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Turkish Paper marbling is a method of aqueous surface design, which can roduce patterns similar to marble or other stone, hence the name.
2 - 5 Guest ,65 Euro ,6 - more ,45 Euro ,1 Guest ,80 Euro ,Lesson Includes.,These are private events and runs upon request.
Gum Tragacant is obtained from trunk of a thorny plant growing naturally in Anatolian, Persian and Turkestan mountians and called “gaven”.
CONTEMPORARY create design fabric marbling paper technique designs on paper, glass or on silk fabrics .hakan hacibekiroglu,Our teacher that is shown in our pictures is Ms. In the Arabic language it is known as raqs sharqi ("eastern dance") or sometimesraqs baladi ("national" or "folk" dance). Outside of the Middle East, raqs sharqi dancing was popularized during the Romantic movement in the 18th and 19th centuries as Orientalist artists depicted their interpretations of harem life in the Ottoman Empire. Some mistakenly believe that Turkish oriental dancing is known as Ciftetelli due to the fact that this style of music has been incorporated into oriental dancing by Greeks and Roma, illustrated by the fact that the Greek belly dance is called Tsifteteli. Many professional dancers and musicians in Turkey continue to be of Romani heritage as well. Connoisseurs of Turkish dance often say that a dancer who cannot play the zils is not an accomplished dancer. The Turkish style is emphasized further by the dancer wearing high heels and often platform shoes. When immigrants from Turkey, Iran, and the Arab states began to immigrate to New York in the 1930s and 1940s, dancers started to perform a mixture of these styles in the nightclubs and restaurants. Derek Murphy of Creativindie Covers is a brilliant designer and has designed a number of my own book covers. But although I personally believe in paying professionals, I’m also aware that some people want to have a go themselves, or need to because of budget restraints. Most indie publishing experts will warn you against making your own book cover, with good reason: the cover design is too crucial an element to self-publishing success to take lightly.
Making your book a bestseller is hard enough without an ugly cover sabotaging your efforts.
So I’d like to share with you something I’ve been working on for a few months: the secrets of designing a bestselling book cover in Microsoft Word, and then I’ll give you some easy-to-use Word templates so you can get started quickly. You’ll learn how to use Word to blend images, add layers and transparency, use font effects and space letters (kerning), strip background, and the general principles of cover design.
These instructions are for MS Word 2010, so they won’t work for everyone, but if you have an older or newer version of Word, the process will be similar. The quality of your book cover will mostly depend on what pictures or art you use, and how well they fit together, so in this section I’m going to teach you what kind of art works the best, where you can find royalty free images, and where you can get cheap Photoshop work done (if you need it). Unfortunately, Christmas ruined red and green, but red still goes well with black or white. First find a dramatic background or scene; it can be a building, landscape… think “place.” Where does your novel happen? Models from stock photography sites are good, but the better the model, the more chance someone else will use them for their covers. You could also post something on Craigslist and see if you can hire someone local to pose for an hour or two. If that sounds like too much work, find a model on a stock photography site, but keep in mind: the better the photo, the more likely other people are already using it on their book covers. Instead, try to find something a little plainer, mix the model and background together yourself, or choose to focus on a unique angle (I often cut off the top half of a model’s face and show just the mouth and chin). Make a list of your character’s physical descriptions, and any other relevant places, scenes, rooms, objects or symbols, and start searching.
I use these sites, where photos usually cost less than $10 to download (although you should buy the more expensive “Extended License” if you are using it for your book cover). On most stock photography sites, a medium or large size will work, just check the pixel ratio.
They reel you in, showing you nice photos from iStock, which usually cost between $20 and $80.
The disadvantage to stock photography, as I’ve mentioned, is you’ll see it on other covers, so here are some ways to find something unique. Photographers often charge at least $1500 to use a photo as a book cover; however, many are open to a special deal or agreement.
Etsy is a site for craftspeople and artists, but they often have some very pleasing photography of their wares.
A lot of Flickr users post photos in the Creative Commons area, which means you can use their photo as long as you put attribution (on the back cover, and on the title page). The stock photography on Deviant is usually very raw – it’s for graphic designers to use in their designs. If you see a photo that could work, maybe see about finding someone to make it awesome for you (read 5 and 6). Browse DeviantArt for the subjects on your list and you may find some beautiful art and photography. You’ll want to adjust the size to 6”x9”, so go to “Page Layout” and hit “Size.” Scroll down to “More Paper Sizes” and type in 6” and then 9” in the relevant input boxes.
