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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Make a creative art space and art gallery in your home or classroom for independent art explorations and for a place that the kids can call their own!
I’ve been planning to write about our little art area for quite some time and am finally sharing it with you today! You can see our Maths Investigation table here, Spring Nature table here, Autumn Exploration table here, young baby play area here and our older baby and toddler play area here, for examples of these spaces in the home.
As a former teacher, one of my main roles was to write and co-ordinate the art curriculum in our primary school.
On the wall are some cardboard letters which spell out CREATE, decorated in various media by the girls and I together as a collaborative project last year. The space consists of a child-sized table for standing and sitting at (we found this at an antique shop.) Next to this is a chalkboard and dry erase easel (from Ikea) with a tin of fat and thin chalks, to the side of which we store large A3 drawing and watercolour paper pads.
On the table there are tin buckets (flowerpots from Ikea for ?1 each) which store various art materials, some of which are rotated.
In shallow glass dishes (re-used Gu pudding containers) we have beads, sequins, pom poms, buttons, matchsticks, textured papers, white glue etc. On the table at all times is a block palette of water-colour paints and a water pot, so that they can access these at any time.
Under the table, in two pull-out fabric drawers (also Ikea), are stored lots of pieces of recycled packaging for e.g.
At the very top of the displayed pieces, I have strung some lanterns created from some duplicate paintings (occasionally they will make a number of pieces very similar in one sitting!) This has been one happy way to keep more than one painting and to display it in a unique way.
Finally, to the right of this space is the edge of the fridge, to which the girls can display their own ideas, drawings, and notes, using the magnets and clips that are within their reach.
The girls use this space independently of me and each other most of the time, but occasionally they inspire each other to try new materials, mix things up a little or to work together on the same idea. To see some of the many art ideas we have created in this space, browse all our art and creativity ideas here! You really do create such beautiful spaces for your girls in that small terraced house of yours. I love your creative space so much that I feel quite envious and would like to reproduce it in my own home! It’s a great idea if you have several framed photos or artwork just lying around or if you want to display some of your creations. We live in a typical, terraced Victorian home in a UK city, with only a small amount of living and storage space. These include coloured pencils, thick and thin marker pens, crayons, sellotape, masking tape, small scissors, pipe cleaners, a range of paintbrushes (from The Works) and glue sticks.

We currently have chalk pastels and oil pastels also set out (ours are from Tiger but can easily be bought via Amazon too.) There are also shaped hole punches and a stapler, with ink stampers and other similar crafty items making an appearance occasionally too. I used Ikea white frames and displayed a range of sizes, media and subject matter, trying to include each child’s work equally. Having their very own gallery space to arrange and organise gives them more ownership over the area and lets them highlight what they think it important to show off. I love seeing them use the space so freely and so confidently, and it is a lovely way for us to connect and chat while I’m making dinner right next to them. We had a nature table in the autumn which worked well for a day or two but after that conkers got everywhere. I am always quite amazed what you can do ?? You know I adore your place and this little space is really lovely. Let’s take a look at some examples.View in galleryThe living room is a great space for a wall art gallery.
The creative area in our house is a permanent set up that takes up a little side wall of the kitchen, between a chest of drawers and the fridge. These are for the larger, model making projects and mixed media art work pieces, and we add all sorts of interesting things to this collection as we find them, such as pine cones, leaves, pebbles, shells and other natural elements that are in season. The plan is to add to this, where there is space, and also to rotate some of the art work over time so that the gallery wall remains fresh and exciting!
How neat to see their artwork in frames ~ so pretty, but also very affirming to the children, I’m sure! It’s nice to see a home offering a space for children to have so much choice in art supplies which they can you independently. I would love to set this up at home but at the moment by little boy (17 months) would just destroy it! The wall is gorgeous, with all the girls’ art and that very special collaborative project with a loving reminder of your mum is just beautiful.
It’s small and compact but contains enough art materials at any one time to hopefully allow plenty of independent creativity and free exploration of materials, with more stored nearby so that we can rotate regularly. The other drawer contains coloured papers and cards, in different sizes and shapes, some folded in a greetings card style, others stapled into mini blank books. My little one is only a baby at the moment but one day I would love to create something like this.Thank you for all your lovely ideas.
I think it’s essential for the children to be able to access art materials at all times and be allowed to explore, combine and create in any way that they choose as they find out more about their interests and abilities. You can combine frames portraits with painted artwork.View in galleryUsually the wall behind the living room sofa is chosen for this purpose but you can also use a different wall. Place a console table there and display all sorts of items on it and then accessorize everything with framed artwork on the wall.View in galleryYou can mix and combine all sorts of artwork.

This is an example of a modern wall art gallery with a casual look and a mix of colors, textures, styles and designs.View in galleryIn the living room or dining room you could create a wall art gallery on a wall that gets plenty of natural light.
It’s important for this purpose because you want everything you display to be admired and to stand out.View in galleryYou could also use more than just one wall. It’s a nice idea especially if you also have a sectional that goes along those walls.View in galleryBy displaying artwork on a white wall you allow the elements showcased to stand out more.
There are no distractions of any kind and the eye only focuses on what’s displayed on the wall.
If you want you can also accessorize that part of the room with matching white furniture.View in gallery It would also be nice if you could find an element that brings together the pieces displayed there. In this case the element that links them is the color green, also featured by the piece of furniture placed at the base of the wall.View in galleryHere you can see that the artwork displayed on that gallery wall features earthy and warm colors, just like the rest of the room. The frames are also brown and this way the gallery wall seamlessly integrates into the decor.
The goal was not to make it stand out but to allow it to blend in.View in galleryA wall art gallery is also a nice idea for a home office.
You can display abstract art or you can personalize it by displaying framed photos and DIY pieces.View in galleryYou should try to maintain an overall cohesive design for all the pieces you display on the wall. For example, in this case, even though not all of them have matching frames, they all feature that white border that created a uniform look when you see the entire wall.View in galleryIn this case we have an even more cohesive look.
All the framed pieces have the same type of frame, the same type of white border and they also feature the same style and the same colors.
It’s a nice choice for a decor that seems to be classical and simple.View in galleryThere are several ways in which you can display your framed art. You could create a more casual look by placing them at different heights and angles or you can maintain an organized look by creating well defined rows and columns like in this case.View in galleryAlso, you don’t necessarily have to put your artwork directly on the wall.
They have been juxtaposed to create a sort of collage.View in galleryHaving a wall art gallery in the dining room is a wonderful idea.
It gives you something to look at and to admire while enjoying dinner and it also provides a very nice background. You can match the displayed artwork with the decor of the room by including some of the same colors.

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