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This is a favourite with many for whom the artwork of the ancient Celts appeal as this was the most sacred animal image of all for them and was the highest God frequently worshipped in Druid ceremonies and rituals. The eagle was also depicted as the Sun God in the myths and legends of many other cultures often symbolizing light and power but it was also deemed a symbol of fearlessness, bravery and courage. Therefore many plants, flowers and animals were deemed sacred as was evident from the symbolism and reverence given to these images.
To them, the eagle was a potent symbol for the sun, whose warmth and power sustained both the tribe and the earth on which they lived and without which neither would survive. It was regarded as a solar symbol in ancient Greece and Persia too so it is fair to say that the tribal eagle tattoo is widely associated with this particular celestial body and thus is often used to signify life and solar power. Birds and animals were particularly symbolic and these are among the most widely requested body art designs today including the tribal eagle tattoo which has been of historical significance across the globe since the dawn of time.

This bird has also featured in many Celtic myths and stories over the years where it was renowned for its longevity and wisdom as well as its knowledge of magic and theĀ other world. Mayan and Aztec tribal artwork also uses the eagle as a potent symbol and when its image was combined with that of the warrior god it was believed to unleash invincible powers that would bring an individual great strength and courage in battle to defeat their enemies. However additional representations for a Celtic tribal eagle tattoo would also include positive attributes relating to strength, speed, keen vision, freedom and determination.
According to ancient Aztec artwork however, this particular tribal version of the eagle should have its head placed in a westerly direction and its beak open so this is worth remembering if you want your tribal tattoo to emulate the authenticity of the original. Flight and the ability to fly free are synonymous with most bird images however the eagle is predominantly depicted with its wings outstretched in tribal artwork as if it were flying across the skin. It is certainly worth doing some research to explore all the options as well as to find out the history behind your chosen design.

This particular image provides a wealth of profound symbolism which is partly what makes it such a versatile body art design however when depicted with other animal images this can alter the meaning too.
For example when the eagle is depicted in conjunction with the image of a snake it is a symbol of conflict but when used with flames or fire imagery it then becomes a symbol for new beginnings.
Whether it is used n its own or in combination with other images of a similar style or theme, this is a very versatile and symbolic image that makes a really cool body art design and is perfect for tribal tattoos.

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