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Japanese tattoos reveal much more than their sheer beauty—they hold a piece of the tale of Japan’s rich history. Japanese tattoos date back to ancient times when it was considered as a sign of the traditions of a suspended world. It was only in 1827 when Japanese tattoos slowly emerged as popular icons, thanks to the ukiyo-e artist Kuniyoshi Utagawa. Images within a samurai-inspired design can range from a single symbol to full-color, elaborate fighting scenes. Large areas such as the back or the thigh are ideal areas for large renderings of samurai fighting scenes. Other renderings include warriors clothed in traditional, long-flowing, ankle-length robes. Sampurais prided themselves on upholding a moral code named "Bushido", which means "Way of the Warrior". Rectitude - acting within the boundaries of righteousness and morality - always behaving with the utmost integrity. Courage - not to be confused with bravery, samurai courage means doing the right thing, regardless of how difficult or improbable.
Benevolence - the act of showing kindness and compassion to everyone, equally, regardless of one's station. The tenets of Bushido are often expressed in ink through single Japanese characters that represent the word for each tenet.
Samurai tattoos are often rendered in the traditional Japanese tattoo style made popular during the Edo period (1600-1868 AD). Due to the spread of Confucianism and Buddhism in the Japanese culture, tattoos were placed in a bad light. In his work, he launched the original 6 symbols of the 108 Heroes of the Suikoden, a band of honorable bandits.
While the Japs strayed clear from these art forms, their tattoo artists were getting a fresh breed of customers—those of foreigners that have come to Japan’s harbors. To many, these samurai tattoos symbolize strength and courage, victory over adversity, and freedom of spirit.
But smaller symbols, such as the mask or calligraphic symbols can be placed anywhere, in any color. Considered to be military elite, samurai initially served the Japanese Emperor and nobility but eventually grew in numbers to form their own branch of government. Traditional armor, or "yoroi", consisted of lacquered strips of individual scales made of iron or leather bound together to create protective chest plates. The katana features a long, slender, single-edged curved blade with a long hilt that can accommodate a two-handed grip. Tattoos of that era reflected the colorful woodblock illustrations of the popular epic Chinese novel, "Suikoden" which featured scenes of brave and heroic warriors in the midst of battle.
According to legend, the koi fish persistently swims upstream and is rewarded for its efforts by transforming into a dragon once it swims through the waterfall. The Geisha is the ultimate feminine to the samurai's ultimate masculine, representing the gentility and beauty that balances the samurai warrior's strength and fierceness. With the backing of their rich culture, history and allusions to meanings behind images, Japanese Tattooing was all about hand made stuff. Other members of society who donned these rather baleful take on art were the laborers and firemen. The novel and its equally appealing illustrations won the hearts of many people, and this created a wave of Suikoden craze among the common people of Japan.

This way, Japanese tattoos have been greatly known in the Western world while it remained hushed in its homeland.
The long blade allowed for long-range hand to hand fighting and was the signature weapon of the samurai. The masks served several purposes:they protected the identity of the warrior and hid the emotions of the fighter. Typically, the wingless eastern dragon is used and is often rendered holding a pearl of power and wisdom in one claw.
It is for this reason that the wonder of tattoo art is only commonly patronized as a sign of masculinity by the members of the lower classes. The Suikoden symbols were later sought after as body tattoos, depicting the heroes clad in vibrant and highly-ornate patterns. Samurai masks can serve as stand-alone designs or can be incorporated into a larger, more elaborate design. The tattoo is quite versatile, covering the entire body making it look quite beautiful with the colours used blending quite well.There are quite a number of images used in the Japanese tattoo designs. This catapulted Japanese tattoos to popularity among the poorer peoples of Japanese society. It’s usually the youth who fall prey to this venture, but they only limit Japanese tattoos indulgence in less-seen parts of the body. The images often convey a person’s personal beliefs, character traits or aspirations. The design includes a blend of different themes and features making the entire Japanese tattoo a perfect work of art.The Japanese tattoo below is just beautiful.
The different themes and features combine beautifully making the Japanese tattoo below ideal to be worn by women.
The composition is done in a way that flows so well even if spread to other parts of the body. Japanese are very skilful and subtle in their rendering of body designs and their designs even depict shades and shadows.
You may not see such nuances in western tattoos.Th Japanese tattoo design below is unique and indeed one of its kind.
The symbol of a tree with the beautiful vegetation and the clouds is a perfect work of art. The colours used blends so well with the body complexion which results into such a complex design.Tattoos in Japan can be traced to the Jomon period.
According to some scholars think that these dogus have marks on face and body that look like tattoos.In the ancient Japanese culture tattoos were also used as a sign of punishment but the art has evolved greatly and is popularly followed in the modern culture with increasing number of people embracing Japanese tattoo.
The Japanese tattoo design below looks more complex with the one colour used making the whole design to be quite appealing.One thing that makes the Japanese tattoos unique is the combination of many features in the design and ability to use different colours which combines quite well. With the painstaking rendering of the design by hand, a Japanese tattoo of a dragon is something you will be proud to display.The Japanese tattoo below is indeed a symbol of strength and furosity like the dragon. The use of green colour has created some element uniqueness and a break from the commonly used colours.
The artwork stands out as the best with the entire flow of the design making the Japanese tattoo below one special one.The Japanese tattoo below incorporates almost all the common features used in designing Japanese tattoo. Bred especially for its visual appeal, this carp becomes both a living piece of art and piece of jewelry that breathes. By getting a Koi tattoo on your body, you get to have this awesome artwork that has come about by the mingling of nature and man on your body. But suffice it to say that Kanji can make for very lovely tattoo designs combining both the aesthetical and mystical.

