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Great as Gothic decal print for cars, vehicle, motorbikes, T-shirts or tattooing on full body, shoulder, half sleeve, upper back, arm and arm band. Paintings of numerous world-famend tattoo artists together with extra here recurrently love the ocean. Nonetheless, the jewellery used to adorn them was more conventional in the also like about Jen. I drew this sketch with every intention on making something that was cool, and interesting enough to want to draw. Sketch out the curvy lining for the skulls brow, and cheek area as well as some of the front part of the head. Now you will begin working on the shaping of the front part of the skull's mouth and or snout.
Before you begin sketching out the vertebrae for the neck and or spine, you will have to sketch out some detailing to the skulls head.
Draw in the rest of the bones for the neck like you see here and notice how each one has a point.
I have really wanted to make a skull version of the new drawing style I have been doing lately. Start by making a large circle for the skull head shape and then draw one short guide from the bottom of the head shape.
You will now begin sketching out the thick, very prominent brows that should be drawn the exact way you see it here.
Trace the lining you drew in step one to thicken the shape of the skull's head and when you reach the top, draw in a slight mound or bump. Now it's time to draw out the high cheek bones and as you can see they should be pointed and arched. For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw out the arrow shaped nose, and see how the tip remains sharp.
Moving right along we will tackle the task of using the shape we just made in step one to draw out the actual skeletal structure for the devil skull's head and face shape. Give the horns some nice texture by sketching in the defining lines from one end to another.

Using the guide you just made, begin to draw out the actual structure for your skull's head. Define the eyes by adding some bold shapes which will form the brows in an angry expressive look. I think I have a fifty, fifty split here because I have a feeling that some may find this skull tattoo cool, and then again some will find this design uncool. Draw out a nice even line and then continue to sketch out a very sharp deep impression arch. Begin by making marking lines for the teeth, and then sketch in detailing to the cheek and side of the skull.
Sketch in some cracked lines near the base of the neck bones, and then you can move to step eight.
Add some dark splatter shading on the left side of the skull, and sketch in a light crooked line for an added crack.
Draw in the mouth including the extremely sharp fanged teeth and then draw in the even row of top teeth. Color in the holes and add some mild speckling and then erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.
Draw the claw shaped horns on each side of the head where you left the notches when drawing out the skull's head form. Can also be used as a part in a larger clip art like for example a unicorn or another animal with wings when facing front. Draw the cheek bones and then draw the upper jaw which is the only part of a mouth the skull will have. Add some color if you like, or just bring the line art or colored image to your tattooist for an inking job. Draw in the eyeballs, and then sketch some marks under, and above the eyes for added detailing.
Continue the lining to form the prominent bony cheeks, then move to step three where you will continue. Sketch in the indents above each tooth groove like so, and be sure to add small points to the fangs.

The only difference with this skull is that it is made to look like a traditional skull concept that is commonly seen on the shoulders, backs, arms, chests, legs and even hands.
The skull is being drawn from a side view and because of this it should be a lot easier to follow. If the devil was to somehow shed his flesh, this is the skull that I believe would be left behind. There should be thin groove lines to add texture to the bone of the skull surrounding the eyes. I added a tribal design in the background but you can choose to draw whatever you like for your own personal touch. For those of you that are fanatics over skulls and skull art, you should get a blast from this tutorial on "how to draw a tattoo skull", step by step. If you want to make your skull tattoo in a colored state like the one you see here, all you have to do is use some paint, or even a coloring program that you know how to use. If you have been waiting a long time for another tutorial on something skull related, here it finally is. You can tweak the skull to your liking, and with everything you add and take away, you will end up with a drawing that is your own. Anyways, I can’t really say anything more about yet another skull tutorial because I must have drawn more than eighty skulls for the site and each one has its own unique description. I think you will enjoy drawing a skull design because I know there are so many of you that love tattoo art. Drawing skulls can be a tricky task if you are not familiar with creating this type of art concept.
Hopefully this tutorial will be easy for you to follow and understand which in the end will enable you to draw a devil skull.

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