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Tattoos can be inked onto any part of the body, but there are some people that want a small tattoo that might not be too noticeable. To show you just how fun finger tattoos can be, we have gathered 11 Fun Finger Tattoos for you all to look over, and once you get done looking at this list, you’ll have a new appreciation for the old saying about how good things come in small packages.
To musicians, music is literally their life, and they want to show it by getting a tattoo of muscial notes on every finger! Why spend thousands of dollars on gold and diamond wedding rings when a tattoo is not only permanent, but a lot less expensive!
Inspiration can come from anywhere, so why not get a tattoo that will inspire you every single day of your life? Cats make people happy, and the unconditional love of a pet can really touch people’s lives in ways that cannot be measured by words. Diamonds are considered lucky, and for some people, they get a finger tattoo of a diamond, and their initials, to bring them even more good fortune. There are finger tattoos that are available in color, and this purple bow is not only colorful, but stylish too! This little cartoon dove is so cute, and looking at it all the time can make people feel good every single time they gaze at it.
Love is supposed to be forever, and with this infinity heart tattoo that couples get on their ring fingers, that love really can last forever.
This butterfly is beautiful with its bright orange color, and it looks great on the finger, don’t you all think?
Tigers can be inspirational, and wearing one on the finger can be another source of strength and inspiration. Even the simplest designs can look great on a finger, and these two little space tattoos are really cool! If you liked this list of 11 Fun Finger Tattoos, then check out 26 Incredible Swallow Tattoos, A Must See Collection of 27 Fashion Logos, and 36 Awesome Wavy Hairstyles.
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Since the fingers are the most exposed part, people want the tattoos sitting on them to look impressive. Identical wedding ring tattoos with simple heart-shaped design are a symbol of commitment and love. Two, cute looking tear drops on index fingers on both hands have a sweet, dainty appearance. Musical notations on the side of the middle finger find place on the musician’s hand. A tiny, cute piston image inked on middle finger in black flatters the engineer’s fantasy.
Skull wearing a pink bow and having vines emerging from edges of face looks feminine and funny. Initials of wife and one’s own inked on side of the ring finger worn as a mark of love.
Intricate, mysterious symbols inked in black matching the nail polish color look brilliant together. Varied images of rabbit, dear, carrot, stars, paw mark make a beautiful collage on the fingers of a child. Red and black human face symbolising the bookworm inked on inside of the thumb looks bright.

Camera image created on the inside of the index finger to satisfy a photographer’s fantasy. Red circles made with triangles showing different camera apertures on knuckles look awesome. An intricately woven geometric design worn as toe finger on extreme right and matched with a bright red nail polish color.
Neat and sharp-edged fonts in capital letters with the strumpets lettering make a bold statement. Gracing the ring finger with its yellow and red petals, the rose has got a soothing, fragrant look. A black lily along with a torn out petal lying together on the knuckle have a somber, sad look. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Tattoos are a great way to show off your unique personality and tell the story of your life. If you are in a romantic relationship a beautiful way to show your love for each other is to get Ring Finger Tattoos. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Finger Tattoos, Knuckle Tattoos, Hand Tattoos and Wedding Band Tattoos. Shaded in pale blue with delicate black outlines this is a pretty flower tattoo for the ring finger.
An infinity symbol fits neatly into this heart-shaped ring finger tattoo celebrating a forever love.
This is a freshly inked tattoo with the name of the person inked in black on the ring finger. A five point star with delicate blue shading all around makes for a colorful ring finger tattoo. As a simple tattoo idea for the ring finger having an initials theme design in black can work well. Getting the name of your partner tattooed on your finger is a great idea for a couples tattoo.
A delicate red rose speaks the color of love in this tattoo design on a gracefully aging finger. Black outlines add definition to this strong blue and white jewel theme ring finger tattoo. Shades of blue and white combine in this diamond theme tattoo design with a star to make it extra cool. Fingers are great places to get inked with designs representing your favorite symbols like a musical clef and a Celtic red motif. Done with narrow lines this delicate skull theme tattoo looks beautiful on the inner part of the ring finger.
The highlights with touches of black deepened areas give this chain theme ring finger tattoo a 3D feel. Shaded in detailed patterns of gray and white this ring finger tattoo is perfect for a chess lover.
Pretty patterns of flower buds in black decorate the ring finger on both sides of the knuckle. The graceful curve of this floral theme tattoo makes it a unique design for the ring finger.

This is probably the best collection of finger tattoos available online. If you like to have tattoos on your fingers, this is where you can find a best tattoo according to your taste.
This collection includes manly finger tattoos, finger tattoos for women, wedding finger tattoos, finger mustaches and many every other type of finger tattoo there is. You can also take a look at these sleeve tattoo ideas for men or these awesome tribal tattoos. If you have this finger tattoo and you give someone the finger… that would be some finger!
Nope, I’ll never get these finger tattoos but since they are unique, I added them in the collection. I am looking for the tattoo artist of the 11th photo on this page of the partial skull with the pink flower on its head. Sets are groups of tattoos you have saved in your favorites, you can create as many sets as you want to organize your tattoos. Some of the well hidden tattoos are on her finger, inside her ear, on her elbow, on the side of her stomach, and on her wrist.
Finger tattoos are becoming very popular, and it is really giving people the chance to get creative about their tiny tattoos.
Love can be expressed in many forms including getting at a permanent tattoo on the ring finger instead of placing a ring there! Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
Tattoos are equally capable of making them beautiful through intricate designs and beautiful images. In ancient times they used to be a key part of coming-of-age ceremonies, and had a lot of significance. You can also get a tattoo inked next to your ring finger, so that the design is clearly visible. Finger tattoos have a very long tradition of being worn by people especially women on their ring finger that bore the name of their husband.
However, today, the finger embellishments have become a part of male fantasy too and their position is not restricted to a single finger only among the fairer sex. A tattoo is a way to have something meaningful for you inked on your skin so that it stays with you as you go through life.
You can also go for a simple tattoo of a flower, or one showing an elegant peacock feather, or another showing a large blue diamond.
Now they are being worn on as many fingers as the person likes and the number of images on a single finger can also be more than one or two. People can get tattooed in different places, from the hand, the leg, the back, to the chest, the stomach area, and the fingers. For a love that lasts forever, getting a tattoo that combines a heart and an infinity symbol is a creative idea. You can also go for tattoos on the ring finger in black, or a mixture of many colors, that look attractive when you use your fingers.

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