We also don’t need the margins so big, so click again on “Page Layout”, select “Margins” and then set them to “Narrow” or .5” all around. When the picture gets dropped in, it will automatically stretch to the margins, but you can’t move it where you want.
Now I’m going to take another picture, drag and drop it in, select “Behind Text,” and put it in the top half. Just for fun, double click on the picture of the couple again, and hit the “Remove Background” button on the top left. Quick Tip: if you need to go back and remove some changes, hit the backwards curving blue area on the very top left, next to the save disk icon. I go back to “Insert” and hit “Text Box,” and choose “Draw Text Box” from near the bottom of the choices.
But now if I type my title, I can’t see the black text… so I’ll highlight the text and go up to the “A” symbol to change the color. Don’t use anything that comes with Windows – your basic fonts like Comic Sans, Times New Roman, or Mistral.
But I want to space out the letters a bit, so we need to learn the very important skill of spacing letters. I need to go up to the Home tab, and underneath the “Font” section I click on that tiny little diagonal arrow. I want to center my text, so I drag the walls of my text box to the edges of my cover, then click the center text icon. The “Reflections” is interesting, but only if I go to “More Reflection Options” and change the transparency a little.
If I click on the border of my black rectangle, I can go up to Shape Fill, choose “Picture” and upload my brick wall background. Quick Tip: if you’re having trouble selecting the black rectangle from behind the two text layers, use the “Selection Pane” which should still be on the right hand side of your workspace. You want to make the soft edges big enough so the image transitions smoothly into the other pictures. I selected the background Paris shot, and used the “Corrections” and “Colors” tabs on top to change the picture to a dark brown that matches the bricks better. But let’s see if we can add an element of danger by blending in another picture of this bad guy.
First we need to make some space, so we’ve got to select the picture of the couple, grab one of the corners, and pull it down to scale the size. I click on “More Colors” and try to match that dark brown of the Paris sky as closely as possible. I added soft edges to the couple picture as well, but unfortunately these two images don’t fit so well together.
I changed the color of the couple picture, to blend them together better, but now the cover is monochrome and a little boring. This time I use the “Remove Background” button (once you click on the picture, it will be on the top left, under “File”). For some reason, “Shapes” have to be in front of “Picture Layers.” What this means is I can’t bring my bad guy in front of that brick layer. But, since I don’t need transparency right now on the brick layer, I can just delete it, insert the brick picture directly, by itself, and set the edges to soft. I like him so much, I’m going to make the author name a little more condensed so that I can fit him in better. Quick Tip: A white outline on text with a gradient will make a ‘gleaming edges’ look, like in this sample. With the methods you’ve just learned, you can make a pretty great cover by yourself in MS Word. I found the article interesting but felt short as she hadn’t stated how to save it as a JPEG. That said, I have used word in the past to make my podcast images (not exactly the way she detailed) and what I did was to use the snipping tool in my laptop to cut the image then save it as a PNG but JPEG is also available. Also I forgot to add, Amazon’s KDP has a cover creator with templates you can use or the option to upload your own image. Day 8 ,After breakfast 09.00 we start for 2nd day tour, Mustafapasa(old Greek village Sinasos), Keslik monastery, Taskinpasa medresesi,(an Ottoman theological school), Soganli valley(3 km walking in the traditional village, churches and Lunch), Cemil (Greek-orthodox church) ,and Kaymakli underground city. I’m pleased to report that your agency provided a detailed itinerary at a fixed price, and delivered on the services, tours and accommodation in the cities and towns we visited. I enjoyed the introduction to Sufism provided before the Whirling Dervishes visit, and the tour guides made the visits to all the attractions a more profound experience with their local knowledge. Camlica Hill, the highest point in Istanbul,exposing a panoramic view of Istanbul city and Bosphorus from the best point of view.
1050metre high plateau on the west face of the Gulluk Mountain (Solymos) found in Mt.Gulluk National Park on the northwest of Antalya. Betul is our professional Artist that is graduated from Mimar Sinan University department of fine Arts in Istanbul.
