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All rights are currently available including book cover illustration and magazine artwork rights. When not racking leaves with the hope of uncovering an elf, Duncan Long creates magazine and book illustrations for HarperCollins, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, Solomon Press, Fort Ross, ISFiC Press, Ballistic Media, The Sun, and many other book and magazine publishers and self-publishing authors. Normally I don’t feel too sorry for any woes heaped upon critics, short of seeing them step off the curb to be hit by a bus. However art critic Brian Sherwin has started a series of blogs offering insight on what artists do in an effort to bully, browbeat, or entice critics to give them good reviews. When not throwing stones at critics, Duncan Long creates magazine and book illustrations for HarperCollins, PS Publishing, Ballistic Publishing, Pocket Books, Solomon Press, Fort Ross, ISFiC Press, and many other publishers and self-publishing authors. I’ve been working on a space illustration for the top back of a science fiction novel. Realistic moon pictures are tricky for science fiction book illustrators because there’s no atmosphere to give visual cues of distance.
When not piloting spaceships off Deimos, Duncan Long paints magazine and book illustrations for HarperCollins, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, Solomon Press, Fort Ross, ISFiC Press, and many other publishers and self-publishing authors. The concept of a catalog of several hundred thousand titles and selling only a few of each title is interesting and may prove a model for the future of the publishing industry. Duncan Long is a freelance book cover illustrator for HarperCollins, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, Solomon Press, Fort Ross, and many other publishers and self-publishing authors. Beyond being a good example of what acting and science fiction movies should be, this scene taps into a great fear of human existence: Being forgotten after death.
I have to wonder how many of us in the arts really are at least in part motivated to create in order to say, “I was here. In the end, most of us understand our knowledge, feelings, and hopes will, upon death, be swallowed up and lost.
When not agonizing over philosophy and the meaning of creativity, Duncan Long works as a freelance magazine and book illustrator for HarperCollins, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, Solomon Press, Fort Ross, and many other publishers and self-publishing authors.
When not dreaming of piloting spaceships, Duncan Long is a freelance magazine and book illustrator for fantasy and science fiction novels.
I recently had a shot at a new mythology series and needed to put together a portfolio keyed to Greek myths. I decided to simply make her a supernatural being with poisonous serpents instead of hair on her head (as per the story). The Greek story is a little sketchy as to how Perseus could view Medusa in his polished shield while avoiding looking directly at her and remaining in a fighting stance. When not plotting the fighting stance for Perseus, Duncan Long works as a magazine and book illustrator for HarperCollins, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, Solomon Press, Fort Ross, ISFiC Press, and many other publishers and self-publishing authors. It’s just a beautiful book with craftsmanship second to none, and a fine example of the quality that can be achieved by a small press operating in the 21st Century. When not crowing about his book illustrations, Duncan Long actually works as a freelance magazine and book illustrator for HarperCollins, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, Solomon Press, Fort Ross, and many other publishers and self-publishing authors. Tags: Birth and Rebirth Through Genesis, book artwork, book cover illustration, book illustration, Duncan Long, Michael L. When not narcissistically reprinting nice things about himself, Duncan Long labors as a freelance magazine and book illustrator for HarperCollins, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, Solomon Press, Fort Ross, and many other publishers and self-publishing authors. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed.
RE: your culture article on the Clan Battle which took place on the North Insh of Perth in 1396 (The National, March 1). If you would prefer unlimited access, please support our journalism with a website subscription. Scotland's only daily newspaper supporting independence - support our journalism with a website subscription. Beneath the layers of multicultural rubbish we hold deeper identities, this thread is for folks whose identity and heritage comes from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, etc. In other forums I've been on Christian bashing often will surface in discussions of this nature as people discover an older pre-Christian identity anger, frustration, etc.
The purpose of this thread is to share information about our folk through a Scandinavian filter.
Discussions of archaeological finds, of folklore and mythology, government, language and such all have appropriateness in this thread. I believe there is nothing but positive benefit in having this thread and talking about our folk, our folkways, and the rich legacy of our ancestors.
Viking Age Iceland by Jesse Byock (a very insightful look into Icelandic Society and Government. When we look around our society we see a world of twisted and perverted values, we see crime and violence glorified in movie and music, we see dishonesty and betrayal held forth as honorable patterns of behavior.
