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A tattoo that is placed on the chest is often a symbol of love and affection, since the image is drawn close to the person’s heart. Small tattoos can be inscribed on the middle finger, since this finger was previously believed to have a blood vessel that was directly connected to the heart. In recent years, forearm tattoos were a growing trend with men, but several women have decided to get body art on this part of the body as well. A tattoo on the neck usually means that someone is risky or daring and tends to make bold choices. Desde hace siglos los tatuajes o marcas sobre la piel con algun tipo de tinte se usaron para diversos fines.
Los tatuajes que se hacian en el pasado en entornos tribales usaban sustancias naturales, hoy los tatuajes usan distintas sustancias como sulfuros, oxidos y distintas sales metalicas. En el informe de la Comision Europea sobre los riesgos para la salud de los tatuajes se cita que cerca de un 40% de los colorantes organicos que se usan para hacer tatuajes permanentes en Europa ni siquiera han sido aprobados para su uso sobre la piel ni siquiera como cosmeticos. Estas tintas se inyectan en la superficie de la piel quedando fijada hasta tal punto que a veces ni las quemaduras logran borrarlos. Muchas veces desconocemos el proceso, no sabemos en realidad que nos estan aplicando cuando nos realizan un tatuaje.
Aunque las reacciones alergicas a los tatuajes son infrecuentes, dado el numero de tatuajes realizado a ano (que son millones) puede llegar a darse junto a otras reacciones como las cicatrices, o reacciones fototoxicas. Aunque no son frecuentes la exposicion a determinado componentes puede producir reacciones alergicas. Los tatuajes de henna, si han tenido mayor incidencia de alergias, ya que estos tatuajes contienen un colorante de color marron llamado fenilendiamina PPD, que peude causar una reaccion alergica tardia y posterior hiper-sensibilizacion que en algunos casos puede llevar a falta de pigmentacion, necrosis de la piel y cicatrizacion.
Ademas del peligro de las tintas y sus componentes estan otros riesgos  como la dermatitis, la psoriasis, los tumores benignos y malignos son problematicas que se pueden relacionar con los tatuajes. Individuals may choose to inscribe the names of their children or a loved one who has passed away on their chests. Some people also choose to get tattoos around their left hand ring finger, where a wedding ring is traditionally placed.

The forearm is said to represent toughness or strength, and many people get a forearm tattoo to bring attention to their well-toned muscles. After all, the neck is an area that will almost always be exposed, no matter what type of clothing the person has on, and this area of the body is particularly painful for tattoo placement.
Back tattoos are not generally visible unless a person is wearing particularly revealing clothing. Desde hace anos los Tattoos se han puesto de moda y millones de personas en el mundo buscan tener sus  propias marcas corporales. Como marcas de estatus como simbolos de devocion religiosa, como senuelos sexuales, marcas de fertilidad. En realidad muchos de estos productos estaban pensados como tintas para la escritura las impresoras o pinturas para los coches. En los Estados Unidos la FDA regula los ingredientes de algunos de los productos cosmeticos usados en la piel, al igual que hace con las vitaminas y los medicamentos.
Hay pigmentos que brillan en la oscuridad, algunos de ellos son seguros pero otros puede no serlo.
Tintes metalicos comunes como el mercurio de clor rojo, el azul cobalto, el cadmio, el sulfito usado como tintan amarilla. Del uso de las agujas tambien existe riesgo – sin unas adecuadas medidas higienicas – de contraer virus como el VIH, el herpes, el tetanos, el estafilococo. The chest is also a part of the body that is not often exposed, so a tattoo with a romantic meaning can be applied to the chest, so that only the person with the tattoo and the significant other can see it.
The tattoo serves as a permanent symbol of the bond between husband and wife and can be worn alone or with the wedding ring. The images used for a neck tattoo vary based on the person’s preferences and can include symbols like hearts or flowers or the name of a loved one.
And, depending on where the tattoo is placed on the back, small glimpses of the image may be seen when a person stretches or bends over.
However, you should always think about where on your body you want the tattoo, and what it represents – since this can carry special significance as well.

Some people also choose to get tattoo on their backs at the ending of phases in their lives or relationships to symbolize that they have put these parts of their lives behind them. But there are other people who have a lower pain threshold with using Numbing Anesthetic Cream.
Ademas sobre las tintas usadas en los tatuajes  circula cierto secretismo ya que muchos de las personas que tatuan no quieren revelar su composicion. Perhaps you want to go to get a tattoo, but fall back by the pain from the process of taking it. In their opinions, Indeed, Tattoo anesthetic is a topical gel that used to help relieve pain, but we can never ignore their Side effects.
They will always choose to use topical anesthetic cream to numb the area prior to treatment ,for which people will react differently to low these low levels of pain with a high powered .As the area is treated, the skin is cooled with a cold air, cryo skin cooler that machine that provides even more comfort for your skin.
Once one of my friends had read the list of reasons as to why anesthetics are not used when getting a tattoo.
But because of fearing the pain, he change his mind to use the anesthetic tattoo cream and since he has no pain threshold whatsoever he want to know how effective this cream is and if it will effect the final finish of the tattoo by causing swelling to the skin? At last, there has no problem, then he said “I know the saying no pain no gain but I personally feel that if the pain can be safely avoided then why not to use it!” As far as I am concerned, I agree with him.
Want you to impress your friends with multiple piercings and figures of tattoos over every inch of your body?
And would you like to do it without the usual extreme pain that is usually involved with these endeavors? Then Numbing Anesthetic Cream can be the best choose for you .Not only can it make tattoo less painful, but also it can help with the pain of waxing, or laser hair removal.
Don't hold back any longer, the look you want to have is right at your fingertips in the form of tattoo numbing cream!

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