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This is the signature of my German-born ancestor, born somewhere in the Germany of the 1820s. I'm working on a Casefile Clues column and cannot quite make out the word in yellow on this baptismal entry from the Bethany United Church of Christ in Tioga, Illinois.I can make out the rest of the entry for Luisa Trautvetter. This one (twice on the same page) comes from a court document in 1904 in Hancock County, Illinois. This comes from the "father's name" column in a mid-nineteenth century Catholic Church christening register in Beberstedt, Germany. This signature comes from an 1870s era will and is written by a German native born in the 1820s.
This signature comes from a mid-nineteenth century will written in Illinois by a German immigrant born in the 1790s. This also comes from an early 18th century Amherst County, Virginia deed.However, this is not exactly someone's name, but a phrase that one will often see on old deeds that describe property in metes and bounds. While not a signature, this name comes from an early eighteenth century deed in Amherst County, Virginia. This is a name of a child from a birth record in Wiesens, Ostfriesland, Germany in the 1820s.Go ahead and post a guess.
This comes from an 1853 passenger list manifest of a German immigrant arriving in New Orleans.Go ahead and post a guess. A few have asked what is the point of guessing at the writing samples on our handwriting site and do I know the answers? This name comes from an early nineteenth century marriage record from Nevele, Belgium.Feel free to post a guess.

This comes from a nineteenth century declaration of intent filed in Adams County, Illinois by a native of northern Germany born in the 1820s or 1830s.Feel free to post a guess. The headset has a free proportioned characters, high contrast and reverse camber faces in connection with the main points of the stroke.
This signature for her comes from her husband's estate papers and is a last name she barely had for a few months. I just can't make out the word in the box where the names of the parents Michael Trautvetter and the "hausfrau" Franciska geb.
This individual probably learned to write in the German script.Go ahead and post a guess as to the name. To answer the last question, I do know what the names are supposed to be and will be posting those after each image has remained up for a little while and those who want to guess have made their guesses.The answer to the first question is just partially fun--some of us (myself included) like to try our hand at reading various types of handwriting. Gravura decorates packaging chocolates, would look great on the cover of a children’s book and in the welcome text on the card, Gravura not hard to imagine as a beautiful tattoo. The will is undated, but was filed for record on 6 October 1862 in the Hancock County, Illinois Probate Court. The digital image of the estate papers was made while at the Family History Library in Salt Lake this week. The individual who signed this document (he was brought up on charges of disturbing the peace or something like that) married a cousin of my wife. We'll post the correct version of this name after we've had some guesses or interpretations.
The other point is the importance learning how to read writing with which we are unfamiliar.

This will was obtained from the microfilm of the original will at the Family History Library in Salt Lake. All of us have occasionally encountered a name or a phrase that we have had a difficult time reading and we perhaps had no clue what script it was written in.
Those who think they can read the name of the testator can post their suggestions to this blog entry. In fact, I only have two great-great-great-grandparents alive in 1920 and both were deceased by the 1930 enumeration. Sometimes we can read the word from the context of other words on the document, particularly on a census or a deed book, etc. The problem comes in when an ancestor signs a document, and none of the other writing on the document is in his handwriting. My assumption about the gender could be incorrect.The second rendering of Adams' name comes from the document itself where the scribe has written the name. Sometimes his name will be written on the document elsewhere and once in a while it will not be.

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