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Are you looking for shoulder tattoo art that you can show off with pretty backless or off-shoulder tops?
You can get a romantic tattoo of flowers with names of you and your partner within the design.
Pretty pink roses, green leaves, and special names make a gorgeous combination in a tattoo. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. If you could suggest me some better work of it or anything similar to mine will be great help. Pls send your mail where i can send you my tattoo n then u might find something better or similar.

A cute tattoo on your shoulder can really make heads turn, and when you use elaborate designs, you get to create wonderful body art just for yourself. You can get both shoulders covered with designs, or opt for a stylish design only on one shoulder. You can also stay homely and comfortable with paw prints on your shoulder making a pretty pattern. You can also keep it short and simple with a clean and small design for just the shoulder area.
Get the designs inked in rainbow colors to give a touch of decoration to your beautiful shoulder. You can also go for more intense designs like a skull that is inked on the round part of your shoulder.

If roses keep you happy you can also get lots of elaborate roses inked to make you feel girly and sweet. With single color and many-colored designs all adding to the world of shoulder tattoos, here is a look at 25 Shoulder Tattoos For Girls.

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