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Owl is cute, and owl is wise, owl themed parties are in great trend these days that is why I have created these free printable owl stencils for you so you can use these in your party related crafts. There are virtually endless design possibilities with these free printable border stencils. This is image of a floral border stencil that you can use to create beautiful borders on your bedroom, living room or bathroom walls. Rose is always considered a beautiful flower so I have made several different free printable rose stencils that you can use to paint walls, fabrics and even furnitue. This is ano adorable rose stencil that even shows its thorns but still it is really easy to cut and you can paint this beautiful rose anywhere.
This is another image of rose and you can use this stencil on walls or to paint bed linens and curtains.

This is another easy to cut rose stencil that you can use either alone or mix and match with other stencil images on this site to create beautiful patterns.
This is stencil of a beautiful rose bud and it can be painted on anything such as greeting cards or wrapping papers. Large big legible alphabet letters for business signs, store boards & displays, doors, glass and walls available in various sizes.
Montserrat bold letter stencils provide a very clean and elegant display suitable for many projects which require an 18th century inspired theme.
You can also paint these on room walls and even on curtains, bed-linen and furniture specially in your kid's room. It will look more cute if you will add eyes to it after painting the basic shape with the help of this stencil.

You can use these stencils to make borders on table cloth and bed linen and also on a plain back of a bed or on a door to make it beautiful. Simple and easy to use, all purpose & reusable large lettering stencils available in 12 inch to 36 inch sizes. You can decorate any place in your house in a real cost-effective way with these border stencils if your are a DIY crafter.

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