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The presence of an eye in the hamsa hand strengthens its meaning all the more as this element also symbolizes protection from evil. It is said that the first design depicts the power to ward off evil, while the latter is a symbol of good luck.A hamsa hand tattoo is not only beautifully rich in design and appearance, but is also perfectly backed by affluent cultural and traditional values. This eye is often referred to as the eye of Horus, signifying that you are always being watched and no matter where you hide, you cannot escape from the eye of your own conscience.Symbolism of the Hamsa Hand Tattoo DesignHamsa is also known as Khamsa, which is an Arabic word that means 'five' or the 'five fingers of the hand'. However, lately, the tattoo world is also coming across many enthusiasts sporting this symbol on themselves because of its deep meaning. It is interesting how this one symbol is accepted in different religions for different reasons.

The earliest use of the hamsa can be traced back to Iraq (ancient Mesopotamia) where it was used for protection, safety, and immunity from the evil eye.
And surprisingly, all the meanings and reasons come down to the same implication, which is safety and protection.Hamsa Hand Symbolism in IslamIf you follow Islam, then the five fingers in the design could represent the five pillars of Islam. Alternately, this symbol is also known as The Hand of Fatima, in remembrance of Muhammad's daughter 'Fatima Zahra'.Hamsa Hand Symbolism in JudaismIf you come from a Jewish family, then the hamsa is believed to symbolize the God's presence in everything that exists in this world.
The five fingers of this symbol are also used to remind the wearer of the tattoo to use all of their five senses to praise God.
It is also referred as the Hand of Miriam, elder sister of Moses.Hamsa Hand Symbolism in ChristianityWhen it comes to Christianity, some sources say that the hamsa hand is the Hand of the Virgin Mary and symbolizes femininity, power, and strength.

Many times, the symbol of a Christian fish is also incorporated along with this design as the outer lining of the eye, as the fish (Ichthys) is considered to be a symbol of Christ. In some cultures, it is also believed that the fish is immune to the evil eye.No matter what different religions and cultures say of its emergence, the point is, the bearer of this tattoo ensures security and protection from all evil.

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