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TweetFlowers are usually seen as feminine and girly, but a lot of men who choose to get tattoos like the idea of having bold, realistic flowers on their bodies.
This man decided to get a sunflower tattoo with a clown’s face in the center on his back. This man’s chest tattoo has a center piece of five playing cards and surrounding them are several bold roses.

This man chose to go with bold white flowers upon his back with his child’s face and name.
This bold orange flower tattoo upon his man’s arm looks amazing with the bold black design surrounding it.
This tattoo is a bold blue rose design with a name in a fancy ink that compliments it nicely. A cool looking line art flower tattoo that isn’t colored in makes a nice tattoo for this man. TweetBlack rose tattoos are normally seen as a memorial to a show the love and loss of a loved one.
Whether it makes a nice pairing with a manly tattoo he already has or the flower is used to symbolize a loved one or significant other.
They are classy and pair well with other bold designs such as skulls, snakes, knives and other manly objects.

Black rose tattoos in recent years are seeing a surge in tattoo popularity with the spouse of members of the armed services to honor them while they are at war. Not very often do you see whimsical flowers upon men, but that doesn’t mean a man cannot get a fun, whimsical flower tattoo. The plan for this weekend for a few could be to get the tattoo that you have decided for yourself.

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