Many folks today who seek a truer identity than what mainstream society promotes make use of the Nine Noble Virtues, these are guidelines or admonitions and not dogmatic legalisms. STRENGTH: Self rule, self mastery, the self control and discipline to govern yourself by your convictions.
Quickly, while there are many different variants of Runic systems, in general there are four main classifications.
During the Viking age the twenty four runes of the elder futhark were reduced to a set of sixteen runes. Fe is the fire of the folk soul, and it is the generative principle in nature, the cosmic fire that interacted with Ice and activated the great Ginnungagap from which life emerged. In the reduction of the elder runes from 24 to the 16 runes we have in the younger system, Ur took on the meanings of the Wunjo and Othala runes also. Aass is the olden-father and chieftain of Asgard and leader of Valhalla says the Icelandic rune poem.
Kaun Thorsson calls a rune of creativity and controlled fire of the pyre, forge, hearth and harrow.
Tyr is the one-handed god, and the leftovers of the wolf, and the ruler of the temple says the Icelandic rune poem. Bjarkan is a rune close to Freyja, it holds deep magic, the mysterious workings of wyrd, the birth, life, death, and rebirth cycle, literally and as indicating a process of ever-becomingness in deepening wisdom. Yr is the world tree Yggdrasil, it is the multiverse, notice also that the Yr rune and Madr rune are the same, just inverted from each other. The word means story, or tale - tales of the people living in scandinavia houndreds of years ago.
Realistic sagas: As opposed to the more entertaining Riddersoger and Lygesoger, the Islendingsoger and Kongesoger were about actual events. Islendingesoger: What would set these sagas apart from other sagas was that Islendingsoger were written by, and about common people. Agrip, which means «a section of», is the name of the oldest norwegian history we know of in the norron language.
Popular literature: Fornaldersogene, also called lygesoger were fictional stories often exaggerated, with sex and violence, superheroes and villains. Gathered around the hearth fire or in the mead hall, the skalds would tell these tales and the gathered folk would hear them. We see traces of this however, when family comes together at Christmas and other times of the year, when the closeness of kinfolk stirs our hearts and taps into memories of days past, we naturally tell stories of those who are no longer with us, we remember them warmly and talk about their deeds. The first settlers belonged to the Fosna-Hensbacka cultures, where the Fosna was in Norway, and the Hensbacka culture was centered around Sweden.

Petroglyphs (rock engravings) dating back 5.000 years are found in Sweden and Norway, and depict wild animals and human exploration.
More permanent settlements developed during the Bronze Age (1,800 BC to 400 BC) and Iron Age. As such, these eye-opening blog posts are worth reading for anyone in the arts, whether singer, artist, or writer.
It seems the only relief to this fear is the dark comedy of Woody Allen and others, a hope in an afterlife, and the ability to leave behind small tokens to remind people that we once walked the planet. His work has appeared on book covers from HarperCollins, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, Solomon Press, Fort Ross, and many other publishers and self-publishing authors. Unfortunately I came up one picture short, and so hurriedly considered what might be a good subject for a new painting to include in the mix. I placed her in Greek-style drapery with a slight green tint to her skin and dress to make her (I hope) sufficiently terrifying (as if the snakes aren’t enough). I realized this might be possible if the inside of the shield were polished – as it might become with heavy use. I am writing to tell you that there is no way that the Camerons could be present at that battle.
If we want to chart our course for the future then we need to know where we've been and who we are as a people. This thread naturally, as its title indicates is representative of a small portion of Europe, and the opinions and thoughts expressed should not be taken as statements relative to all white folks, there is much diversity within the European family, and in consideration of this, discussion of native tradition, history, language etc. Obviously, they are important enough that those who push toward globalism and a disgusting multicultural society work hard to sever all people from their native tradition and heritage, to erase their identity and replace it with one fitting a global multicultural society of obedience and servitude. In establishing an identity for ourselves we must of course, have our own values through which we can judge and assess the world we live in.
