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Steam156 is a graffiti and street art documenter with over 26 years experience of documenting graffiti art around the world.
We chat with author Austin Kleon, who argues that poaching ideas is an essential step toward developing original ones. Kleon: Creativity has become a kind of magic that only a few lone geniuses are supposed to perform. There are so few times in our adult lives when we’re given some supplies and the space and the encouragement to make something. Do you have any particular quote or creative strategy that you find yourself going back to during those long "dark nights of the soul" you mention in the book?
You mention having a series of admired-artists’ portraits on the wall in your studio.
Steam156 began his graffiti career way back in 1984, following the traditional route of initially illegal graffiti then he then went on to produce legal murals and do commission work for various companies and television shows.

He is a sought after commentator on graffiti culture, penning articles for magazines like Hip Hop Connection, Knowledge and Graphotism. I want to design a park in Bucharest Romania and I need to be designed with graffiti art paintings like these one. Why do you feel people need this kind of encouragement to allow themselves to make, write, and do? During one of my Newspaper Blackout [poetry] workshops, everybody gets a newspaper and a marker and I tell them to just dive in.
Why do you think people respond so well to these strong, but often quite objectively simple, statements? He has documented graffiti art around the world in places such as New York, Paris, Germany, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Thailand and Spain and he has personal memories of meeting most of the great legends from graffiti history. If you give a room full of 16-year-olds a crayon and some butcher paper, you’ll get maybe one or two pictures and a whole lot of blank stares.

But my favorites, they stick around—to name just a few, I have a picture of Saul Steinberg, a drawing of Charlie Brown by Charles Schulz, and a letter from my hero, Lynda Barry. The book is filled with engaging anecdotes and helpful tips taken from Kleon’s experience learning to walk on his own creative feet, as well as quotes and stories from big names, ranging from Gide to Goethe to Questlove. The truth is, creativity is a kind of magic, but unlike at Hogwart’s, any Muggle can learn to use it.

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