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This is a list of 10 football players with the most expensive transfer pricing in the world until 2011. Changes in the list of ten most expensive player in the world of 2011 is the entry of the name of Fernando Torres and Andy Carroll. Its about the transfers guys, Messi haven’t been ask to move anywhere so they haven’t set the price for him yet! The National Football League Most Valuable Player Award (NFL MVP) is given by various entities, most notably the Associated Press (AP), to the player who is considered most valuable in the league.
Five members of the Green Bay Packers have been awarded the honor for a grand total of seven times. Overall, Peyton Manning has won the award four times in his career, the most of any NFL player. The winners of the AP award have overwhelmingly been offensive players; the only defensive players to win the AP award were Alan Page and Lawrence Taylor, and the only special teams player was Mark Moseley.
APColts safety LaRon Landry is the latest player busted for violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing drug policy.

The league announced today that Landry has been suspended for the next four games for violating the PED policy. Landry will have to stay away from the team facility starting now and through Monday, October 27. Apparently the risk of a four game suspension pales in contrast to the prospect of being relevant in the league and keeping your job. He should appeal, some of Welker’s sweat probably just flew into his mouth in week 1. Let him off the hook— Anybody that juiced up who has gotten away with it for so long deserves a medal, not a suspension. The only thing shocking about this development, is that it’s hard to believe it took this long for LL to get busted for PEDs.
If the league ever truly put a real drug testing policy in place the size of the players would reduce dramatically. Ever since Brandon Jacobs ran him over when he played with with the skins, Landry has been on a muscle mission.

When the award is referred to without mentioning the organization, it generally means the AP award. As is standard practice, the NFL did not announce the specifics of Landry’s violation.
By purchasing Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United, Real Madrid still holds the record as a football club who had bought the most expensive player in the world. Meanwhile, the famous Spanish soccer club with strong finances, this year also has not been so heavily to buy new players with high prices.

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