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For example; people ca give flower to each other as the present for birthday, anniversaries, Valentine’s day and any other special occasion.
Today, I will tell you the ways to create large flower arrangement ideas.The first thing that you must do is choose a large vase or a large basket.
Then, creating a large flower arrangement, whether you are using large flowers or just a large container, does require a vase or a basket that is larger than standard size. For example;  a basket at least 18 inches long by 12 inches wide or a vase at least 9 inches wide at the opening.

After that,  put some flowers in th vase., and cut some greenery and baby's breath for fillers.
Then, cut the stems of the flowers long enough to fit the depth of the vase or the length of the basket, it’s probably 9 inches.
Adjust the flowers in a staggered structure so some flowers stand or lay taller than others.
You should find some tiny flowers in the same color shades as the large flowers and place them in the arrangement as well for a little extra color and beauty.Well, it’s about the ways to arrange the large flowers.

You can make it by yourself, and you will have the beautiful large flowers arrangement based your own ideas.

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