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The truth associated with evil clown tattoos is, they are reflection of dark side of human mind and are absolutely contrary to jocular clowns.
The most appropriate example of evil clown is the character played so succinctly by Heath Ledger in the movie, 'The Dark Knight'. You must watch the movie to understand the psychology of an evil clown deeply.Tattoo MeaningAlthough Evil Clown tattoos are synonymous with the darker side of human nature, they may have different meanings.
The feeling of getting horrified by the sight of clowns is apparently subdued after wearing the tattoo. It's dealing with fear by making the object of fear as the weapon.Zombie ClownPeople associated with acts of treachery, murder, crime and other types of inhuman activities are also seen wearing clown tattoos with a wicked look on their face.

On the other hand, the sad hobo, although not completely evil by nature, is depiction of gloom and sadness. Suppressed desires of committing crime and evil deeds is another instinct conveyed by these tattoos.
They are engraved on arms, back, shoulders, and chest.Design TypesGangster ClownThey are usually inked on the arm and the clown carries a weapon in his hand. It has a terribly violent and scary face, symbolic of death and destruction.Death Head ClownThe death head clown is one of the most morbid of all vicious clown designs. It's normally depicted with a head strangulated with ropes or flakes of fire emanating from above the head.Bleeding ClownAs the name suggests, a bleeding clown has its eye pierced with blood oozing out or flowing out from the mouth.

It reflects murder, killing and treachery.Mean ClownThe mean clown has strange expression of anger and peevishness on its face. To sum up, I must mention that tattoos depicting as evil clown are not worn merely for the sake of flaunting, rather the wearer is well aware of his evil deeds and adorns it to enlighten people around him about his wrongdoings.

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