But the hardiness of the Japanese is such that they have stood up to the massive destruction these waves wreak and still be a thriving nation. Having a wave tattoo will not only depict the strength of nature but will also be a frame for your strength to be able to withstand, survive and flourish.We all know that Japanese believe in detailed and quality work that takes immense patience and dedication in anything they do, their entire culture and work ethic reflects that.
Then why should a thing as delicate, as beautiful and as profound as body art be far behind? The tattoos are done to precision and with high level of expertise making them a preference for serious tattoo wearers. The rose flower without thorns is perceived as the king of flowers and often a sign of strong character.Most of the Japanese tattoo designs have symbols and meanings that are in most cases positive and inspiring.
The Japanese tattoo design below has the symbol of a Fu Dog which is perceived as a sign of courage and protection.The snake or Hebi according to Japanese culture is used in the Japanese tattoo design as a supernatural depiction that represents a wide range of beliefs which include protection against misfortune, illness and disaster.
The tiger is used to represent the same features of power and strength just like the real tiger.The Japanese tattoo design below looks great with the dominant grey colour blending so well with the beautiful flowers. The tattoo fits well on the shoulder and part of the arm where its worn.Each culture has some myths and beliefs that uniquely define them with different features and themes that identify with such beliefs. The Japanese has quite a rich cultural belief with Japanese tattoos being a perfect way of embodying the cultural practices and sharing them with other cultures.The Japanese tattoo design below looks more simple when compared to others that are a combination of different themes, features and colours.
Th wearer has chosen the perfect place for wearing the tattoo which greatly enhances her overall outlook while enhancing her beauty as well.The Japanese tattoo design below looks just as beautiful as the wearer.
The features and colours used blends so well on the arm of the little girl and can be perceived as a symbol of protection or beauty as the girl symbol on the tattoo design is outstanding in beauty.The dominant blue colour in the Japanese tattoo below creates such a stunning look making the whole design quite eye-catching and spectacular.
The wearer can be mistaken to be wearing some designer shirt given the tattoo is covering the whole body.The Japanese tattoo symbols are quite predominant that anyone seeing the tattoo can actually interpret the meaning by just looking at the features. Th Japanese tattoo design below is carefully crafted as it spreads on the entire back making the design more visible and attractive.The tiger is a common feature in the Japanese tattoo designs and normally carry the same features like protection from bad luck, evil spirits and disease. The tattoo is also a symbol of strength and courage.The perfect description of a Japanese tattoo is that of complexity, great artwork and nice blend of different colours. The Japanese tattoo design below clearly embodies all the qualities and is quite magnificent in design. The upper part of the shoulder where the tattoo is worn brings out the real look of a Japanese tattoo.Most Japanese tattoos are worn with the aim of driving away evil spirits and getting protection from misfortunes. The tattoos are normally large in size and greatly designed just like the tattoo below.The Japanese tattoo below is a perfect combination of all the features used in Japanese tattoo designs. Having all the features well crafted on your back is a sign of maximum protection like having your back covered.Faces of women is also a common feature in the Japanese tattoo designs.
The beautiful face used on the Japanese tattoo below may be having special meaning to the wearer creating a connection that only the wearer can explain given the tattoo is hidden on the back.The Japanese tattoo design below demonstrates high level of creativity and art.
The colours used blends quite well with the girl’s complexion creating such a flowing harmonious artwork. The wearer has a great complexion and the tattoo design creates such an appealing and sexy look. It’s good to do a quality research and be able to ascertain that which perfectly suits you before doing the actual inking. The Japanese tattoo below has a symbol of koi fish which is perceived to embody masculine qualities of strength, determination, desire for success and more. ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyComment Follow Us Tattoo Easily Copyright © 2016.

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