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Einstein was a genius in the truest meaning of the word and one of the most amazing scientists the world had ever seen.
This scientist was quite amazing in his inventions and was not only an outstanding scientist, but was a great philosopher and a great thinker too.
He showed us why there is no shortcut to success other than doing hard work to achieve your goals. His thinking abilities surpassed every other scientist in his era and gave amazing lessons to his fellow scientists. His messages and quotes are a lesson for everybody, whether he is a student of science or not.

He was kicked out of primary school as his teachers thought Einstein was too dumb to learn anything, hence he worked hard to pursue his dream of becoming an excellent scientist.
Einstein was the inventor and discovered of many tools, devices and theories which are still valid in physics and are confirmed by many experiments throughout decades. Einstein is one of the most respected scientists of the world and a great help for everyone in the world. Here are some Einstein quotes which will compel you to think about what you have done with your life and will give you significant insights to improve it.
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