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His grandfather's younger brother Alexander Murdoch (1827-1868) was a captain, who drowned in Hull. His grandfather's youngest brother Charles Donalson Murdoch (1829-1860) was a captain in the Merchant Navy and was lost at sea in 1860. Other than a seafaring family, there were also a number of shoemakers, including his grandfather's two brothers John Coupland (1818-1879) and Samuel Murdoch (1827-1868). Also his great-grandfather Samuel Lowden Murdoch (1784-1830) and great-great grandfather Ebenezer (1761-1806) were both shoemakers.

Surname*:Please check our database of names using the search form above before adding the product to the cart. His grandfather James' oldest brother John Muir Murdoch also suffered an infant death in 1809. Although she suffered from considerable illness in her later years, it is possible that the tragic loss of William was a factor in her decline. All opinions are that of the website author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the books, television programmes and films referenced herein.

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