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QUESTION: I find this painting in a aunts storage,i have looked everywhere to find out more about it,who painted it. I don't know the artist offhand from the picture, but if you'd like, take a focused closeup of the signature and send it along. Also, don't be shy about toting your picture along to a local art gallery or print shop and asking a lot of questions about it.
Also the other scribbles, do not deliver any intelligible locations, or any real authorship names. The location is in  situated in Northern France, probably in a small village that is situated along the River Marne.
It is most definitely not, a 19th century  print, purely - in the manner of execution. ExpertiseI am unable to answer enquiries concerning objects, which are NOT related to the areas of Fine Art and Antiques. Nor will I; on the sole basis of any photographic images be willing to give any definitive monetary valuations, or monetary opinions.

In such cases I would always advise on getting “real time” valuations and opinions from reputable and qualified auction houses, or third parties. True valuations always need a direct “hands on” approach, with perhaps also the necessary research and verifications.
Broadly open to almost all questions, regarding the majority of both European, American quality objects, which are related to both Antiques and Fine Art. My own particular comfort zone areas would be; The decorative Arts, marble, stone, furniture, ivory, bone, amber, ceramics and porcelain, sculpture, glass, silver and metal objects etc.
I will also answer inquiries, and give opinions concerning Dutch 17th, 18th and 19th century paintings.
Please note that I do have limitations and cannot possibly answer all questions, as the field is very extensive. Restoration and refurbishment of historical buildings and gardens, including interior design.
We are also Fine Art and Antique dealers, besides being collectors ourselves for a great number of years.

OrganizationsThe main professional organization of which I am a member is the BNA, or Association of Dutch Architects, which is equivalent to the US; American Institute of Architects.
Since a great number of buildings are also inhabited by Fine Art fixtures and furnishings, I also became absorbed by all the artifacts, which go to fill them and not only the edifices themselves.
In some applicable cases, I may perhaps give general indications of value, based on the presented materials.
Affiliated to the Art Loss Register in London and the International Cites Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. Then after graduation, I followed this immediately by studies to graduate and become a Restoration Architect.

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    Already I have been reading out a few of your posts quality.
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    And it was a clear, neat tattoo.
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