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If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Hair Tattoos, Thug Life Tattoos, Tattoos For Guys and Bow Tattoos. The beauty of a bird’s feather when designed in such an ornate tattoo is something worth trying out.
A girl with such a complicated hairdo is a very unusual tattoo that looks good when you want something different. Bands and ribbons in lovely brown shading give this apparently simple tattoo an intricacy that is beautiful. This is a fantastic and intricate back tattoo with its realistic depiction of a worried princess.
A combination of bold tribal style tattoos and some delicate tattoos have given tattoo art a new dimension. A simple heart shaped tattoo becomes intricate and really beautiful when it is so colorful and well designed. The swirls that form the stems give the lovely flowers a great accompaniment in this artistic tattoo.
Delicate flowers with shading in different colors makes this tattoo look very striking even if it is small. This circular tattoo with its beautiful curves and swirls has an ethnic look that is really eye-catching. The classic cherry blossom is one of the most popular and attractive designs in tattoo art.
A fearsome dragon is a popular oriental tattoo design that looks very striking and is a real attention grabber.
Beneath the orange glow of the sky this stately and regal lion shows his strength making a great tattoo. This woman proudly shows off her artistic tattoo of musical notes entwined with her lover’s name. The word love designed like a fence must be one of the most unusual and striking tattoos ever. Two lines with such lovely curves and swirls across the shoulder blades is a splendid idea for a tattoo. An ornamental cross with a canopy of roses is a brilliant and artistic idea for a tattoo that’s worth copying.

This lovely realistic looking gramophone, the old-fashioned symbol of music makes a superb tattoo. Stick figures holding hands with a tree tattooed is the background is a cute and simple expression of love. The beauty of this tattoo is in the simplicity of the flowers and curly stems designed in bright shading.
A beautiful woman tattooed in lovely Roman robes and headdress makes a classic and attractive design. This honeybee tattoo is so realistic and artistic that it looks almost real with its furry body and translucent wings. When you want something exotic and eye-catching this tattoo of a peacock’s feather looks just perfect. When your face and that of your partner are tattooed together it makes beautiful tattoo art. The vivid green stems and leaves contrast well with the bright red flowers that form this beautiful tattoo. Beautiful peonies surround this equally beautiful woman forming a very intricate and eye-catching tattoo. This tattoo is the universal symbol of love and romance with the cheery blossom flowers and butterflies.
An American couple of the old days tattooed along with their pet dog is a very unusual and lovely tattoo.
For a lover of the seas this group of jellyfish tattooed in bright colors on the leg makes a real attractive theme.
An angel with a halo designed in such an artistic manner is a tattoo that one would definitely like to imitate.
This tattoo is a funny caricatured version of the beautiful bumblebee perched on brightly colored flowers. This is an unusually attractive tattoo of a bright-colored flower with one of its petals jutting upwards like flames. The picture of an anguished lady is drawn in a very artistic way that draws attention instantly. The Mayan calendar with the Sun God in the center is a tattoo that has an irresistible ethnic charm.

The eagle, the most important religious symbol for the Aztecs, has been designed in a more trendy and attractive style in this tattoo.
Eagle’s wings and the snake, both symbols of power, when depicted in the same design make a wonderful tattoo. A tree with lush crop of fresh leaves on top of a huge twisted trunk makes a weird but artistic tattoo design. Wow the Feathery Art is just awesome the girl got her whole front body tattooed its just insane. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Tattoo artists have experimented with different themes, shapes, ideas, colors and styles over generations.
Sometimes members of a group or cult will all wear identical tattoos to show their solidarity.
The woman, her outfit and accessories look really intricate and artistic and worth copying. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
Today, you can have a tattoo with a single theme or a combination of themes resulting in very eye-catching designs.
Love or horror, peace or strife, religious faith or occult, affection or hatred, beauty or beast, cute animals or horrifying creatures, flowers or thorns, tattoos can look very attractive and striking whatever theme you may choose. Today art in tattoos has evolved so much that you can have a tattoo of whatever theme or design you want. War or peace, love or enmity, beauty or ugliness, mortality or infinity, life or death…anything can be expressed with tattoos either graphically or with letters. Tattoos are also used by groups and cult to express solidarity by wearing identical designs. The colors used in today’s tattoos are so amazing that even God might wonder at their beauty!

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