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Graduating in Commercial Art from Spokane WA, Roy worked in Chicago as an illustrator for a national sign company achieving national recognition. I have been painting Angels for several years; but I have been strongly guided to paint the Archangels as well as Guardian Angels in the last few months. The Archangels oversee the whole Universe, they are God's helpers and messengers, and are omnipresent; they can be in many places at once. Archangel Michael, is the Primary Guardian and Protector of Planet Earth and the Enforcer of Universal Law and Divine Justice. The Energy of the Archangels and the Angels is very focused on the Earth at this present time for we as Humans, and the Earth itself are undergoing rapid and profound changes.
The Earthly vibration is programmed to rise in frequency, and we will, indeed we already have, seen stupendous changes in our lives on Earth and the Archangels and Angels wish to help us through this time of transition. The Archangels want us to know that all is in Divine Right Order and that we must not fear the coming changes. The Angels of the True Light and the Archangels will not however usurp our Free Will, for this is God's Great Gift to Humanity. To read more about Spiritual Protection and Free Will click here and scroll down to the last post in Amazing angel Stories. The Archangels are the Guardians of Divine Law and they seek to prevent injustice and fear. Call upon the Angels and Archangels in your darkest moments and they will instantly be there for you!

Call upon the Angels and Archangels in your moments of greatest Joy and send them your Love and Gratitude, for these are the highest and most powerful emotions; and if practiced together with forgiveness and compassion, they can help to make this world what is meant to be - Heaven on Earth! You can purchase an original signed giclee print from the digital original from my website here. Visit my Etsy store to see handmade  Angelic Healing Pendants featuring my Angel and Archangel paintings. I have made this painting into a beautiful Energy pendant available at my Etsy Store in an antique silver setting. More recently I have been guided to make Angelic videos, that carry the actual vibration of the Angels, and to make the Angel Videos available worldwide.
The Angel Paintings exude the energy of deep peace and harmony to lift the vibration, and to activate the connection to the Higher Self and to the Angelic Realms. Relocating  to Spokane, Roy begins to watercolor gaining notoriety at the annual Western Art Show.
I have recently been constantly aware of the presence of Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Raphael , Archangel Jophiel, Archangel Metatron , Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Sandalphon; who have asked me to share my paintings of them, and the guidance they have given me, to help the people of the Earth in these difficult times. The Angels of Light and the Archangels are with us always helping to guide us on the pathways of Light, and they offer their Unconditional Love and Guidance to each and every one of us. We have been given the sovereign right and ability to make our own choices as to exactly how we will live our lives. We are all striving to live more fully in Christ Consciousness and to bring this wonderful energy fully into our lives and into the Earth which is raising up in energy.

Archangel Ariel is helping us to move forward, her love and blessings support Mother Earth and the plant and animal kingdoms and help to bring everything back into proper balance. The Angels use the paintings as a vehicle to reach out to those in need of guidance and healing. Moving to Alaska Roy backpacks the State and works on a crab boat fishing out of Dutch Harbor. In this we are rather like children, who seek out experiences both good and bad, for this is their nature; and they learn from each and every experience. Wise parents do not over protect their children, they allow them to learn from their triumphs and their mistakes, and only intervene if absolutely necessary. Traveling throughout England and Scotland then moving to Hawaii Roy begins an 18 year career as an accomplished textile designer and a creative director for a well know tropical shirt manufacturer. He is Co-Founder of North Beach Artists Guild and The Gallery of Ocean Shores located in Ocean Shores, Washington.

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