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Smartphone cameras are so good nowadays that there's almost no reason to own a point and shoot.
But now that we can take pro-quality photos wherever we go, we need a pro-quality photo editor to make sure our pictures are looking their absolute best.
Aviary's photo editor has been a top choice for Android photographers for years now, but now that they're backed by photo-editing giant Adobe, the app has only grown in terms of maturity and sophistication. You should feel right at home with Aviary's interface, as it offers a simple control bar across the bottom of the screen that can be scrolled left or right to reveal more filters and adjustment categories. Aviary really starts to show its strengths when you look through all of the available editing and adjustment modes. If you've ever used Adobe's powerful suite of desktop photo editing software, then you know what to expect from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Lightroom (as it's called once you've installed the app) has my least favorite user interface of the apps in this list.
Lightroom sports more effect and adjustment categories than any app in this list, and all 24 of them are filled to the brim with sub-categories of effect controls.
Photo Editor is a strong rival to Lightroom when it comes to sheer power, but this app is more focused on supporting a wider selection of editing modes as opposed to Lightroom's approach of fine-tuned control.
My main gripe with Photo Editor is that at times, finding the effect or adjustment you're looking for can be difficult.
Speaking of vast selection, Photo Editor has just about every type of image tweak in the book. Pixlr lets you jazz up your photos with overlays like a lens flare layer with adjustable transparency, and there are plenty of these to fit every style.
Snapseed was acquired by Google back in 2012, and many of its features have since been baked in to Google Photos.
Snapseed is a joy to use—after selecting a main filter or effect category, you simply slide your finger up or down to select a sub-category, then slide left or right to tune the image exactly to your liking.
When viewing a photo, just tap the edit button to see all of the available filters and adjustments.
Each of these apps serves a slightly different purpose, so they were developed with different target audiences in mind.
If you're a power user who likes having absolute control, go with Lightroom or Photo Editor.
If you're a novice user or you just need an app to make quick adjustments without much hassle, Aviary and Pixlr are probably your best bets. If you fall somewhere in between these two categories, you definitely can't go wrong with Snapseed and its blend of power and simplicity. Here are 4 Free Windows 8 Photo Editing Apps for those who are into making their photos beautiful by giving amazing photo effects.
Out the four given apps, the first three are available under the ‘Photo’ category of Windows 8 Store, while the last one (Skitch) is available under the ‘Productivity’ category of Windows 8 Store. Awesome Pictures is one the most popular photo editing apps available in the Windows 8 Store. In addition, this Windows 8 photo editing app lets you annotate your pictures using circles, and arrows.
FotoEditor is yet another popular Windows 8 photo editing app available under the ‘Photo’ category of Windows 8 store.

It’s a very simple photo editor Windows 8 app where you can upload a photo from your PC else, just capture live from within the app (using Web-Cam). Available under the ‘Photo’ category of Windows 8 store, Photo Monkey is an excellent Windows 8 photo editing app to edit photos by using amazing photo effects such as painted, vintage, black & white, and many more.
Once you are done with photo editing on Photo Monkey app, you can now save it your PC’s photo library or share it with others via Facebook, Twitter, or just send them personally via Email. Ending my post with this last but of course not the least Windows 8 photo editing app available under the ‘Productivity’ app on the Windows 8 Store.
There are options to choose a source over which you would like to make modifications such as a blank virtual page, upload an image from your system’s library, or capture one instantly, using the integrated web-cam. Complete the form below, and we'll send you an e-mail every now and again with all latest news.
Designers and professional photographers can do some high quality photo effects with the apps. It’s a very comprehensive photo editor where you can experience everything you could ever want to do on your phone. PicSay is a useful app that provides basic editing features and a few extra glimpses to produce eye-catchy photos. PicsArt is a free all-in-one collection of multiple editors with photo editor, photo grid and collage maker, drawing tool and picture art network etc. This app is absolute supportive for photographers to apply filters and many effects on high-definition images (no limit on picture resolution) and Crop and rotate photos without losing quality. Sign Up for our newsletter and get access to a Free download of one of Premium our Wordpress Theme.
Once the megapixel spec race was finally settled (hint: more isn't always better), manufacturers started focusing on the quality of their camera sensors, which has led to a huge jump in color accuracy, dynamic range, and image clarity.
On the bright side, this has been a strength of Android for years now—so there are several great options to choose from, and I'll compare the top 5 free options below. A pair of gestures make it even easier to manage the edits you've made—just swipe right to undo a change, or swipe left to redo. There are 20 such categories that allow you to tweak your photos in many ways, with the most notable being a wide array of overlays such as vignettes, frames, stickers, and even meme-style text. It feels like it was designed primarily as an iPhone app, which as an Android user, makes for a terribly clunky and convoluted experience. When it comes to completely transforming an image with full manual control, Adobe's offering simply can't be beat.
It definitely shows, too, as I felt like I was constantly uncovering more and more features while testing Photo Editor.
This is mostly a result of the app having such a vast selection of adjustment options, so it's definitely understandable. You can actually create composite images by layering photos on top of each other, you can transform photos to change perspective, and of course all of the usual filters and tuning options are available as well. The adjustments and editing modes it uses are well aligned with current trends, and it makes applying any of these a very simple process. But Pixlr still manages to make the most out of the remaining space with a simple tap-to-select UI that uses Gaussian blur effects on its backgrounds.
You can soften blemishes in selfies with a handy smoothing effect, and stickers make it easy to add pizzazz.

But much like the relationship between Waze and Google Maps, Snapseed continues to have far more options than Google Photos, including support for RAW and DNG photo editing that was just recently added. Beyond this basic principle, a set of buttons across the bottom of the screen let you undo or save edits, as well as select brush sizes where applicable. Here you'll find just about every option you could ever need, including perspective-transforming controls, effect brushes, and lots of cutting-edge filters.
For this reason, it wouldn't be right to crown an outright winner, and instead, a more personalized approach is needed. Let us know in the comment section below, or drop us a line on Android Hacks' Facebook or Twitter, or Gadget Hacks' Facebook, Google+, or Twitter. You can add unique effects to your photos and share them online with others via Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Using this Windows 8 photo editor app, you can edit all your captured moments by using tools available with the app. Here, you will find more than 40 unique photo effects such as Distort, Artistic, Stylize, Crop, Morphology, and many more. You can read more about Photo Money or just give it trial by installing the app from the store. Here, in this you can easily decorate your photos by adding annotations, draw objects, use pointers, arrows, circles, or add text, etc.. By using this apps you can shoot video and upload the video into Magisto after that this is gonna be the great edited movie.
You can perform basic adjustments on exposure, contrast, temperature, tint, saturation, brightness, and hue under the “Add Effects” tab. This app contains 200 presets and lot of editing features which can help to store your memorable photos with some excellent effects. To adjust color, add effects, rotate, crop, resize, frame, and draw on your photos and color adjustment options include hue, saturation, contrast, and brightness this app is very much effective.
But this restriction has since been removed, and now every feature except for cloud sync is free for anybody to use. That said, once you've got the hang of things, you start to recognize how powerful the app truly is. On top of that, it can even edit RAW or DNG files, which means you can take advantage of Android's new Camera2 API to edit photos before they've been processed or compressed into JPEGs. Beyond that, you get all of the image tuning controls you could use, so it's a complete package. You can either upload a picture from your local machine or just capture one using the Web-Cam, from within the app. Awesome Pictures brings you a hand-free editing where you wont find photo effects, rather you would require to use editing tools such as pencil, shapes, blur, vintage effects, add text, and more.

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