These are ideas drawn from our own history, they character traits found in the wisdom of the eddas and saga. While it assumes a general knowledge of the runes and Northern mythology, anyone can easily Google a term and clarify anything written here. Elder, Younger, Anglo-Saxon, and then the Armanen runes as developed by Austrian mystic Guido von List. It is a rune of the Vanir, representative of the Lord and Lady of the folk, Frey and Freyja. In the lore surely giants are such, some fight against the gods others have allied with the gods such as Skadi. This is the rune of Wotan, the shape of the stave brings to mind images of Wotan with cloak billowing behind him, perhaps also its downward slanting lines in imitation of Wotan swinging upon Yggdrasil and reaching down to take up the runes. In Scandinavian rock art from the bronze age chariots, along with ships, are often found, both representing motion, movement, traveling, distance etc., it was believed the sun and moon were drawn through the sky by chariots, the Trundholm sky chariot is an example. The shape of Hagall shows the pattern upon which all awareness is gained through our directional orientation of above, below, before, behind, right, left, and the center. On the personal level it represents both the self-determined and directed will as well as the guts, heart, bravery, courage, perseverance etc. Ar took on the meanings of the Jera rune when reducing the elder runes to the younger system. Its power is warming and maternal, yet can manifest in sharp and sudden, seemingly harsh ways at times but always leading into greater understanding and wisdom.
Bjarkan is a rune of deep initiation yet not in the Wotanist pattern of Ass but one more resembling Seidr and the ways of the Vanir. The shape of the stave strikingly resembles a person with warms upraised as in calling the gods. From trees human beings were fashioned and from the great tree Yggdrasil human beings will emerge when the worlds are renewed after Ragnarok. The book is small and was written in Nidaros in the 1190's.Sverres soge was also written in Norway. Foreign impulses which reached our shores included romanticized stories about the knights of Europe. We've lost this aspect of our families and communities with our high definiton televisions and video games.
Over 12 volumes passed to me from my grandmother that contains typed and handwritten stories, many her recollections, others are tales told to her by her Norwegian uncle, John Taraldsen, who used to visit us often in the US until his death in the 1980's.
Later carvings 2000?500 BC depict agriculture, warfare, advanced ships and domesticated animals.
During this period, called the viking age, Norwegians, as well as Swedes and Danes, traveled abroad on longships, as raiders, explorers, settlers and traders. Norwegians expanded west towards Britain, where you can still find direct decendants of viking settlers. But things are tricky at best and when the picture includes a small moon like Deimos, there’s really no way to properly offer a visual cue. He thus might back toward the creature and behead her with a quick turnabout and slash — with his eyes closed.
The book is being offered by the ISFiC Press, and they’ve done one bang-up job on this book from the layout of the cover right down to the selection of type and typesetting. One can only determine who the contestants were by understanding the Gaelic names of the clans: particularly the way in which these names were pronounced. Such should not be tolerated in this thread and I hope that Knut will quickly exercise his moderator abilities and extinguish such flames that can separate us as a folk rather than unite us around our shared heritage. Fe symbolizes wealth and prosperity, not such wealth as found in the world today that originates in greed and selfish lust but rather the prosperity of the individual, family, and tribe that comes when all parts of the whole are well functioning. It is the close bond of kinfolk passing the mead horn, thus this adds to the relation of the Fe rune. Thurs is an intricate rune, it is closely connected to Ur in the primal origin sense, yet it is a very present rune as it represents chaotic forces working against the manifest world. For those who travel between worlds Reidh is a vehicle for the journey, Reidh can carry you safely through the cycles of life as well as the path of initiation into wisdom. This patterning we experience on a personal level yet it is at the same time the cosmic level, Midgard as center, light-elf home and Asgard above, dark-elf home and Hel below, the Giants world before (east) the Vanir realm behind (west), Muspell-home and Nifel-home to right and left (south and north) are the realms of cosmic fire and ice, symbolically speaking of course…perhaps, perhaps not. On the personal level ice represents concentration which is a limiting of attention, focus, powers etc. It symbolizes the cycle of the year, the movement of sun and season, it holds both the key to good planting, steady growth and good harvest, as well as the wisdom to store that which is needed until new crops are harvested. This is the rune of ancestral might and the shape of the stave should remind us that the gods are our eldest ancestors and as such we honor them with our gifts.
Yr is the summation of the runes on their level of cosmic principles, yet it is also the source of the runes in a regenerative aspect, for all is within the tree and even though the tree is gnawed at, may rot in places, even be engulfed in flame, the tree survives, and thus life renews. The norwegian royalty were also affected by this, and Hakon Hakonsson translated Strengleikar and several other books because of his interest in literature.
