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Picking the best samples from a cornucopia of choices, this Lavender and Hydrangea Arrangement is a delight of pastel and cream colors. One of nature’s more interesting offerings, the Hydrangea has dazzled for centuries with its complex array of colors and textures. This is it - if you want to make a bold statement with beautiful flowers, our large Rose silk flower arrangement is exactly what you are looking for.
No one could say that you don’t have a flair for the unique and the creative when you surprise them with this lovely Artichoke and Hydrangea arrangement. The Rose has a certain refined natural simplicity, along with a boldness that is unmatched. When you buy from us, all orders (of any size) are shipped to you free of charge via ground shipping. However, if by chance you find one of our products for less, please let us know, and we’ll happily match the price. Reaching 16 inches high and then spreading outward, this bountiful collection of flowers is the perfect addition to any home or office. And Nearly Natural is proud to offer you an arrangement that captures everything that makes the Hydrangea special.

Standing nearly three feet in height, the lush, red blooms rise out of a soft bed of leafy greens, making this arrangement a literal feast for the eyes. These two plants merge quite well to complement each other in a spectacular blend of color and form. And these 28” tall beauties will bring a new level of sophistication and intimacy into any situation, as the rich blooms seem to dance through its leaves.
The big red blooms, smaller petals, gold-hued leaves, and perky berries make this an arrangement that will look great on any holiday table. And in the rare case that you don’t love your merchandise, we’ll even pay to have it shipped back to us (and we’ll have it picked up as well.) We just ask that you save the original box and contact us within 30 days.
Measuring a full 16” in diameter, this picture perfect centerpiece is a wonderful mix of full rose blooms, tender buds, twisty vines, and lush green leaves.
Comes with a clear vase with liquid illusion, and they look so real, you’ll have people asking to see your garden.
A beautiful ceramic vase holds an extraordinary array of silk Hydrangea blooms, berries, and twisting stems, making this piece a sure focal point of any room or office it adorns.
Complete with a 18” high vase (with faux water), your Roses will never wilt, and look as stunning years from now as they do today.

The Peony and Hydrangea create the perfect combination of warm-weather color, and placing them together in the cutest little tricycle planter brings a tranquil feeling of days gone by. The ease of care and ability to fit into any type of decor helps to enhance its tasty appearance.
Housed in a vase (complete with faux water) that frames every inch of the flower’s amorous charms, this arrangement is easy to care for and requires no water to keep looking beautiful all year round.
Just watch out for the sharp thorns (were joking!) Great for your dining room table, this candelabrum also makes a perfect gift anytime of the year.
The various shades of white and green create a warm feeling that will cut through even the chilliest of days. It takes two to tango, so get yourself a pair and send any room into a swirl of bright color!

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