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The origional size of the image is 300 A— 71 px and the origional resolution is 300 dpi.Thousands ClipartsFree users have previously viewed this image, from photographs free collection on ClipartsFree. In celebration of what Easter really stands for, I am about to submit a lesson that is in all sense, religious, and even holy. The first thing you need to do before sketching out the figures standing there, is draw the horizontal line that makes up the very long rectangular table. Now it's time to start enlarging each step so that you can clearly see all the definitions and details that you will need to draw.
Start from the left, and begin sketching out the five men's robes or cloaks that they are wearing. You will now sketch out the arms, hands, and cloths for the rest of the men which includes Jesus, and the rest of his disciples. It was painted by the very gifted “Leonardo da Vinci”, and it is probably one of the more famous paintings he ever did in his entire lifetime.
Once you have zoomed into the step, you can see that you will need to start sketching out the shoulders, faces, and beginning hairstyles for each man that you see here. Use the same technique you used for the other man you drew, and when you are done add some detailing and definition like you see here.
You will now start sketching in detailing to the hair of the chosen men, and then define their clothes.
After it's all cleaned up, you can choose to color it in, or leave the drawing as a beautiful sketch.
When that is done you can then start sketching out all thirteen figures starting from left to right.

This is definitely a project that you can start a few days before Easter to give it to someone that is special to your for a present. Remember, use a sketching motion throughout the lesson because there is so much detail and definition with each figure.
I didn't include the facial guidelines on for the faces because the features are all small in size. Sketch out the exact shape of the table, and as you can see there is a table cloth that you need to sketch out before you start drawing the cups, plates, and food. A feat such as this should not be attempted by anyone who is not willing to take their time, or who has little patience. Jesus is in the middle, and like the rest, he just has the shoulders, face shape, and hair drawn out. The cloths should look very loose and worn, and some of teh collars have brooches clamped on. Once the table is all set, you can begin sketching out the cups that are filled with wine, and the plates that are filled with bred and fish. I myself worked on this sketch for two days, which includes the coloring, and process of laying out the tutorial steps.
The painting itself is from the fifteenth century, and da Vinci painted the mural for Duke Ludovico Sfoza and Beatrice d'este.
The conversation that is taking place around the table is the aftermath of when Jesus announces that one of his twelve disciples will betray him.
It's fifteen feet by twenty nine feet, which is just big enough to cover the dining room wall in a famous church called “Santa Maria delle Grazie” located in Milan, Italy.
Leonardo began painting Last Supper in 1495, and because he has been known to be a procrastinator when it comes to finishing his work, the painting wasn't finished until 1498.

The painting is remarkable because no matter how much chaos is going on around the table, for some reason the presence of Jesus is still center stage. It is believed that the first painting of Last Supper was done by a man named “Domenico Ghirlandaio” in 1480.
But out of all the depictions of the famous religious drawing, none of them can match up to the one done by da Vinci. In his painting, conversations and confusion are circling all the men as they wonder who it is that will betray the messiah. From left to right I will name the men that are in the painting: Bartholomew, James, and Andrew which is the three men sitting in a group looking surprised. Judas is wearing a blue cloak with the green sash hanging over his shoulder, and he is holding a bag. This can represent the silver he was paid to betray Jesus, or it can symbolize how he is the treasurer out of the twelve disciples. Jesus is in the middle looking calm and confident, and then to the right of Jesus is Thomas, James the Greater, and Philip. As you can see Thomas is has the expression of sorrow on his face, James appears to be flabbergasted, and Philip is not taking the news easily. Jude in the middle is shocked, and Simon is making an expression as if to say “no, this can not be”. He choose to paint on a dry wall so he can go back and forth to modify the painting when he needed to.

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