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Each of these sites offers a 1 year membership for a relatively low price, so whether you are looking for only one tattoo or think you will be getting multiple tattoo's over your lifetime, a membership at a tattoo design website is a great investment in my opinion. The Butterfly weight limit is 45 pounds, but the Gemini is weight tested for up to 35 pounds.  If you are looking to carry a larger child, the Butterfly II will last you longer than the Gemini, however both carriers can be used starting with 7 pound newborns. The Butterfly II has an intense # of buckles and rings present on the carrier – 8 in fact, and while you don’t have to buckle each clip every time you put the carrier on or take it off, for the babywearing parent looking for a soft structured carrier with more simplicity, the Gemini is your style!  Safety is still top priority so the Gemini features the safety buckles first introduced on the Butterfly I, but it is less complex than the Butterfly! One feature of the Gemini that I am really looking forward to is the crossing of the shoulder straps!  Each shoulder strap can be unbuckled and rebuckled across your back, and this X position of the straps is delightfully comfortable especially with a heavier baby!  The Butterfly straps can be unthreaded and rethreaded in the same position but because the Butterfly carrier wasn’t designed with that in mind, it is not particularly comfortable and not recommended by this Beco mama! Ideal for shade or napping, the Beco Butterfly hood attaches to the body of the carrier with snaps and can be completely removed when not in use, folded, and stored in the pouch at the front of the waistband. This entry was posted in Beco love, PAXbaby, Soft Structured Carriers and tagged baby carrier, baby wearing, babywearing, Beco Baby Carrier, Beco Baby Carriers, Beco Butterfly II, Beco Gemini, breastfeeding, PAXbaby, soft structured carrier, structured baby carriers. Hahaaa, lotsa questions I can’t answer yet… But, if you prefer your 4G, you will prefer the Gemini over the Butterfly Easier to nurse in, YES! If the baby is teeny weeny, then the front panel of the Butterfly is sufficient to cradle baby’s neck and head.

For more information about Gemini constellation, check this link – Gemini Constellation. Angel and devil tattoos often represent the balance of good and evil in the world – without evil, there would be no goodness. Every girl likes beautiful nails and nails are the first thing we notice about one another. The Gemini features a headrest which can be folded down for when baby is front facing out, or for better viewing purposes for baby, but it does not come with a hood. I know you can wear baby forwards in the Gemini but does that mean it is made to be safe for their spine? If you are true to your sign and you check your horoscope daily, zodiac tattoo may be the perfect one for you! Arrows have many symbolic meanings attached to them – direction, power, love, war, hunting , swiftness and knowledge. Stars can represent a shining, bright point in your life or a desire to achieve something big.

The angel wing represents the good actions a person is capable of, while the devil wing portrays the bad actions.
It looks great and it looks like it has the famous Butterfly lumbar support, that’s great. If my baby is facing me she wants to nurse or suckle and she loves to face out where she can see everything.
Buckle the straps under your breasts and then have her ride on your back where she can see up and over your shoulder. I do however like the idea of the insert but the sound of all the buckles etc that you have to do sounds complicated.

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