The patterns are the result of color floated on either plain water or a viscous solution known as size, and then carefully transferred to a sheet of paper (or other surfaces such as fabric).
The sap coming out of scratches made on the branches dries up later and solidifies in bone white colored pieces .
Around this time, dancers from different Middle Eastern countries began to exhibit such dances at various World's Fairs; they often drew crowds that rivaled the technological exhibits. However, Turkish Ciftetelli is more correctly a form of wedding folk music, the part that makes up the lively part of the dance at the wedding and is not connected with oriental dancing.
I’m sure you have a friend with a camera… describe what type of model you’re looking for and have them send samples. More expensive sites will ask you for more details like how many copies you plan to print, but there are a lot of cheap options. Keep in mind, if you choose two horizontal photos, they don’t need to be as long as the full cover. Something I’ve negotiated in the past, is paying around $250 now, but an additional $1000 or so if the book sells more than 10,000 copies.

They have a resources section of stock photography, that you can use as long as you attribute the source (different artists have different rules of use, and can be quite cautious how their work is used, so you should read their rules and maybe send them a message). Especially for a children’s book or fantasy novel, if you need a really specific scene, you may need to hire an artist. If I want to hide one for a while, I can click on that “eye” button, and show it again when I’m ready.
It doesn’t work so well with this picture, because the background is too similar to the portraits in color, so we’d have to use “Mark areas to keep” and “Mark areas to remove” until we got it right. I’m going to use a font called “Accidental Presidency.” It’s a narrow, bold, sans-serif font, similar to English Gothic or Bebas Neue. If it seems like the text isn’t lining up right, go up to the Paragraph section, hit the tiny diagonal arrow, and make sure the Indentation is set at zero. I could try to fix the line height, by hitting the Paragraph options and setting the line-height to 0.8”, but too much and it will start cutting the top off the text.
So instead, I’ll highlight the text and go up to the “A” with the white bar underneath to select the Font Color options. And if you like something, save it, and then save again as a new file before making big changes or trying something else.
It’s good for strong, clean fonts, but not good for rough or messy fonts with uneven edges. But, you might want to inform your readership that there is also a free Linux alternative to Photoshop called GIMP.
Designing the cover by their own is difficult, but your tips about how to pick up good photos lighten up our mind. Apart from the tours in Istanbul, my wife and I visited sites in Cappadocia and near Antalya and all tours were professional, comfortable and informative. She is professional in Ottoman Calligraphy - Tile Design & Turkish Motives - Ottoman Paper Marbling.Turkish Marbling - Ebru Lessons in Istanbul. In bru art, you can draw flower figures that are traditional from the Ottoman period BUT the things that you can capable of by using Ebru art is unlimited. You can also download a PDF version of these instructions and the source files of the cover we’re building so you can follow along; click here to get those.
I would pay $50~$100 for a couple hours photoshoot, with the rights to use a picture on the cover.
If you want a taller, narrower book cover, use 5”x8” – that will produce the 1.6 ratio recommended by Amazon (which most publishers ignore, because the covers are too tall and look strange on most devices).
This is pretty fair to you both – if you do sell so well, the photographer deserves to get paid his normal wage. Most artists won’t mind if you use their photos, especially if you buy the relevant product they’re selling.
A lot of artists on DeviantArt are young or just starting out (or in other countries where the minimum wage is much lower). So the better option is to select my title text box, by clicking once on the border of the box, right click and choose “Copy Here” (or use the ctrl+”C” shortcut).
If one of these styles doesn’t work, I can customize the Outline, Shadow, Reflection or Glow. An outline will also make the text a little bit fatter and not quite as clean and sharp, so it should be used carefully.
When you’re starting out learning a new skill, it’s good to have limitations, structure, guidelines, a roadmap.
This is my personal favorite paint program because it can do any salient thing Photoshop can, albeit, in some cases, not as easily or automatically.
Images,snapshots,and pics often capture a sentiment,a mood,a feeling,or even an idea of a person who's at the center of attention.
