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HI, Welcome …Hi I'm Triona, Nurse, Wife and mum to Amelia Rose 23•03•13 our "Little Londoner", and Harry 26•04•15 our handsome Irish boy. Once I wake, I lay in bed for another half hour, watch some YouTube videos and wait for the house to warm up. Although many night-shift mothers like me have trouble sleeping during the day, a lot of mothers see the benefit of working nights. Prioritising kids’ activities, household duties, and family events over sleep is a common theme for night-shift mums. This entry was posted in Parenting and tagged balancing being a mum and nurse, night shifts with kids, nurse and mum, nurse life, nurse night shift. A very interesting read & something I can totally relate to as a fellow health care worker.

An Irish & UK blog on first time parenting, winging our way along, our adventures, food glorious food, daily musings and lots of pretty dresses along the way.Another Day Another Dress. After working all night, I sleep pretty soundly until lunch time, then I could toss and turn until I eventually get up.
I'm dreading returning to work but especially night shifts when my maternity leave is finished.
I go into my bedroom, brush my teeth, apply some makeup,tie up my hair, pop on my uniform and glance at my bed wishing I too was getting ready to lie down for the night. My first full unbroken sleep in 9 months! Night shifts are suddenly starting to become a little more appealing. Everyone will hit a wall at some part of the night, even the most seasoned night shift worker.

I wake at 12 after a pretty bad sleep, the kids are dropped off, both needing a nap, pop them into bed and I get back into my own bed to rest for a few hours.
I find it impossible to go back to sleep, but lie there thinking of the warm bath I'll have tonight after the kids go to bed and have am early night, business as usual the next day, up at 6am with both kids.

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