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Some day and at some time, we need to bid farewell to someone in our life and it would be nice if we bid them farewell with special farewell messages. On this section, you can find such special farewell messages and farewell wishes which you can send it to those farewell persons by making them feel so special and how they mean so much to you.
You can express your farewell wishes and messages to your co-worker, friends or boss who needs to go.
Quotes about goodbyes and farewell are also a great way to express your heartiest feeling towards someone who’s about to leave. BEST: Better than Water Budgets -- more sustainable and fairer than Irvine Ranch Water District's method. Meanwhile, over in philosophy corner, we have Immoral Consumption and When Is It Okay to Nudge?
The Department of Water Resources distributes five emails per work day to many people interested in California water issues.
Bottom Line: DWR serves its bias (we want more supply!), not citizens needs (we want no shortage!). I've been participating in an email discussion about Westland's plan to sell 50-100,000 acre feet of water to Metropolitan Water District (Spreck broke the news; this article gives more background). MWD's water has driven SoCal sprawl, and more water means more lawns at MWD and more sprawl into new housing developments.
I am not upset about these "business facts" (or even anti-ag emotions), especially when water is going from willing sellers to willing buyers, for beneficial use. WWD water is subsidized.That means that price may be too low and profits come out of our pockets. Feinstein and other politicians are writing special rules, changing the definition of water rights to make them worth more cash -- and more water -- when we have already overallocated our water supplies. Buchanan and Tullock (BT) wrote The Calculus of Consent: Logical Foundations of Constitutional Democracy in 1962, but their analysis is still worth considering. There are three ways to make policies: Private individual decisions, private group decisions, and public group decisions.
Note that a rule of unanimity has the lowest cost to the individual, since no individual will allow a policy that hurts himself. The literature of collective action tends to focus on the cost of not doing something; they miss the cost -- to the individual -- of doing something.
The more-disaggregated the decision authority, the lower the cost of a decision (subsidiarity).
A single-issue referendum is inefficient because it does not allow logrolling -- vote trading that takes issue intensity into consideration. BT make a major mistake here, I think, in ignoring (or missing) the problem of logrolling a series of bad policies into place.*** Because they assume that voters -- not representatives -- are making decisions, they assume that logrolled-policies are beneficial on net. Public projects need only benefit the proportion of votes necessary to get the project enacted.
The best way to allocate a collective good is to give every individual an equal share (adding to 100% of the good) and then allow trading.
As government has expanded its range and allowed for narrowly-defined programs (remember that this was written in 1962!), the benefits to special interest groups have increased. Tullock says that game theory accepts the rules as given while economics allows the rules to change (or be ignored). I am (obviously) in the category of "both." I am guessing that the "where to school, but NOT abortion" crowd are right-to-lifers (even if they are intellectually inconsistent*), but I am wondering about the "abortion but NOT where to school" people. I am working on the second draft of my book, The End of Abundance, using the comments that 25-30 reader-reviewers provided me.
I'll be catching up on logistics (processing photos from Central America, figuring out what's next in terms of jobs and living location, organizing my academic, consulting and outreach work) while I get caught up on some recent developments in water -- and blogging on them! Pro-citizen groups have put together a tool to help people understand how to draw their own borders for congressional districts.