I tell the elder stories, I tell the tale of Odin hanging himself upon the great tree Yggdrasil in his quest for the runes, I tell the tale of Odin ransoming an eye at Mimir's well for a drink of the waters of wisdom and so forth. It is filled with fighting and if you're like me and enjoy warrrior arts and such, you'll really like Egil's Saga. I enjoyed his stories so much, hearing talk of all my family in Norway stirred my imagination and my blood. There is a great stream of continuity from the imagery in rock art to the runic tradition, while the images changed the essential meanings were retained.

BiblioBazaar’s strategy is to seel just a few of each title, but to have hundreds of thousands of titles available for purchase.
Your writer was correct in saying that the Camerons were at Invernahaven and correct in saying that the earlier battle was the precursor of the combat at Perth, but utterly wrong in his conclusion.
Christianity in every area has absorbed a great deal of the pre-Christian indigenous beliefs, Easter and Yule (Christmas) are two examples. Fe is the state wherein the six-fold goal and noble virtues are expressed within the community.
Thus Fe in its prosperous expression results from consciously applied will directing the Ur substance, energy etc., not at all unlike Wotan, Villi and Ve turned against the natural order and fashioned one of their own design. Ur is the deep wellspring of tradition within our hearts that rises to the surface when interaction with Fe occurs. In our creation lore nature brought forth giants who birthed the gods who turned and slew giants, yet, in the end called Ragnarok the giants rise up and fight the gods, the world is destroyed only to be reborn, the gods too are reborn as are human beings in the form of Lif and Lifthrasir, and of course where there are gods there will be giants, why else would Magni and Modi inherit Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir? Naudh is also an aspect in the manifestation of Fe in that Naudh is the friction of personal dynamics within the self, the family, the tribe that generate right-action according to the six-fold goal and nine noble virtues that bring about a dynamic stability. Ar is a rune of balance, harmony etc., it can be used to aid the ebb and flow of life and help one break free from low-points, hitting rock bottom, times of seeming stagnation and similar ideas.
The Tyr rune is one of strength, and inner determination, particularly with regard to acts of sacrifice or service for the greater good, as in the example of Tyr sacrificing his right hand to bind the wolf Fenris, and thus for a time, ward off Ragnarok. From forming the first human beings to birthing kingly lines, the gods have an ongoing interest in human beings. Forn Sed (old custom) Nordisk Sed (Nordic custom) or Folktro (folk custom) are some terms we could use to describe such a folk way. With passion and great emotion I stand and tell the tales and I see how deeply they touch and move the listeners.
Rossman is a true living Skald, he has been telling these stories to live audiences for over 30 years both here in the USA and in Europe. First we must understand that it had long been a cat-and-dog warfare.The Camerons were the “Chlanna nan con” or “Sons of the Hound” and there is no way that that name could be confused with the MacKays.
Othala is a rune of ancestral might and sovereignty, in its Ur relation this is the power of the land we dwell upon, both land we claim and ancestral land.
It is in the power of ice fueled by the fiery energy of desire that yields unlimited potential for us. Ar raises awareness of the cyclic nature of life as expressed within nature itself and in our own lives.
Can the great awakening of Wotansvolk today have any cause other than the gods themselves calling us awake? The actual writing of these sagas started in the 1200's, but the events documented there date back several houndred years before that time. Other terms like Asatru (true to the Aesier, Odin, Thor, Frigg etc) Vanatru (true to the Vanir, Njord, Freyr, Freyja etc) that people can encounter investigating these matters are terms that tend toward a religous meaning whereas the former express a cultural rather than mere religous idea. They are not foreign tales, they are nothing exotic and outside of ourselves, they are our own, imprinted upon our memory by their telling over centuries by our forefolk. In ancient times, before they used tartan as their heraldry in colour, the primitive tribes would have a dog or a cat on their shields. The Tyr rune can be helpful in obtaining justice against wrongs down to you, justice, not vengeance, be certain you are in the right before invoking the powers of Tyr. I like the term Forn Sed myself, which has often kept me at odds with the modern day Asatru movements etc.
The Camerons who included MacGillonies, MacMartins and Sorleys of Glen Nevis had all originally come from Ireland and claimed descent from Con of the Hundred Battles.
Logr is also the flowing water from the interaction of cosmic fire upon cosmic ice that flows into the great potential of Ginnungagap. Through these tales, through the Sagas we hear the voice of our ancestors, and they tell us about themselves, and more importantly, they tell us who we are.
