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This book covers all the things that one is afraid to ask in risk of sounding stupid.But I am a total amateur. This easy to use and comprehensive guide will show you everything you need to know to get started as a Tattoo Artist. I Have never picked up a tattoo machine before and my closest contact to one was when getting tattooed.
Erick Alayon has been Tattoo professionally since 1988, no other tattooing instruction author can say that! So I was left in the dark a bit on ultra basic things like how to set up the clip cord on the machine and such.Aside from that Erick did a great job putting it all out there for the aspiring tattooer.

Inside you will learn, How to set up and tune Tattoo Machines, equipment you will need to get started, how to get started, tips on outlining, shading and coloring, plus lots more!
He speaks in layman terms, shares great tips and walks you through the entire process very thoroughly.I highly recommend this book to all beginners.
So if you read his first book and had a lot of questions, this one will sum it all up for you. Covers advice and technical information to help you get started toward a successful career! It will help you build your portfolio so that it will be a lot easier when you do get one, and he tells you a lot about the things you need to watch your back for.

The grammar isn’t perfect, and the book isn’t quite the traditional style of writing, but WHO CARES! His writing makes it way easier to read because he writes as if he speaking directly to you. I do agree with some however that he doesn’t teach every little thing and that an apprenticeship is necessary, but he helps you take your first big step into the tattooing world.

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