MARBLING APPLIED TO PAPER PATTERNS,Marbling is similar to cooking; it is impossible to give the exact recipe. Turkish Paper marbling is a method of aqueous surface design, which can produce patterns similar to marble or other stone, hence the name. Try free supplier matching service, our Industry Sourcing Specialists help you select the right suppliers. I would offer $100 to use some art on a book cover, or $250 for them to draw something custom for you.
Especially for YA, fantasy, science fiction, thriller… anything that needs to be “edgy” or a little more exciting, could probably use a touch-up. If it’s hard to select the image you want, try double-clicking right on the border of the picture, rather than the middle. That’s why I’ve been working on over 100 DI Y book cover templates based on best-selling book covers, which are a lot faster and easier than making your own cover from scratch. She is professional in Ottoman Calligraphy - Tile Design & Turkish Motives - Ottoman Paper Marbling.
Throughout the years,pictures has become one of the most popular ways to capture memorable moments. This decorative material has been used to cover a variety of surfaces for several centuries. Turkish is a very rich country in respect of such natural dyes.Any kind of earth may be first translated into mud then filtered and crushed to from a dye. Some artists will work for less, some will demand more – but I think those are good starting offers. You can just about point and click your way through customizing one of my templates in 5 minutes. And certainly,for a tantamount of consumer and shoppers you cant put a price tag on family and holiday pics. It is often employed as a writing surface for calligraphy, and especially book covers and endpapers in bookbinding and stationery.
Decades after the invention of the first camera, a large number of consumers and shoppers continue to take pics, in a hgh tech fashion. Part of its appeal is that each print is a unique monoprint.hakan hacibekiroglu,Need a break from the hustle and bustle of tourist life in Istanbul? It is often employed as a writing surface fo calligraphy, and especially book covers and endpapers in bookbinding and stationery. Contemporary artists in the Islamic world draw on the heritage of calligraphy to use calligraphic inscriptions or abstractions in their work.LEARN the secrets of creating the rich patterns of handmade marble paper . Instead of the antiquated bulky cameras with huge lenses,consumers and shoppers frequently use SmartPhones and digital cameras to capture images and to take holiday pics. Come take an art class with the remarkable Turkish artist Betul !LEARN the secrets of creating the rich patterns of handmade marble paper . The density of the gummed water and the relationships between the water and the dye, the dye and the tensioning agent (gall), the quantity of gall in the dye are all very important. Part of its appeal is that each print is a unique monoprint.Need a break from the hustle and bustle of tourist life in Istanbul? EXPERIENCE the sensuous flow of Ottoman Calligraphy,CONTEMPORARY create designs with Turkish patternts on tiles,Our teacher that is shown in the pictures are Mrs.
From family gatherings,to family picnics to traditional weddings to the holidays,consumers and shoppers often seize the opportunity at planned events and during the holidays for instance Thanksgiving and Christmas to take pictures of loved ones,family,friends and co workers. Ottoman - Turkish Calligraphy, also known as Arabic calligraphy, is the art of writing, and by extension, of bookmaking. Since founding csaccac Inc in 2010, as Founder and President,I fill many hats including Product Tester and photographer. And truthfully speaking,in the beginning I experienced some difficulty;however,after I purchased my first digital camera I began to feel comfortable and enjoy the ease of taking pics with a digital camera.
In older times rainwater was favorite but because of acide rain in our times it is no longer advisable. Its origin might ultimately hark back to China, where a document from the T'ang dynasty (618-907) mentions a process of coloring paper on water with five hues.
Months after I purchased my first digital camera,I set my sights on a tripod, a universal stand to hold my digital camera. Paper: The ideal paper is the one handmade and having a high absorbtion capacity and acid-free. The main reason I purchased a tripod__ at the time, I wanted to create high quality self pics and group pics. Eventhough, I've had my tripod for some months,I am still learning the ins and outs of both my digital camera and tripod. Now if this basic pattern is handled by parellel lines made by a thin pencil or chip moved back and forth you obtain “the back-and-forth”. Come take an art class with the remarkable Turkish artist Bahar !LEARN the secrets of creating the rich patterns of handmade marble paper .
