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Halloween is a festival that is celebrated on the 31st of October and that involves for many in the US the act of dressing up as witches and devils and trick or treating.
It seems that Halloween in Europe travelled to the US via Irish immigrants who brought their traditions with them.
In other countries in Europe, particularly Poland, Halloween as we know it is even less well known and there is a lot less dressing up and partying involved.
As I know that, in some places, this can be a sad celebration, I’m pretty sure it will soon be similar to the Halloween in Europe or US known for its crazy and fun customs. Maybe holidays in Europe (such as Halloween) aren’t so much fun as the ones in US are. Wasp if you like the trick or treating so much, why don’t you see if you can set up trick or treating in your community? I always just assumed that Halloween was an American holiday and other countries did not thing like trick or treating or decorating. Scary Clown Pictures for Halloween is a collection of evil clowns that are created with Photoshop or other digital painting software.
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Halloween in Europe is much the same in a majority of countries, where this commercialisation has found much success.
In the latter, the Celts would leave food at their doors in order to lure in good spirits, and would wear masks in order to scare away the evil. At the time this was on November 1st, and was intended to honour all of those saints who did not have their own day.
In the US this tradition caught on and was highly commercialised with cards, decorations, cakes and the introduction of more traditions such as pumpkin carving. And especially Halloween, everybody likes dressingup in monsters and all kinds of creatures at least once a year. I think we don’t have too many fun holidays in Europe and this one is surely my favourite.
I knew Halloween is a celtic holiday but today, holidays in Europe are more of a marketing tool. I know that is very funny to costume in different personages or things, but some people overreacting. Some of these clowns are in fact photo manipulations, some are digital paintings and some are a combination of the two styles.
Seuss Costumes Duck Dynasty Costumes Elvira Costumes Elvis Costumes Friday the 13th Costumes G.I. In other places however Halloween in Europe is also treated more seriously as a religious event. When the Romans later invaded England, they would add extra traditions such as honouring the dead. These commercialised aspects then travelled back to Halloween in Europe and in the West (England, France, Germany etc) many of the same practices take place with families decorating their homes, buying in sweets, and dressing up as ghouls and skeletons.

Polish Catholics thus will attend church and visit their relatives’ graves where a priest will throw holy water. Inspired by these scary clown pictures I created my own Evil Clown Photo Manipulation tutorial that you might want to check out. Joe Costumes Ghostbusters Costumes Godzilla Costumes Green Hornet Costumes Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes Harry Potter Costumes Hello Kitty Costumes How to Train Your Dragon Costumes I Love Lucy Costumes Jake and The Neverland Pirates Costumes Justice League Costumes Katy Perry Costumes Kick-Ass Costumes Lady Gaga Costumes Lone Ranger Costumes Mad Max Costumes Maleficent Costumes Michael Jackson Costumes Michael Myers Costumes Monster High Costumes Monsters University Costumes My Little Pony Costumes Nicki Minaj Costumes Nightmare on Elm Street Costumes Ninja Avengers Costumes Nosferatu Costumes Oz the Great & Powerful Costumes Peter Pan Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes Pokemon Costumes Power Rangers Costumes Sailor Moon Costumes Saw Costumes Scream Ghostface Costumes Sesame Street Costumes Skylanders Costumes Snow White & the Huntsman Costumes Sock Monkey Costumes Sons of Anarchy Costumes Spider-Man Costumes Star Trek Costumes Ted Costumes Texas Chainsaw Massacre Costumes The Incredibles Costumes The Nightmare Before Christmas The Simpsons Costumes Transformers Costumes V for Vendetta Costumes Watchmen Costumes Where's Waldo? Many individuals in England, France and Germany etc will also dress up in order to visit clubs and parties. Here children dressed as creatures of the night will knock on the door of local residents and offer them the option of handing out sweets or falling foul to one of their tricks – which might involve fart gas or silly string. Here Halloween in Europe is a sad day and very different from that celebrated in the US and Western Europe, though some of these traditions are gradually starting to catch on.
So, from this point of view, Halloween in Europe seems kind of modest next to the US Halloween.
My mom is american and even if we celebrate this holiday in Europe, she always gives me candy, even without trick or treating. This evil clown foam latex mask is just the right amount of childhood trauma and demented evil. Interestingly there are some reports that Halloween in Europe also owes some of its origins to France, with Celts in Northern France being believed to have also celebrated the date.

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