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It is a pink stomach with two lumps on it and has a gull bladder coming down from its bottom. In "The Grim Adventures of the Kids Next Door" where in the end credits they had a parody on Camp Lazlo and Evil Con Carne called "Camp Con Carne" In it, Stomach was seen attached to Lazlo.
In the episode "Company Halt" it was seen with, Ghastly, Hector Con Carne, and Bozkov were trying to get General Skarr to come back to Evil Con Carne.

Many teenagers tend to sport an ankle and a forearm tattoo as they are in vogue nowadays Stomach tattoo designs are also in fashion as the area can accommodate large designs.Women tend to sport tattoos on their stomach to make the area look more sensuous and they also carry it with elan and confidence.
Stomach is the stomach of Hector Con Carne, it was preserved in a jar after the explosion of Hector's body which left only his brain and stomach to be saved by Major Dr.
After being preserved it was attached to a Russian circus bear named Boskov, along with Hector's brain.

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