In order to increasethe absorbtion capaticy and to fix the dye on it(more durable) and alumina solution may be applied on the paper surface. By carefully laying the paper over the bath, the floating picture on top of it is readily transferred to the paper; thus, each ebru is a one of a kind print. Well,if you havent guessed or envisioned what the featured product for the month of November 2013 looks like or remotely even resembles __then as productor tester I guess I'll do the honors first__it's my tripod. To obtain beautiful ebru results, one needs to have a light hand, refined taste, and an open mind to the unexpected patterns forming on the water. Patience and a good knowledge of traditional culture are characteristic of ebru masters.After the 1550's, booklovers in Europe prized ebru, which came to be known as ‘Turkish papers’.
When a convolute line is applied from the outer circumference towards the centre you obtain a “nightingale nest”.
Many specimens in their collections and in the several album amicorum books are visible today in various museums.
In the event small colorfull dots are spotted on the back-and-forth or shawl design you get the “sprinkled marbling”. Also, early texts dealing with ebru, such as “Discourse on decorating paper in the Turkish manner”, published in 1664 by Athanasius Kircher in Rome, helped to disseminate the knowledge of this kind of marbling art. Eventually, I wanted to find out what the craze had been all about and the reason that consumers seemed to ofA  been trading in personal computers for Tablets,_well, at least leaving them at home. If, instead, you apply larger dots (which means with higher rate of gall contents) you obtain the “prophyry marble” which resemble most to marble.,Nonetheless above patterns may be divesified by selecting one of the above as a basis and making concentric drops of different colors. There is agreement amongst scholars that the so-called Turkish Papers played a colourful influence on the book arts in Europe.MATERIALS USED IN CLASSICAL TURKISH MARBLING Gum tragacath – Dye – Paintbrush – Basin – Water – Paper - Gall Gum Tragacant is obtained from trunk of a thorny plant growing naturally in Anatolian, Persian and Turkestan mountians and called “gaven”. Ultimately, I placed online an order for a NookHD+ then opt to pick up the tech item from the store instead of waiting for it to be shipped to my place of residency.
Mehmet Efendi (the orator of Saint Sophia, deceased in 1973) first formed flower and other patterns, wich were subsequenly called the “Orator pattern” (Hatip ebrusu). AA  few weeks with the NookHD+, I was hooked_eventhough, IA  wasna€™t a fan of touchscreen only. For instance when blue yellow are simultaneously applied and mixed up as much as possible never green comes out.
And in all honesty, since the beginning of the Smart Phone craze, I had insisted upon that all of my primary tech gadgets used for work, research and blogging had to be equipped with a QWERTY keyboard. However, in this particular instance,The NookHD+, again, touchscreen only, I made an exception.

The paper is then careflly lifted off the basin without stripping too much the gum off the surface. As I continued to learn the ins and outs of my newly purchased NookHD+ , at the same time, I began to inquire about the accessories compatible with the tech gadget. In doing so, I foundA  the tech item had a Stylus Pen specifically made to use with the NookHD+. Weeks later, I purchased a different kind of Stylus Pen , I noticed while standing atA  the checkout counter at Walgreens,pictured next to this article is that Stylus Pen. Quite astonishing the Stylus Pen worked wellA  with both of my tech gadgets ( Smart Phone & Tablet). This infinity of colors and shapes quickly formed makes the marbling amazing at and fascinates the spectator (if any).
A frequent question a tantamount of consumers and shoppers find themselves entertaining especially during the holidays when manufacturers and retailers offer what they consider to be great deals and bargains.
Hikmet BARUTCUGIL,Mimar Sinan University paper marbling, fabric marbling, faux marbling, parrys graining and marbling, marbling paint, contemporary create design fabric marbling paper technique traditional, Turkish Marbling - Ebru Lessons in Istanbul.Turkish Paper marbling is a method of aqueous surface design, which can produce patterns similar to marble or other stone, hence the name.
