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Here we present Anastacia’s lower back tattoo, our Eternal Fire Star, represented by an ankh cross inside a fiery sun.
The Ankh cross symbolizes life and abundance of the humanity and its design is strongly related to the Sun.
Garnish yourself with this abundance of symbols by tattooing the Eternal Fire Star temporary tattoo on your arm or lower back, you will feel ten times more privileged than any ordinary person.
The temporary tattoo has a nice combination between golden yellow and black, just perfect for tanned skin!

The colored sun has a big load of symbols it is associated with, mainly everything you can think about regarding the power of the sun: light, warmth, vitality, prosperity, vigor, truth, courage, rebirth, immortality and so on. The loop on the top is a representation of the Sun on the horizon and it was created by the Egyptians, picturing the Sun touching their country and making it prosperous and abundant in resources. If you are having any trouble with the website, please call us toll free at 1-800-860-0254 Thank You.
It can also symbolize the union between the man and the woman, the loop being the feminine and the lower pointed line being the masculine.

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