

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