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Flash Gallery is a free flash gallery application with Flickr photostream & auto-thumbnail creation support.
The application scans the related folder, creates the thumbnails & uses filenames for titles. Flash Gallery requires PHP to run but this is not needed if you’re streaming Flickr images. The application has a customizable design, full-screen support & it is fully resizeable. Can someone please check out my website and look at the coding in the produt detail page and explain to me what i can do to get multiple images.
Simple Controls Gallery is a super simple jQuery gallery plugin that rotates and displays a group of images as an slidershow, with fading and overlay effects.
Another amazing feature is that you can download our library of template styles, typography and Joomla modules which is updated usually. A confirmation email will be sent to your mailbox: please read the instruction inside it to complete the subscription.
Although there’re a lot of jQuery image sliders on the web, always will be place for more. For today I would like to show you two great free jQuery sliders that will inspire and make use of them in your projects.

This free image jQuery js Accordion plugin template is an easy to use menu or gallery , that can be adapted for your websites ( html, wordpress, joomla ).
Though the effects are smooth and their features are robust, none of them use Flash, only JavaScript, and they require very little coding on your part.1. It also displays navigation controls (pause, next, previous) when mouse hovers over a image. We includes in Venus many amazing Joomla components such as: joomla image slider, Joomla content tab, Joomla content slider, Joomla photo gallery… Moreover, the rich typography library allow user to present the content in smart ways.
The additional updates can be easy applied to Venus so your Joomla website would always be fresh and interesting. You made it free not because you want to give it for free but because you want the free users to report on the bugs so that you can fix your pro versions then force free version users to buy the pro version. Many users integrate free slideshows in their web templates, so that web development is less time consuming and more effective. Web developers do their best and they exceed the expectations every time when a new jQuery slider is released.
These sliders are lightweight versions and will come in handy for anyone who need a fancy image gallery on their website. This js component can be used to animate photos in an image flow style or as a slideshow menu for products portfolio presentations.

Create a simple image rotator for your personal website is quite simple and there are tons of tutorials and free galleries on the web.
A slider should always have an amazing image transition effect, animations text captions and optionally navigation buttons. The current version is still in beta but I’ve tested it to work with Firefox 2, IE 7, and Safari 3. It uses the mootools framework and PHP for the photo uploader and image auto-detection features.(E)2 Photo Gallery demo3. Highslide JSHighslide JS is an open source script that uses modal windows instead of pop-up windows to open larger versions of the thumbnail images. FlickrshowFlickrshow is another slideshow that allows you to access photosets, groups, and tags from Flickr. The current version has an improved caching feature which helps make the transition between images quicker and more fluid. Slideshow: A Javascript class for MootoolsSlideshow gives you tons of options and effects for your slideshow gallery.

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