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It is pretty difficult to replicate the watercolor effect digitally, but with some work and practice you can definitely achieve great results. If you choose to work in Photoshop, then the diversity of brushes you can choose from is huge. We have saved you some time and gathered 30 sets of watercolor brushes for you to choose from. Note: this time brushes do not have such a fine quality so that they are suitable for small resolutions.
It’s an excellent set of 20 brilliant, decent watercolor brushes that look splendid when a vibrant coloring is applied. 9 high-quality watercolor brushes with a distinctive grunge touch are hidden in this freebie.
Unlike the previously listed above samples, this one offers tools for recreating dry paint strokes. The pack recreates interesting watercolor effects that are suitable for prettifying backgrounds.  It includes 7 vigilantly designed and treated items. Smoke brushes are great fro creating abstract work, or for giving  your work a smouldering look. Adding tech and modern shapes to your designs will create a sense of technological advancement.
04 Sep 21, 2011 12:30 am Alessia What’s Happening? Creative approaches are essential for drawing like a beautiful canvas and these brushes can be a helpful touch there to discover unique one!
Besides it being popular in web design, it also looks really nice when you edit your photos and want something different.

You just have to follow some tutorials that you can find online and download some brushes that you will need to work with.
You sometimes might get confused, but the important thing is to choose the ones that you will really need, otherwise you will end up hoarding lots of stuff you won’t even use on your computer. These are drawn by hand and are all high resolution, with the average size being about 2000 pixels. Each blob has its unique shape and intersection of layers that is ideal for producing watercolor effects with depth. There are 41 detailed brushes that look exceptionally good not only on small or standard screens but also on huge ones. Resolution of 2500×2500 px provides you with an enormous potential, making graphics appropriate for numerous artworks, especially those where legibility and detail play the first fiddle. They are sleek, neatly executed, highly detailed and can be used both for personal and commercial projects.
There are 40 top-notch brushes that reflect an acrylic paint nature, so as to say a special delicate kind of watercolor medium.
While the majority of such type of packages include watercolor splatters with ragged edges, this set has a more smooth lines that well-suited to subtle, delicate environment. These brushes would go great with beverage ads or ads that have to do with health and beauty. Using ornamental brushes or patterns can create an old world or fancy look to a design piece and really give it a classical or traditional look. There is only 10 yet high-quality and varied items that can be used for personal purposes only.
If you know where to look, you can find quality free Photoshop brushes for just about any project or need.

This can be applicable to food, seasoning, weather, vehicles, and anything else that you can think of. Smoke brushes work well as background effects, because they can be subtle, while still getting a lot of attention visually. The following brushes would be great to use in user interfaces and designs that are considered high-tech. Textures are often well received and add an organic feel, which has made them extremely popular to use in designs. Having a library of your own custom brushes will allow you to create custom effects quickly and efficiently.
It can also mean that their movements are very fluid or that they are one with the elements. Use creative masking techniques to create mixed media artwork, adding impact and style to your work.
Another great aspect of free brushes is that you can customize each brush and make them your own.
Like our Glossy Blood Splatter Photoshop brushes, these can be used to Create blood, paint, or paint in UV light. Therefore, having good quality fire brushes will help you to make beautiful custom fire effects from scratch in Photoshop.
Another great thing about Photoshop brushes is that you can use them with almost any version of Photoshop.

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