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If you wish to explore the hidden connotation of the daisy and the lily on your skin, then going through this article on flower tattoo meanings should leave you better informed on this. From cool chicks, to hippies to bikers, today many sport tattoos and that too with great pageantry! However, for most ink-lovers, getting a tattoo often translates into a whimsical body art.
There is a good deal of symbolism that surrounds a lotus flower and a lotus tattoo is no different.
Inking something as dainty and delicate as a lily tattoo can transform your arm or back into a total head-turner.
There is nothing more attention-grabbing than a vibrant yellow sunflower sneaking out of your sleeves or back.
One of the most popular flowers that people, especially women, get as tattoos is the lotus flower tattoo. There are many things that the lotus represents and the meaning behind them depends heavily on the culture they are from. White: This represents awakenings, good mental health, the perfection of spirit and the acceptance of a person’s nature. As stated above, it is very rare to find a body part that the lotus flower will not look wonderful as a tattoo.
For those of you who do not know who Charlize Theron is, she is a beautiful super model and actress.
The lotus is a great choice for anyone who is debating on what type of flower to get a tattoo of.

Nevertheless, once the novelty wears off, you are stuck with an image of your ‘ex’ on your arm forever?
Revered in mythology as a symbol of creation, a lotus tattoo is loaded with copious connotations. The sunflower tattoo has been in vogue since ancient times and has come to presage admiration, appreciation, dedication, loyalty, faith, longevity, spiritual knowing, healing, nourishment, good luck and more. Apart from the flower tattoo meanings elucidated above, there are several other flowers that carry significant importance. She has shown her deep appreciation for the lotus flower by having one tattooed on her right foot. No matter where you were thinking of putting your body art, the lotus will fit in perfectly! Barbwires, Celtic letters and even jumbles of unrelated tattoos can become an eyesore after sometime. For instance, in Hindu culture, the lotus is venerated as a symbol of prosperity and wealth, whereas Chinese culture depicts it as a symbol of an inviolable relationship. For instance a white lily connotes purity and innocence, while a pink lily embodies wealth, prosperity and sensuality. A sunflower tattoo looks really flattering on dark skin and with a host of good import to its credit; there is little reason why anyone should stay away from inking a sunflower on their skin. Well, the hibiscus flower, true to its wild nature, is a popular Hawaiian tattoo and represents purity and life.
Because the lotus is a tattoo that has flexible designs and a whole slew of symbolism connected to them.

Buddhists connect the lotus with spiritual awakenings, purity, faithfulness, desire and enlightenment.
You can also place mid-sized and smaller designs on the shoulder blades and the small of the back. If you really wish to ink yourself with something significant or exquisite, getting a flower tattoo can leave you with the desired result. For instance, a red rose symbolizes love and respect, while a yellow rose epitomizes friendship and loyalty.
The ancient Egyptians epitomized the lotus as a symbol of revival and genesis and associate the flower with their Sun god. Whether you wish to ink something totally flirty and feminine or splash your skin with some animated body art, penning some striking blooms on your skin can leave you high on style and significance. Likewise, a white rose typifies purity and devotion, while the utterly feminine pink rose stands for grace and gratitude. With their large and beautiful petals, they can cover up most any tattoo that is no longer wanted. Rumor has it that both Brad and Angelina (AKA Brangelina) both have lotus flower tattoos as a symbol of the deep love, commitment and respect for each other, their relationship and their ever growing family.

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