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Any graphic design work, I love working with women who need a boost in confidence and I do makeovers including hair, makeup, help with wardrobe for employment and I do this with a creative eye, and a cosmetology license!!
The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the overall job outlook for people trained as Barbers is good.
PB Cosmetology Education Centre was founded in 1960 by the husband and wife team of Peg and Bob (PB) Hogan.
A recession is the state of an economic decline, characterized by a widespread decline in the Gross Domestic Product  and employment and trade lasting from six months to a year.
Increase your visibility by participating in meetings, offering creative, new ideas and taking part in company outings and get-togethers.
Be Flexible and Proactive, Employees who keep a good attitude and volunteer for unpleasant tasks will always have a better chance of keeping their jobs than those who complain and shirk their responsibilities.
Don't underestimate the impact of your willingness to go the extra mile when layoff notices are being decided upon.
Don’t demand an increase in pay when clearly your company is not able to afford it.
More than 400 participants from across the country and around the world came together to discuss the increasing complexity of the nation's racial makeup and the resulting implications at the Critical Mixed Race Studies conference at DePaul on Nov.
The need for Barbers will stem from an increasing population which will lead to greater demand for basic hair care services.

It flourished as a small school called PB Method of Hair Design, teaching cosmetology and nails for over 25 years.
Make sure that people (preferably higher-ups) within your organization know of your existence. In other words your employment at your company should undeniably be benefiting both you and the company you work for. If the organization you work for is struggling not to start laying people off, you don’t want to be trying to negotiate a higher salary. If you have a lot of down-time during the day, ask your boss for additional work. Growth rates for this occupation are expected to be between 11% and 13% in the next 8 years. Today, the school is in its third generation under the direction of Peg and Bob’s granddaughter, Colleen Hogan.
If you don’t have a degree it goes without saying that you should take immediate steps to get a degree or at least certification of some sort. The willingness to take business trips and transfer to another location may keep your employment on surer footing, and a willingness to work overtime performing tasks that no one else wants to do can elevate your status among your superiors.
Don’t complain about everything from the temperature in your office to your coworkers.

Such behavior will put you at the top of the lay-off or perhaps even to be fired list. Not only will that increase your visibility and value to the company but your boss will know exactly what it is that you do on a day to day basis. The conference included research presentations, panel discussions and peformances from 150 speakers.
Maintain your professionalism at all times and refrain from taking one too many sick days, arriving late to work, or taking excessive vacations. 3 months ago Hey PB remember tomorrow in honor of the #SuperBowl tomorrow is a sports themed dress down day!
3 months ago ??There will be a 2 hr delayed opening tomorrow January 25, 2016 for all staff and students.

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