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Some fractures occur both in adults and kids – some fractures occur only in children. Direct injuries happen when a child falls directly on the forearm, or something hits the forearm with a direct impact. Indirect injuries are much more common – they happen when a child puts her hand out to break her fall and the force from the fall travels up the forearm and breaks both bones.
In children, bone fragments are usually not displaced (moved out of place) because the periosteum (covering over the bone) is thick and functions as an extra layer that contains the pieces of the fracture. Surgery on kids’ fractures could be anything from simply pushing on the arm with the child asleep in the operating room, to making an incision over the bone and moving the pieces with bone clamps.
The most common surgery in kids’ forearm fractures is when the surgeon straightens the bones and puts a splint on the arm while the child is asleep.
The more the pieces are moved out of place and the older the child, the more likely it is that surgery will be necessary for correct healing. Usually, even if the bones aren’t perfectly straight on the xrays, the arm functions normally and the mild deformity doesn’t prevent the child from doing anything she wants to do.

Some parents don’t want any deformity at all and are more aggressive about wanting surgery – other parents are OK with most of the straightening happening after the cast comes off. Sometimes the most frustrating part of recovery involves dealing with the cast – keeping it clean, dry, and comfortable. They took care of all the problems I had, and once again, my hand is now at least pain free, and am using it for all the needs that I am met with as a Housewife. This could be during a fall onto the sharp edge of a curb, or if a child is hit with a baseball bat or other blunt object.
There’s usually a pronounced deformity that involves swelling or bruising of the forearm area. The bones can be broken at any point along the shaft of the bone – down by the wrist, at the middle of the bone’s shaft, or up by the elbow. If the break is near the wrist or elbow, those areas may be swollen as well, and the child will refuse to move the joints around the fracture (even the fingers).
Henley answered them all.TommyOur daughter is a competitive dancer, gymnast, and cheerleader, so we were very anxious about the outcome of her surgery.

Henley was able not only to repair the injury, but also enable her to return to her activities stronger than ever!Jennifer HenryThe results of my carpal tunnel surgeries in both hands are incredibly wonderful. No idea why I waited so long to get them done!Fran OlsenThe medical staff was very attentive and professional.
This doctor knows what he is doing.Marlaine ClayHis staff, and attendants were polite, caring and warm. Henley was an attentive listener, and asked questions so that he could address the root cause to appropriately treat my elbow and wrist issues.Diane AllenAs a retired surgical RN, I am super cautious and critique everything. Looks better than it did as I had broken it before.Mary MannMy carpal tunnel surgeries went great! I can now do many thing with my hands that I haven't been able to do for over a year.Shara SieversDr.

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