The first issue of this publication from Johns Hopkins is out, and it's full of interesting articles. Bottom Line: The government should NOT be involved in some markets, because it only screws things up.
BEST: Small is Beautiful -- The Review -- everyone should read this book, "pro-growth" politicians, especially. LCI is known for its lobsters (see lobster traps at right), and many of its people -- and people on the neighboring islands -- make their living during the 8 month season, selling lobster tail for $8 per pound to two big companies that ship tails to customers in the US.
The season is necessary to keep the lobster population healthy, to give eggs time to hatch and mature. We were there at the end of June, and the arrested fishermen were Nicaraguans from Puerto Cabezas, about 120km to the north.
It's hard enough managing an open access fishery, but it's even worse when force trumps rule of law. I suggested to Carlito that LCI fishermen organize into a co-op -- to protect their fishery from outsiders -- and issue catch permits (ITQs) to allow locals to fish when they want while keeping the local lobster population healthy. County officials say Vidovich had the right to sell the water, which didn't belong to Kings County anyway, since it was imported from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta under the auspices of the Department of Water Resources. Dudley Ridge had no water prior to 1969, when it began taking deliveries from the California Aqueduct, Neves said. The report raised concerns that other landowners could also sell their water, turning Dudley Ridge back to empty land. What's the carbon footprint of Fiji Water delivered to San Francisco (it comes via LA, right?) How does that compare to the footprint of Dasani -- or any other brand that is from municipal water? Bidding farewell to your friends or colleagues will be a painful moment as we will be missing them. Feel free to share these farewell wishes to a friend, colleagues, loved ones and family whose going away. If you are looking for some nice farewell quotes and sayings, you’re at the right place as we also listed some of the nice quotes for farewell and goodbyes.
WWD auction its "surplus" water to the highest bidder and use the revenue to repay the money it spent to acquire it.* The remaining money should stay at WWD, as a reward for its special relationship with DiFi and others. The swap makes sense for three reasons: (1) They do not want to haggle over price (except that "net af" of water), (2) they do not want the public to know how valuable the water is if it WAS priced, and (3) they do not want to worry about cash flows.
That means that a constitution should be designed to maximize "average" benefits (wins less losses) across many decisions (ex-ante unknown), allowing for trades in votes over many issues (logrolling). This assumption falls apart when self-interested representatives trade their votes for policies that benefit special interests. From this, we can see that special interests will thrive as government's size and scope increases. It's a fine waste of words by pampered bureaucrats who work for the governments that NOW fail to provide water to their people.
PERC does a lot of cool research on how markets can improve the environment and how to prevent regulations from destroying it. It may be useful, but you will have to wade through their human rights and government-knows-best propaganda.
That may explain why academics and bureaucrats like to use it (to sound smart), but it also explains why people have a hard time understanding them.
This is a great way of seeing how far politically-biased boundaries drift from boundaries that are objective or that serve OTHER partisan interests. JWT sent this article on the bureaucratic delays that are keeping people in New Orleans from moving into their homes because flood insurance is taking too long to process. Our guest house was run by a retired fisherman, Carlito, who told us about some recent arrests. Neves shot that down, saying that water use has gotten so efficient that farming in Dudley Ridge - despite the high cost of Aqueduct water - will likely continue.

Dudley Ridge had no water until 1969, and it will have no water in a few years, if outside urban areas are able to buy it. 80% of our extractions go for the water slide (employee perks!); the rest goes into bottles that are handblown with the finest plastic, giving our water a fresh, new-car taste.
But since the construction of Friant Dam near Fresno in the 1940s, most of the San Joaquin's water has been siphoned off to farmland in the Central Valley. The same holds for politics, where people have different needs and interests, and these change over time. Decisions are made on two levels: At the ex-ante constitutional stage, general rules for making decisions are decided. In the resulting circle of value-subtracting, robbing Peter-to-pay-Paul policies, they make everyone worse off, in multiple ways. I make this point when discussing "conflict theory" -- where rules are endogenous -- but I wonder how many economists fail to consider what scenarios when rules can be broken. But that meeting was canceled at the last minute and my subsequent attempts to get written or verbal answers to my questions have been shuffled about and ignored.
Given our assumption that carbon sequestration will be 10x more valuable in 20 years, we are going to replant 30 percent of the current area in 10 years, allowing us to make money now and you to drink our water guilt-free. It’s never easy to say goodbye and express farewell wishes to colleagues, friends, boss and even to our classmates and teachers.
As they need to say goodbye, make it worth remembering by bidding them some encouraging farewell messages to a colleague or co-worker.
Now, after years of lawsuits, a new effort to restore the river is offering hope that fish and farmers can co-exist." View the video.
There is a sweet spot in the aggregate of these costs, where the cost to the individual and the cost of making a decision are minimized. Third, because consciousness and pain are functions of social context and expectations, which babies do not have.
They didn't implement any of the suggestions, so industry had no reason to change its behavior. Most of our water sells in the US, where people are too worried about their health to exercise, too paranoid to believe that tap water is drinkable, and too uneducated to see through our clean crisp marketing. What if it's dry for 5 years and MWD needs the water for toilets, showers and lawns?Addendum: Tom Birmingham wrote me an email on this post, and I am waiting for him to let me post it as a comment.
An individual may approve a constitution that allows him to be overruled, knowing that he will still gain net benefits from constitutional protections over time.
My favorite place to sell Fiji is in Aspen -- I love to ski on that snow, but hate to drink it.
Until then, the gist of his comment is that this is a swap, not a sale, and that MWD has the storage space to let it happen.
On individual issues, the individual will vote for his own interest -- or trade his votes for other issues of greater importance. Our license fee of $1,000 is quite expensive, but our tax credit of $50,000 more than makes up for it. I replied that this swap seems a poor substitute for a market (in which WWD and MWD would be able to buy and sell when and if they wanted), but a necessary substitute given the current distribution of water rights -- a distribution that favors WWD and MWD over other water users. Have you seen the unemployment stats for Fiji?) We pay property taxes based on our land-footprint.

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