The Cattanachs or Clan Chatton came from Europe: they were known to the Romans as the Catti. Among the nine worlds there are many rivers that must be crossed in journeying from world to world. About 200 AD, the Catti landed on the very north-most part of the Scottish mainland and named it the province of Cat: it is now Caithness. On the personal level, such rivers represent barriers to cross in our own inner work, journeying within the realms of our own being, barriers such as a fear, an insecurity, a self-limiting pattern, such things must be waded through no matter how strong the current seems. Religion can be part of the latter, but the former can never contain the fullness of the latter. They were later driven southwards by Norse invasions,and finally found refuge in Badenoch but by then the Clan Chattan Bond had acquired a few Gall-Gael clans who were not original Cattanachs, like MacGillvrays and MacBeans who came in on the tail of the Mackintoshes.
What happened was that the male line of the Chattan Chiefs died out with Dougal Dal, and Farquhard Mackintosh of Mackintosh married his heiress, so that their off-spring, Liam Mackintosh of that Ilk became Captain of Clan Chattan. In Gaelic ‘Mac-an-Toisich means Son of the Thane, and the first of the name was a son of MacDuff, Thane of Fife, who in turn claimed descent from Constantin IV, King of Scots. Also the Mackintoshes were quite prolific: one son of the chief Shaw Mackintosh, founded the cadet line of Clan Shaw, and Farquhar Shaw of Rothiemurchas was the progenitor of Clan Farquharson.
Only the Macphersons and Davidsons, therefore, were original Cattanachs, and this had a bearing on the outcome of Invernahaven. Meantime the first Cameron chief in MacBeth’s time, had married Marion, the sister of Banquo, Thane of Lochaber and thus they came into a territory adjacent to Badenoch.The Mackintosh Chief believed that Lochaber was his property but failed to get any tribute from the Camerons who held their land only by the sword. So one dark night the Mackintoshes stole a herd of cattle from the MacMartins of Letterfinlay and instead of returning the beasts to their original owners (as was the peaceful habit of the time) they decided to keep the cattle in lieu of rent. This led to Invernahaven, when Tearlach MacGillonie led the Camerons to recover the beasts.The Cameron Chief at the time (a grandson of the John Cameron who signed the Declaration of Arbroath) was the first of the name “Ewen” and he had no part in what followed. Both the Macphersons and the Davidsons, being original Cattanachs claimed, nay demanded, the right hand or right flank of the battle line, and this led to a bitter dispute between them. The Mackintosh Captain of Clan Chattan decided in favour of the Davidsons, upon which the Macphersons, in the huff, retired to a nearby hillside to be spectators of the coming conflict.It was the Davidsons who fought the Macphersons on the North Insh of Perth.
The Camerons never reached the North Insh until 9.30pm on September 3, 1745 when, as the advance guard of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s army, they entered Perth through the Skinnergate. Andrew CameronBlairgowrieWE are constantly told in the media that EU membership is all about “solidarity, social protection and mutual support”. After all they received bountiful protection, solidarity and support in the form of the EU Commission-authorised bailouts which led directly to the application of “austerity” policies across Europe.Those who fear that progressive elements in the EU would be undermined by Britain’s withdrawal should note that such rulings are ignored anyhow – witness the 48-hour working week ruling – with not a murmur from the EU. In Italy, hard-won job protection laws have been rescinded, while privatisation continues, social entitlements have been destroyed, as have civil rights, and yet more benefit cuts, all accompanied by a deafening silence from the EU.The European Court of Justice has ruled against trade union or government action in support of imported workers, while the EU-led campaign to raise state pension age continues, backed by Britain and the other EU member states. No wonder the European Court of Human Justice has blocked – yes, blocked – attempts to make EU institutions and treaties accountable to the European Convention on Human Rights.The secret negotiations of a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Pact (TTIP) with the US continues, which will open up more of our public services to privatisation and make more elected governments subject to legal action by global corporations to protect their profits.
It is backed by the billionaire London-based hedge-fund manager Crispin Odey, a founding partner of Odey Asset Management, and other financial institutions.
John Caudwell, the billionaire founder of Phones4U, Joe Foster, the founder of sportswear manufacturer Reebok, and other CEOs, are listed as supporters.The Labour Leave campaign is funded by John Mills, a former councillor who made his fortune as a household goods retailer.

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