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Flowers have been in use for a long time to symbolize various human emotions such as love, melancholy, happiness and optimism. The flower tattoo designs presented above will help you to stand out in a crowd besides providing you ample personal satisfaction. Posts related to flower-and-butterfly-full-sleeve-tattoos-for-womenThe Beauty of Girl Sleeve TattoosGirl sleeve tattoos will offer splendid look.
Hi, recently I've been getting more people looking for Tattoos with meaning so I decided to put this banner below.
As popular as the rose tattoo is, the lotus flower tattoo is now rivalling it for the most popular flower tattoo. Just as the flower Rose is to the West, Lotus is to the East, laden with deep meaningful references to the creation of life and beauty A new and radical way of rediscovering the significance of this very symbolic flower is getting lotus tattoos done, which is person specific as to how you want to interpret it.
Also referred to as Sacred Lotus, this flower has been the symbol of detachment from worldly desires and illusions according to the Hindu religious scriptures. According to Egyptian mythology, a lotus is a flower that is created from the fluid chaos of the world.
Buddhism adopted the concept of "Om Mani Padme Hum" - a hymn that celebrates the 'jewel in lotus'- the essence and spirit of being rooted in the core of all mankind. Christianity has the white lily depicting the same symbolic message as the lotus, related to Mary the Virgin mother, which signifies chastity and fecundity. In Hindu Mythology, the utterance of first, 'om' brought forth the first "golden lotus", where it is also the seat of Brahma (the creator). So when they are sported by some as a permanent tattoo, they immediately communicate the same moods and gestures traditionally linked to that flower. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
It appears numerous times in the Bible and is featured in many religious myths around the world.

The rose and lotus tattoos are now often combined, they are both beautiful and one of the more lovely tattoos with meaning.
The lotus flower starts off as a small flower with little or no meaning in life, once it blossoms it turns into one of natures best looking flowers. Some of these designs are absolutley gorgeous but I think its a shame more people do not opt for the stand a lone lotus flower. According to Bhagwad Gita, Man should be like the lotus; working without getting emotionally or physically attached.
There are like thousands of different styles and designs that can be created using various forms of flowers, thereby indicating a wide array of meanings. Usually used in stories where the main character is trapped in his own way of thinking only too see or feel something that gives him a new belief. It is one of those tattoos with meaning, heart, peace and a subtle attractiveness that people admire.
The lotus symbolizes life ever renewed and revitalized when it peeks out of the muddy waters every morning. The tattoo may be in combination with various other symbols which may signify its meaning and importance.
One of the versions of this mythical tale also suggest that the Sun God emerged out of the petals of the flower as Ra. The flower, which takes birth in mud, teaches a common man a valuable lessen by blooming out of that murky environment to achieve enlightenment. Although flower tattoos are often associated with a feminine essence, they are also widely sported by men in different styles. Flowers, known for its beauty, can appeal girls beauty even more with its presence on your body. A full size lotus flower tattoo is a joy to look at and the wearer you should be honored to wear such a mystical flower.

In Biblical, Indian, Egyptian, Chinese and Japanese cultures, Lotus has been one of those flowers having a great importance spiritually and symbolically.
The position of a lotus in yoga, called padmasana, is practiced by those aiming for inner peace by letting the flow of vital energy in the upward direction.
These tattoos can be sported to symbolize all kinds of different meanings, such as life, death, marriage, love, victory, youth, vitality, mystery and many more. It holds great importance in the East and is considered among the most sacred and beautiful flower. Hence lotus as a flower symbolizes the journey and advancement of the soul through the transcendence of the material world to be one with the supreme soul., thus making it a strong creation archetype. Both 2D and 3D flower tattoo designs in various color combinations are widely popular among people of all ages. The flower can be considered as an eastern equivalent to the rose.Symbol of Optimism, Spirituality and KnowledgeSome can use the lotus flower as an example of a dormant seed that lies under mud and muck, that bursts into life under sunlight. The meaning and the motive of getting it inked may vary from person to person.Lotus as a TattooTattoos nowadays make a strong style statement and give an insight into the person's psychological labyrinth. It can therefore translate into optimism, spirituality and knowledge that suddenly lights up an individual's whole being.Hindu InterpretationAs it is believed that lotus is the throne of Goddess Saraswati according to Hindu mythology, you will commonly get across tattoos with such combination. You can also find lotus with the combination of the symbol 'om' which is a spiritual symbol in Hindus.Religious BeliefThough it caters everyone, lotus tattoo is the best option for the people who want to show their devotion and respect towards the religious believes.

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