After giving the device a run for its money as well as a brief critique of the various apps and functions,I stated in my review of the Nook HD+ how pleased I was with the tech gadget. Further into the critique, I also commented that I was soooo pleased with the tech gadget that I wanted to protect my investment. Based on my income and budget,I considered the purchase of the Nook HD+ to be a major purchase of the year. Shortly after, I purchased the Nook HD+,I began to look at the recommended accessories for the tech gadget. Eventually, after I and my Nook HD+ survived the return and exchange 14 day trial period,I chose to protect my investment with a Nook HD+ cover. As I began to search and think of different items that could be the product of the month for September,I began to heavily weigh in on August's product of the month,the Nook HD+cover. CONTEMPORARY create design fabric marbling paper technique designs on paper, glass or on silk fabrics .Our teacher that is shown in our pictures is Ms. Hours later,I arrived to the assertion that there's more than one way to protect your investment. With the assertion___, there's more than one way to protect your investment, I made the final choice to make Smart Phone covers as the product of the month for September. Furthermore, within the past five years,Ive purchased several Smart Phones from Virgin Mobile. For instance when blue yellow are simultaneously applied and mixed up as much as possible never green comes out.3. To be truthful, I've even purchased Smart Phone insurance,a good choice because a few months later my Smart Phone had an accident. Despite all of the stuff I tried, sampled, tasted and tested during the recent months, as a result of a long review and critique besides from featuring the Smart Phone as a product of the month,I began to think of the different ways Ia€™ve used to protect my Smart Phone as an alternative product of the month.
For instance,Smart Phone insurance has been one the ways I protect my investment from unexpected accidents. Ostensibly, there's more than one way to protect your Smart Phone from accidents such as, for example, you accidentally drop and break your Smart Phone or in some weird, odd, freak accident as you rush out the door you accidentally step on your Smart Phone or heaven forbids the same thing happens to you that happen to me, a few months ago, I dropped my Smart Phone in the toilet. Without a question, eschewing further debate, Smart Phone insurance is a great investment for consumers and shoppers who use their Smart Phone daily and for work. Best of all, Smart Phone insurance usually saves the consumer from digging deep into their pockets.
So, what about before those mishaps and accidents, if you havena€™t figured it out__ there's more than one way to protect your investment.
Even though, at first, I might of skipped over protecting my investments, I am more open to the idea of investing and protecting my major purchases. Here's an example of what I am talking about, I currently have several Smart Phone covers to protect my Smart Phone from breakage, moisture, and malfunctioning. Varying in price,color,size and shape, most of today's Smart Phone manufacturers and retailers offer to consumers and shoppers Smart Phone covers as an accessory. From passwords, to anti-theft apps, to screen locks and codes, there's more than one way to protect your investment. Regardless of the price, and hopefully it is within your budget, a true frugal savvy shopper knows the importance of protecting their investment. Above everything else,both I and my Nook HD+ survived the return and exchange process,quite remarkable,I even have the receipt to prove it. Unlike sooo manyA  items, I ve returned and exchanged in the past,__it,meaning my Nook HD+ survived the fourteenth days as printed on the receipt. A business practice that's part of Barnes and Noble store policy that allows customers fourteen days to return an item.
In short,the 14th day, adhering to store policy was the final day that I couldA  actually return my Nook HD+ and get cash back. It goes without saying ,I readA  the instructions,totally unavoidable with a new tech gadget,as well as,downloaded apps,and,uploaded wallpapers. Not quite sure,on the day I purchased my Nook HD+__ifA  in fact, I would be satisfied with my purchase,I chose at the time not to purchase any kind of accessories.
As it turns out,I was soooo pleased with my purchase of the Nook HD+,I wanted to protect my investments.
It doesnt matter if you're on lunch break,on a mini vacation,at a webinar or conference,filling out an online report or having to send emails can be a hassle if you don't have a wifi connection,a Broadband device is just one of the many tech gadgets that consumers and shoppers frequently use to get an internet connection. Constantly,on the go,I wanted to have access to wifiA  while away from my place of residency. Because,I perform an arrary task that frequently requires wifi access ,I purchased a Broadband to Go device from Virgin Mobile. Egregiously,as a Virgin Mobile customer and fan,I live by Virgin Mobile products except in the case of Virgin Mobile wifi devices. Recently,I purchased Virgin Mobile's MiFi 2200 to conciliate my worries about not being able to access wifi home. Aside from very slow internet speed,the device could only connect to one tech gadget and,the 3G USB plug n play stick broke too easily.
Affordable,great to have on hand for shopping emergencies,the latest in recycling,a recyclable tote makes shopping less of a hassle.
