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So, in the last two weeks I have had the following firsts: Flying on a plane, traveling alone (and out of my state for the first time in ten years), going to a music festival (which is a whole other post I need to type up and organize), and getting my first tattoo. But there's one of them that's more special than the others (sorry little dudes), his name is Noirbe and he's my baby.
We planned out getting cat tattoos together while I was visiting, because we're both cat ladies. A few days later, after we had time to chill from the madness that was Lollapalooza, and we went in to get them done. The outline and the very end when he was shading the eye were the worst parts because of the thinner, single needle. Since my tattoo is on my back left shoulder, I had to sit in my chair and lean on a gym mat in order to stabilize the area. It was the aftercare portion that was difficult, and I sure was ready to have that thing healed! When I went to wash my tattoo the morning after it was done, the pain hit me harder than it had yet. I’m definitely happy with my decision to get my tattoo, and I have a few more planned for down the road. If you’re considering getting a tattoo, make sure you do a lot of research on the tattoo parlour you plan to get it at to make sure they are legit.
If you aren’t ready to put the time and effort into caring for your new tattoo, you might want to hold off until you are sure you can take care of it properly. The Mookychick website and community was born in 2005 to be an alternative feminist haven of inclusivity and joy.
I will eventually weave you all the tale of Lollapalooza 2013 and how awesome spending ten days with my best friend in Chicago was, but today let's just talk tattoos.
For personal reasons I won't get into because they're arduous and upsetting, this cat pretty much saved me. So we found a nice place called Code of Conduct, all of the artists had beautiful portfolios and I would be happy to be perma-drawn on by any of them. I still can't tell if it was nerves, or the Denny's we had the night before but I felt a bit woozy so I ended up sitting for a little over an hour while he drew everything up and prepped the area. I'm super twitchy and ticklish, so I gave him a fair warning and he said not to worry about it and he applied the stencil, once I okayed it I laid down and we got started.

Having finally got my first tattoo, I thought it might be nice to give Mooks still considering getting their own first tattoo a bird’s eye view on everything that happened (that happened TO ME.
I had been contemplating it for a long time, but I wanted to be 110% sure of what I wanted before I got it, since tattoos ARE permanent (unless you fancy spending lots of money on tattoo removal, doing lots of research on the tattoo removal techniques available and getting variable results). I went into about four different tattoo parlours until finally settling on one I really liked. After getting all the equipment ready, the ink artist cleaned off the area with a sterilizing wipe and applied the stencil. I was stiff as a board when she first started, but I quickly realized that the pain wasn’t just bearable, it was practically non-existent!
During the aftercare stage, the tattoo has to be washed multiple times a day, and an ointment has to be applied to it. I suffer from chronic depression and anxiety and last year something triggered me into the deepest hole I've ever been in and I don't think I would have made it out of there as unscathed as I did without my best friend, and this cat. The entire thing took just over two hours and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out and I hope that I can go back to him for my next project, whatever that will be. Not every experience will be the same) from the time I set foot in the tattoo parlour to the time my tattoo was completely healed. I had been browsing the portfolios of the artists at said parlour online, and knew exactly which artist I wanted to do my tattoo. After doing this, she let me go look in the mirror to make sure the placement was exactly how I wanted it.
I soon got used to the feeling of the needle on my back and settled down for what I knew would be a very long process. Also, depending on where the tattoo is, it can get stuck to your clothes during the first few days, and if you aren’t careful in removing the fabric, some of the colour can permanently come off. While I was applying the pressure, it hurt so badly that I actually got nausea from the pain.
My artist said that if you apply sun block religiously every time the tattoo will be in the sunlight, the colour will not fade and a touchup will never be necessary. All our members actively help each other - and you won't find a wittier, thinkier or kinder bunch anywhere.
He would lay with me all day and night when I couldn't get out of bed and bite my fingers and lick my face when I cried.

I brought in a picture of something along the lines of what I wanted, and we sat down to talk about how she would draw it up, what it would cost, etc. On top of already being a wimp when it comes to pain, my mum kept telling me how much it was going to hurt. Once I saw the outline of the design on my shoulder, I was way more excited than scared, and was ready to get started. As she went, the tattoo artist kept rubbing ointment into the tattoo to keep it moist and to make sure it didn’t get too irritated. The first night, mine got stuck to my t-shirt while I was sleeping, and when I carefully took it off the next morning I saw that some colour had bled onto my shirt, and even onto my sheets. If you aren’t careful with it though, the colour can fade quickly and the design can end up being unrecognizable until it gets touched up. You can always take your body jewelry out if the hole gets infected and just let it close, but you can’t exactly take out a tattoo. Once she finished the outline, I got to look in the mirror again and was getting more and more joyous by the minute. There was a certain place that hurt more than the others, which the ink artist explained was because it was right over a nerve. It itches, and badly, but if you pick or scratch at it you can permanently put scars in the tattoo. But after my artist showed me the design she had drawn up, I fell in love with it and my fear quickly evaporated. When I couldn’t take the needle on that place anymore, she would move to another part of the tattoo then come back. If you really have to do something to stop the itching, you can gently pat the tattoo, and that helps without damaging the design. The whole process took about four and a half hours, and my tattoo is probably about 4×3 inches and full colour.

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