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We finance our textbooks with a small number of high quality, employer branding advertisements from companies who wish to recruit new students upon graduation. Thanks to our concept, we are able to provide free educational material for students in developing countries. We have pictures of Wooden Frames, Silver Frames, Bronze Frames, Stone Frames, Flower Frames etc. We grant you a free royalty-free license to use these pictures on your websites and in designs, however copyright is not transferred.
Some of the stone walls are ages old, some old but renewed, and some new with shiny stones, after all I could not say which ones I like best, so instead of editing tightly I decided to upload them all so you can go through and see what you need or find useful. As stock photos should be by definition as universally usable as possible, there?s little or no sharpening applied to the images here.

I?ll stop here for today to keep the loading times of this page manageable and  will post the other half of this texture series the next days. This limit is established together with professors, business professionals and student organizations in order to ensure that the ads do not interfere with the academic quality and experience of our books.
Distribution or resale of the images themselves is not permitted, especially not through stock photo related sites. As usual, you can download all those stock images for free by clicking on the low-res pictures (and use them in your designs, on your websites or as backgrounds of course, but please don?t re-distribute them. Flocking through my photo archives, I found quite a few, so as a result this page may load a bit slow, so please be patient if downloading images takes a bit longer.
We believe that students should be able to go to university without having to pay for their textbooks.

We are also observing an ever increasing adaptation to our free textbooks on a global scale.
A web site background needs perhaps less crispy detail (with a positive effect on loading times). They are second generation publishers and were convinced it should be possible to offer free educational material to students. Hereby we hope to promote the free education of future generations in every part of the world.

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