Ditching the old biodegradeable plastic bags for a recyclable tote,it's a smart move and a great investment for frugal,savvy,and environmentally conscious consumers and shoppers.Available in most local chain stores and at grocery stores,recyclable totes are becoming the better choice than leaving stores with the traditional biodegradeable plastic bag.
Part of a movement to get consumers and shoppers involved in recycling and to think about going green,consumers and shoppers now have the option of trading in those plastic bags for a recyclable tote.
A frequent shopper,I usually purchase a couple of recyclable totes to hold store purchases and other stuff.
Eventhough,I like having the choice to purchase a recyclable tote,I havent completely stop using biodegradeable plastic bags. However,I have to point out the fact that when a consumer and shoppers purchase a recyclable tote they're not limited to using the tote only in that store,that's why they're called recyclable totes because they can be used more than once. In fact, most recycable totes last for more than a week,I should know because I still have a few leftover from the previous month.
A great deal,a really good find,a price you wont find anywhere else,and the best price among competitors,I love a great sale and I love rewards for shopping. Savings and Rewards,for most consumers and shoppers,it's all about getting the best price for items purchase daily. From household supplies to groceries,anyone who shops frequently knows consumers and shoppers love a really good sale_,the economic recession of 2008 could be the culprit.
In fact,since the 2008 economic recession savings and rewards has become extremely important to American families on a budget.
For many American consumers and shoppers,the unexpected downturn of the American economy caused a disruption in their daily activies thus forcing consumer and shoppers to rethink the way they shop and how they shop. As a frequent shopper and consumer,I am constantly looking for a great deal and sales on items I purchase regularly,mainly because I do live on a strict budget. Admittedly,after the 2008 economic recession,I rediscovered coupons,and began clipping coupons frequently. In addition to clipping coupons,I also began to check sale ads at home and at the door of stores before shopping. Along with making a shopping list,clipping coupons at home,checking sale ads at the door and comparing prices,these days one of the best ways to save and get the best deals,I feel without a question has to be with a savings and reward card. And speaking honestly, a savings and rewards card from your local chain store should be a consumer or shoppers BF(bestie).
A must have for consumers and shoppers who seriously want to save,a savings and rewards card. Throughout the years, my experience with last minute shopping in most instances was not too pleasant. Admittedly,I empathize as well as concur with consumers who express sentiments that last minute shopping makes the shopper(consumer) feel uncomfortable and forlorn with the just thought of buying a gift at the last minute.
Often tight on funds to purchase a gift ahead of time,last minute shopping for an overwhelmed consumer with a limited budget could cause the consumer to be late and in some instance not to attend the event or special function. Subsequently, over the years, I have come to realize that last minute shopping it's not the best of fun. As a result, I definitely would not recommend last minute shopping to a consumer as a shopping tip. Unequivocally, shopping for special events and functions such as finding an appropriate could take several visits different stores.
Finding the appropriate could mean spending an entire day in a Hallmark store reading cards, it could also mean spending all day on the phone with friend or relatives discussing gift registry,preferences,stores,likes and dislike of the recipient.
Ostensibly,the older you get the adults in your life expect two things from you one not to embarrass them in public and two if you don't have a gift to bring at least show up at special functions on time. Indeed, an earnest shopper as well as a meticulous shopper knows finding the right gift or card for a special function could require hours of shopping and visiting different stores. Shopping done precipitously could result in purchasing the wrong size,color, or something way out in left field. Don't wait until the last minute to shop for a party,baby showers,bachelorette bash,birthdays,holidays ,and anniversaries avoid uncomfortableness and the feeling of being inadequate,plan the week before.
On certain days, I have even shopped the day of the event that often leaves me feeling embarrassed ashamed, and guilty about my finances even worse depress.
Incontrovertibly,last minute shopping in many instances could causes the consumer to become distraught,exasperated, and disconcerted not surprisingly all the emotions take away from the planned day. What's more important being punctilious for the planned event or arriving with a hand picked gift for the recipient or recipients? Ultimately,the answer remains with the shopper (consumer) The answer should be non bias and based on the event as well as the recipient and not the shoppers wallet . The meticulous consumer that normally keeps track of birthdays, holidays,and anniversaries with calendars,through emails,P DA's ,Smart phones and other tech savvy gadgets of courses would not necessarily share the same feelings of a last minute shopper .

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