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As with the previous tutorials in this Adobe Camera Raw series, I'll be looking specifically at Camera Raw 8, part of Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) and available as a free upgrade (from Camera Raw 7) for Photoshop CS6 users. Fortunately, straightening the image afterwards in Camera Raw is easy, and as I mentioned, there's a couple of ways to go about it.
You can simply click on the Crop Tool icon to select it, but I'm going to click on it and hold my mouse button down for a second or so to display the Crop Tool's menu so I can select a preset aspect ratio for my crop.
With the Crop Tool and my aspect ratio selected, I'll click inside my image and drag out an initial cropping box. Of course, without any sort of visual guides or cues to help us out, it can be tough to judge the correct angle we need to straighten the image. I'm not going to worry about my composition for now because what I'm really interested in here is straightening the image.
Once you have everything lined up, you can then resize your crop box as needed by clicking and dragging any of its handles.
As with everything we do in Camera Raw, our cropping and straightening is entirely non-destructive which means if we decide we don't like the crop, or we didn't get the rotation angle quite right and the image is still not straight, we can easily go back and try again.
Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. Adobe is having its annual MAX conference this week, and today it lifted the lid on a number of new products, including Photoshop CC, the new, Creative Cloud-era version of its incredibly popular photo editing application.
First, the new features, since two in particular are especially impressive: The new camera shake reduction engine looks like an actual miracle worker, and the updated RAW editing engine in CC gets the best of Adobe’s recent Lightroom update, plus the ability to do continuous, non-destructive RAW edits, something which hasn’t been available in the past. The Camera Shake Reduction feature magically turns blurry photos into exceptionally crisp ones, or at least it did with the examples Adobe used in its briefing of the feature. Still, for low light shooters who prefer shooting handheld to dragging around a full size tripod, which can really get in the way when you’re looking to capture candids, this is an amazing addition to the Photoshop arsenal, so long as it works in practice half as well as it demos in controlled conditions. The other big new banner feature is improved RAW editing, and this is another really impressive and powerful feature, especially for photographers.
Ohter new features include a redesigned smart sharpen feature, better upsampling when you’re blowing up a lower resolution image, rounded rectangle shapes with editable corners (this has been a very annoying oversight up until now) and multi-shape and path selection, Illustrator-style.

As mentioned, this also marks a big shift, where it looks like we’ll see Adobe focus exclusively on the Creative Cloud releases of Photoshop in favor of numbered versions, so expect updates to arrive more like they do with something like iOS or Android, with improvements coming as needed instead of lumped into standalone larger releases. In the previous tutorial, we learned the basics of cropping images in Camera Raw using the Crop Tool.
It's just a fun photo I snapped one evening while my two dogs enjoyed a relaxing moment in the park. If I select Normal at the very top of the list, I'll be able to freely crop the image to any aspect ratio I like, but I want my final image to appear as a standard 4x6 so I'll select the 2 to 3 ratio.
Now that we have an initial crop box, to straighten the image, we can simply rotate the box.
Fortunately, Camera Raw's Crop Tool includes a feature that makes straightening things much easier.
With the overlay visible, as soon as we start rotating the crop box again, the 3x3 grid changes to a much more detailed grid designed to help us straighten the image. Since I'm using a preset aspect ratio, I can drag any of the four corner handles to resize the box. Simply press the letter C on your keyboard to quickly reselect the Crop Tool and your crop box will reappear just as you left it. That's how to rotate and straighten an image using the Crop Tool and the Show Overlay option in Adobe Camera Raw 8! Photoshop CC is in many ways an evolution of the Photoshop brand, adding some powerful new features while mostly keeping things similar to CS6, but it’s a significant departure in terms of the way Photoshop gets updated, released and sold.
That’s thanks to the introduction of RAW editing as a filter, which you can use even with non RAW images to get access to great tools like the Exposure slider. Details become sharp, text legible, and you can even follow what exactly it’s doing since you can view the blur path the software has identified and corrected for. The RAW import dialog on Photoshop is decent, and matches a lot of the features found on Adobe Lightroom, but it’s also limited.
In these related tutorials, we'll learn a couple of ways Camera Raw can be used to straighten an image non-destructively.

Now, these dogs are not the type to sit still for long, and I was so concerned with getting the shot before one (or both) of them took off down the field that I didn't realize I was holding the camera on an angle, causing the image to appear crooked.
To rotate it, move your mouse cursor anywhere outside the crop box (into the grayed out area).
Simply rotate the crop box to line the grid lines up with something in the photo that should be straight, either vertically or horizontally.
If you're using Normal mode to freely crop the image to any aspect ratio, you'll find additional handles on the top, bottom, left and right of the crop box. Be aware that this is a tool with a very specific use, though; if you’re using a camera in a dark environment and you’re set for a long exposure, it’ll correct for any shakes created by your hand twitching a bit, or if you’re shooting without a tripod with a long zoom, but it has to be motion related. Once you’ve accepted your changes, there’s no way to go back and make more tweaks after you’ve begun editing in Photoshop itself. We'll start in this tutorial by learning how to rotate and straighten an image using the Crop Tool itself (along with a handy feature found in the Crop Tool's menu). You'll notice that you can only resize the box within the boundaries of the image itself which can seem a bit confusing when working on an angle.
Now, you can jump into RAW editing at any time, and use the RAW editor as a filter layer on top of your original image. Then, in the next tutorial, we'll learn how to combine the Crop Tool with Camera Raw's Straighten Tool to straighten photos quickly and easily. You also get some of the great new tricks Lightroom has adopted, like the new customizable shape healing brush, and the Upright horizon and perspective correction tool. Unlike how the Crop Tool works in Photoshop CS6 and CC, rotating the crop box in Camera Raw actually rotates the box itself while the image remains locked in place.

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