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Long Island artist, Kristen Goetz, discovered her career in tattooing a bit late compared to some artists. Her artwork primarily revolved around graphite and charcoal so Kristen thought her tattoo strengths would lie with black and grey work. Kristen’s recommendations to people trying to get into the business is to get a background in art. Some of her heroes in the industry include: Nick Baxter, Stefano Alcantara, Martin Lacasse, Myke Chambers, Dan Marshall. As far back as the late 19th century, the tattooed woman was a staple of circuses and sideshows.
Maud Stevens was a young aerialist and contortionist who worked the circus and state fair circuit at the dawn of the 20th century.
Stevens was a quick learner and not only became a new canvas for Wagner’s art but began working as a tattooist on other circus performers and the public. She used only hand-held needles in her work, despite the fact that tattoo machines were widely available and used by most of her contemporaries. After Gus died, Lovetta decided that if she could not be tattooed by her father she would not be tattooed by anyone.
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As her career in tattooing has developed over the years she has been nicely surprised that she has taken very naturally to color realism and likes to experiment with different combinations of color combinations, techniques, and underlying skin tone. In an age where a glimpse of a lady’s ankle was enough to cause outrage, countless men and women flocked to see barely-clothed women covered with drawings and quotations. As you can see in her 1907 picture at the top, after giving her the first tattoo, he just kept going (see the two of them above).
Gus and Maud had a daughter, given the endearing name Lovetta (see the family above), who also became a tattoo artist. A 2012 Harris Poll found that more females (23 percent) have tattoos than their male counterparts (19 percent). And a growing number of those with tattoos, male or female, have had their art inked by women — all following in the footsteps of Maud Stevens.
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Fortunately, she had some friends in the industry who offered her apprenticeship and that was all she wrote. She doesn’t like to get pigeon holed into one type of tattoo work and prefers the challenges of working in a variety of styles.

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